Sunday, August 18, 2013

Random Rambing

So I'm sitting here feeling bummed about Okoboji and decide I need to take my mind off of it. I see a cute piece of trim and decide I should make a tag with it, which leads me to my craft closet, then I get distracted by my butterfly piece and decide I need to use some gel pens to highlight the butterflies. I finish that and see a piece of paper that would work for this tag. I don't get very far with that but see a vintage photo I've been saving for something else, I notice it's tearing more so I figure I should get started on that piece, but decide she would look better on book pages. So, I cover the background with dictionary paper, add her, but she won't lay flat. I figure a piece of tinfoil and a book will fix that, as I'm washing the Mod Podge off my brushes, I look down and realize my foot's bleeding. Just another typical day for me. At least i found my muse.

Does that ever happen to anyone else. You sit down to do something and you get distracted by three other things laying around?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A crafty purchase

I've been horribly uninspired lately, but I did buy something pretty cool.
One of the blogs I read, Artjoystuff, was having a Christmas in July sale in her Etsy store, so I decided to buy something. When I opened the package, I also got this cute little picture with it:
 And here's what I bought, a little collage picture.
It is now with all the other artwork I have acquired whether through purchase or swaps. I'm trying to collect more of other people's work, so someday when I have a house, I can have a dedicated place to display it. Plus, if I buy someone else's work, maybe someone will buy mine. Of course, then I'd have to make some and put it in my shop.