Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine Swaps

I found a couple Valentine swaps to do.
The first is The Sweet Vintage Candy Box Swap. We're supposed to take a candy box, decorate it and then fill it with goodies. Here's what my candy box started out as:
My original thought was to just take of the ribbon and decorate the red fabric top, but then I got to thinking. So I tore off the top and decorated the flat top of the box. I finished it Tuesday evening, using a process that I believe is becoming my signature look. Everytime I look at it, it makes me smile, so it must be good. I'm still in the process of filling it. Once, I've gotten word that my partner's received it (after I mail it, of course), I'll show you what I did.
The second swap is the 2013 Valentine Swap, we are supposed to make something with a heart on it. I've decided to sew something. I'll show you that one later, too.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Exciting Mail

One of the blogs I read, Alexa Lett, had a giveaway every day before Christmas, and I won two of them.
These are backwards, this is the 2nd day I won, a cool pillow
and this is from the first day I won, an altered BINGO card. The picture on the left is the thank you card she sent me.
Thank you so much Alexa.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Baby shower time

I'm attending the baby shower of a co-worker today, so I whipped up a card and decorated a bag to go with it.
 I have a ton of these green bags from a local shop, so I decided to use one. I started by adding a brown strip to cover the shop's name, on top of that is a vintage German book page. The circle started out as a file folder I bought at a garage sale, I layered green and blue Washi tape on top of it. The baby is a boy, so my first thought was to use a lot of blues and greens, and pick through my stuff for an image, as I don't have any baby stuff. In my stash, I found these dinosaur stickers, so I fussy fut the purple one, and added him to the circle. A giant googly eye was a nice finishing touch.
The card started from the dinosaur image. I made an orange card (it's much more orange than it shows), and layered some blue and green paper and then the dinosaur image.
The inside isn't very interesting, just a dinosaur stamp in all four corners, colored in bright colors.

I hope my co worker likes them.