Saturday, July 22, 2017

Unicorn flip book

I had signed up to do a flip book swap on one of my facebook groups, see this post, she was going to send me a unicorn themed one and accidentally sent the wrong one. I got this one in the mail the other day.
I love the background paper and the unicorn, it's tail kinda looks like raffia.
First spread:
The girl on the right, is actually a stamp. I love how she used bright colors with buttons on the right.
Second spread:
Love the butterfly. The right side is an envelope.
Third spread
It has a sweets theme, very cute.
Fourth spread:
The pocket on the left has journaling cards in it. I really like the page on the right.
Fifth spread:
The left page is a mini file folder and the right page flips open.
Sixth spread:
I also love the unicorn on this one and the bright colors on the pocket on the right.
Seventh spread:
The right side has a wooden frame and flowers.
This isn't exactly the back, but it was in the box with the book. I love the background paper on this and the shaker as well.
I'm very happy that she made and sent me this one.

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