Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hello all,
I'm back participating in WOYWW this week. I finally finished my cards for my Halloween swap for my CollageATCs yahoo group, exteremely late, I know. But, I was the hostess and as we weren't doing anything for December, and everyone's busy with other things, nobody seemed too bothered. And here they are:
Starting in the upper left hand corner: I used the orange vellum and the 'Trick or Treat' bag. I had the Lisa Frank jack-o-lantern sticker, and the sunglasses used to be a pin.
I used the orange vellum and the jack-o-lantern punch. I thought it would be neat/creepy to have a set of eyes peering out from a leaf pile. All the leaves are diecuts I bought at a garage sale this summer.
I used everything but the background. The black bat and moon are buttons, the smaller buttons are from a plastic bag, and the house is a punch. I used gold spray webbing on the background.
I used the tiny 'Boo' piece, it's from a plastic bag. I thought the old couple looked kinda creepy.
In this set, starting in the upper left hand corner: I used the orange vellum ghost and the foam witch's hat. The ghost is glued onto a piece of lined cardboard and then onto an old book page. The trim on the top and bottom is some green leather.
I used the candy corn paper, and the candy corn stickers. The background is another piece of old book page. The lady is a stamped image given to me by a friend.
I used the black tissue paper covering the spider. I started out with this flourescent yellow plastic spider, I tried to color it black with a sharpie marker, but that didn't work. Then I remembered this technique I read about on a blog of covering something with tissue paper, so I did that with some Mod Podge, and then added the gold pearl powder to it, I covered it with more Mod Podge, so it wouldn't rub off. This is my favorite of the group. I still have to paint the hourglass red, but I love it the way it is now.
The last one, I used the web and the spider.

If you don't know what WOYWW is, head over to Julia's and check it out.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Altered Tin Swap

Last time I posted on here (it was a awhile ago), I posted the tin I decorated for an Altered Tin Swap for one of my Yahoo! groups. This is the tin I got in return, today, November 2nd (I'll come back to that).
Here's a view of the front, and the opening is on the left, a tiny bit backward if you ask me.
Here's a view of the back:
And here's a view of the inside:
It's very pretty, but I guess I hoped for a little more, it's all paper and glitter. Don't get me wrong, I do like, it's just a little different, but then that's why I join swaps, to get a great variety of art.
Now back to the part of receiving it today, November 2nd. Originally, we were supposed to mail these to a hostess and then she would swap them out and send them back to us. She decided it would be easier for us to just mail them to our partner, I thought it was a good idea too. The original date to get to her was October 15th, since it was changed to mailing directly to our partners, I interpreted that to mean, our partner should have it by the 15th of October.
I get my emails through a list email, as we usually get a ton of emails from the group. I saw on the list that my partner posted she had mailed hers late, maybe around the 20th of October. Now, she didn't email me to tell me that, our partners were not secret, so that wouldn't be a problem.
I kept checking my mailbox hoping it would be there. Today, I looked and it was, and the mailed date was October 27th. She had to go to the post office to get it mailed to me, so I know the date is true.
Here's my question to you all, if you're going to be late sending something to someone, wouldn't you email them?
Also, would this be unacceptable for you in a swap? For the item to be mailed 12 after it was supposed to be in someone's hands?
If I was hosting the swap, and I was waiting on an item, they'd be booted out of the swap. The package would be returned to sender once I got it. I know it wasn't a swap where you send it to a hostess, but still.
I'm annoyed about the fact that it was sent so late and that she didn't inform me about the fact she was going to send it late.
Happy Woyww, check out Julia's Blog for more snooping.
I would love any and all comments.