Friday, March 31, 2017

Flower swap

On one of my facebook groups, Paper Crafting Friends, I signed up to do a Spring ATCs swap as well as a Flower themed 3x5 index card swap, I got the same partner for both of them. Here's what I made her:
 For the ATCs, we just had to create Spring ones. I couldn't figure out spring really meant to me. I wanted to make them just spring themed, even though most anything could mean spring.
First card: I used some Target packaging for the background, added the 'you are amazing' piece (from a swap) and the rose stamp that I paper pieced.
Second card: this background is from a thank you card someone sent me. I added some bug stickers (from a swap) and spelled out the word 'spring' with stickers (from Walmart).
Third card: The background was left over from making pocket letters (from Hobby Lobby). I added some turtle washi (from a swap), a kite sticker (from Dollar Tree), bee stickers (from my stash), some butterfly stickers (from my stash) and the word 'amazing' (from JoAnn's).
Here are the index cards:
 I don't actually have any index cards, so I just cut some from cardstock and put some pretty paper on the front of them. We had to have at least three flowers on each card, I probably covered that with the papers I used, but I felt that was sorta cheating.
First card: background is from a card (from a swap), I layered some flowers up on it. The pink flower on the left is from a swap, I added a flower sticker on top of it (Dollar Tree). Next is another pink flower (from a swap), with a jewel flower on top (from a swap). Third is another pink flower (from a swap) with another flower sticker (Dollar Tree).
Second card: background is a scrap, I also added a strip of flower washi on the bottom (Dollar Tree). I cut up a journaling card (Hobby Lobby) because I liked the sentiment. I added a pink flower on the top (Dollar Tree), a purple flower on the left (Hobby Lobby) and a pink flower on the right (Hobby Lobby)
Third card: background is a scrap. I added some lacey stickers that I paper pieced on the backs of them (Dollar Tree, paper from JoAnn's) and also some paper flowers at the top and bottom (from a swap).
I hope my partner likes them. I had a fun time making them.
I thought I'd include a few goodies and package it all up kinda cute:
I just took some packaging from stickers, cut the top off, covered it with paper, punched some holes in it (that was tough, it was through two layers of cardstock), threaded some rick rack through it and put a button on top. I included some flowery stickers and some lollipops.
Here's what my partner sent me, the ATCs:
 I'm not good at coloring, but I love when people send me stuff they've colored.
The index cards:
 I also love how she used quotes.
The goodies:
I am loving those punches, stickers and project life cards.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Birthday card

Tuesday, was my friend's birthday, so I made a simple but cute card for her:
She likes chickens and when I saw this on one of my day-by-day calendars I thought it'd be great. I just fussy cut it out and attached it to some cardstock. The washi and sentiment are from Dollar Tree.
She said she really liked it.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

loaded bag for Karlene

I've been saving some stuff up to send to Karlene on YouTube, and I thought it might be more fun to put it in a loaded bag. I also picked up some stuff in Chicago for her.
Here's the front:
 I didn't really decorate the front because I knew it would be stuffed with things. The green horse is a sticker, it's on the plastic it came on (it's from Dollar Tree), so I just added some double sided tape so she could take it off and use it. I spelled out her name in silver letter stickers from Walmart.
The back:
 The hot air balloons are from two different paper pads from Hobby Lobby. On the bottom, I took the clear pockets the Target spring tags are packaged in and affixed them so I could load them up. These stickers are from Michael's.
Here's what was in it:
There's some coloring pages in the back, I don't know if she colors, but the sentiments are kinda snarky and I know she'll appreciate them. I heard in one of her videos, she was looking for sequins, I got these at the Dollar Tree. The sticker sheet is from JoAnn's. I used a 'library card' tag from Target to put some washi on for her. There's a rainbow at the top from a swap, the pink marble is from Target, the next pink one is from a local store, the two word ones are from a swap, and the rainbow one at the bottom is from Dollar Tree. The square stickers are from Dollar Tree. The round stickers are also from Dollar Tree. She also said she liked seam binding, so I included some. The suncatcher I picked up at a thrift store and painted for her. The die cuts are from Michael's. The pink twine is from a swap. The tiny button is from a paper/gift store in Chicago called Foursided as is the unicorn pencil. The Hello Kitty magnet is from a swap.
I wrapped it up lightly in some unicorn paper I picked up in Chicago. I'm pretty sure she'll like it.

mini pocket letter

I signed up to do a private swap with someone on facebook for a mini pocket letter. Here's what I received from her in the mail yesterday:
 I love it. It's very bright and springy.
Here's the goodies she sent:
 I think those little 2x2 pieces would make nice little cards.
I didn't realize she had mailed it, and that I would receive it so quickly, so this is what's going out in the mail for her today:
The background gray paper is from Hobby Lobby. The colorful rectangles are from JoAnn's. I wanted to do springy as well. The flower stickers are from Hobby Lobby (now that I've basically used the whole sheet, I feel I need to buy more), the horses are from Dollar Tree, the words are from JoAnn's. The green washi on the side was from a swap.
I hope she likes it, I LOVE how it turned out.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring swap

I signed up for a spring pocket letter swap on one of my facebook groups. Do you remember this pocket letter?
 I decided I'd go ahead and send it out. It's not like an ATC I love, those take up so little room. I did add some blue zig zag felt trim to the middle girl's dress.
All the girls were cut out from an activity book from Dollar Tree, I couldn't bear to throw them away. The washi on the side as well on the top left card were from swaps. The glittery heart stickers are from Hobby Lobby. The yellow butterflies were from a swap. The 'hello spring' is from a stamp set from Hobby Lobby. The puffy stickers on the middle row right card are from Walmart. The butterfly stickers on the bottom row right card are from Dollar Tree. The bag sticker is from Target. If you want to read more about this pocket letter, check out this post.
Here's what I received from my partner the other day:
 It's very simple, but also very cute.
Here are the goodies she sent me:
I love that tiny library card and the envelope and the round stickers on the side. I also love the little Mary Engelbreit card she gave me.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring pocket letters

I signed up to do a Spring pocket letter swap through Megan W's channel on YouTube, I decided to do three swaps. Here's what I sent out:
I admit this one is a little busy for me, but I like it and I hope my partner does, too. I had a hard time doing this one, I'm not sure why. The background is flowers. I added some washi I got in a swap to the side.
First row: I put a "spring" banner across the top, it's actually from some Easter stickers I picked up last year from Target and never used. I used some fuzzy chick stickers I got in a swap, there's one on the first card and one on the last card. The middle card has a chick from Walmart.
Second row, first card: I layered a stamp from Hobby lobby on some yellow paper and framed it with butterfly stickers from Walmart. Second card: I used a rosette from Dollar Tree. Third card: both stickers from Walmart.
Last row, first card: flowers from Walmart, second card: flower sticker from a swap bunny stickers from Walmart, last card: not sure where the flower sticker is from, chick sticker from a swap.
Second PL:
 This one also didn't come together that easily either. I had these girl images that I had cut out of an activity book from Dollar Tree that I wanted to use, but I couldn't get them to flow like I wanted to. The washi on the side is from Walmart. The background is a grey paper from Hobby Lobby.
The hearts are foam glittery stickers from Hobby Lobby. The banner is a cardstock sticker from Hobby Lobby. The butterfly stickers are from my stash. The trim is felt from Dollar Tree. The flowers are from a swap. The moped came from the same sticker sheet as the banner above.
Last one:
The background is a striped paper from K & Company. The washi on the side is glittery from Dollar Tree. I used a set of foam stickers I got from Target and some word pieces I bought at a thrift store that are K & Company. I added some buttons for the centers of some of the flowers.
Here's what I received from Left Handed Crafter, here's what I pulled out of the envelope:
 Here's the PL:
 I love how she put the flowers on the side, they are not covering up the pocket page's holes, so I could still put it in my binder. I believe the letters are wall decals from Dollar Tree.
Here's what I got from Pat S:
 I love that she used butterflies. I also love those flower stickers, I saw them at Michael's the other day and didn't buy them, ugh.
She made it double sided, here's the back:
 And here are the goodies she included:
I love those felt chocolate stickers, very cute!

And here's what I got from Susie:

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mini Initial PL

I've never made a mini pocket letter before, they should be easier than regular pocket letters because you cut the pocket page into threes, fill up one row for the mini pocket letter. I just didn't want to cut up my pocket pages. I had gotten one in a swap that wasn't in the greatest of shape, so I cut it up for this swap.
We had to take our partner's first or last initial and create something with them. My partner's initials were V and C. I really wanted to create something really cool with the V, but even after perusing my dictionary, I really didn't find much that inspired me.
Here's what I sent her:
I actually did use a violet background, and on the first one I used vellum, so I got a little bit of V in there.
I ended up paper piecing this cactus stamp from Micheal's. I used some Dollar Tree stickers for coffee. I used a couple Dollar Tree stickers and a dimensional sticker from Hobby Lobby for cupcake.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 And here's the pocket letter:
 Here are all the goodies:

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Loaded spring bag

On one of my groups on facebook, someone had posted some pictures of new stickers she found at Dollar Tree, I commented that I really liked them and she said she'd pick me up some along with some rolls of washi I had been looking for. I suggested we create loaded bags in a spring theme rather than just sending the stickers and washi to each other.
Here's what I sent her, the stickers:
 I picked up this sheet at Books a Million,
 These are from Hobby Lobby,
 These I got in a swap,
 These are from Dollar Tree,
 These are also from Dollar Tree.
Here's what I sent for washi:
I found this two pack at JoAnn's.
And here's what I created for her:
 The front. I changed up my method of making the bags to make the front pockets a little bigger. I take apart the bottom of the bag, smooth it out and fold it up for the pocket. I covered it in this wrapping paper for my stash. I used some page flags and twine to create a little 'hello' banner, sadly it doesn't stand out much against the background. One of the channels I watch on YouTube, Carina Creates does this cool thing with crepe paper and I thought I'd try it out, it's not as neat looking as hers, I just need to work on it more. The orange is some seam binding I got from The blue is part of a cupcake liner from Hobby Lobby. I just added this K sticker I got from a swap on top of it.
The back:
 The flowers are from a swap. The chevron paper is from Hobby Lobby. The pink paper was in my stash. The 'imagine' sticker is from Dollar Tree. If I had planned better, I would have made this into a pocket.
The front stuffed:
 The flower is made from wood, I got it years ago at the state fair. She seemed to like foxes, so I created a fox paper clip from a felt sticker from Hobby Lobby. I added some more fox embellishments, some candy and some cute springy pens from Target.
Here's what I got from her:
 The front of the bag
The back of the bag
The goodies. I love the stickers, they are so much more beautiful in person. I'm not sure I'll be able to use them. They are glittery as well. I love the wand she made me, I'm loving collecting those. I love the tags as well.

loaded bag

I got some vintage photos that I offered to share with a co-worker at the library. I decided it was more fun to create something interesting to put them in instead of just a pile of pictures. Here's what I created for her:
 It's very simple. I made a loaded bag. I just covered it with some cardstock from Hobby Lobby. The front pocket has some flowers cut from another piece of paper from Hobby Lobby. The sentiment is from K&Company.
The back:
I had a hard time with the back, and it doesn't really go with the front, but she liked it. The rose is a stamp from Stampin' Up stamped on some paper from Hobby Lobby and a kraft envelope from Target. At the bottom I paper pieced this stamp from Hobby Lobby.

Friday, March 17, 2017

random pocket letters

Sometimes I create pocket letters that I have a hard time giving away. This wasn't such an issue when it was ATCs I was creating, and they just took up one card space, when it's the whole sheet, it's a bit more of a problem. Usually, when I sign up for a swap, I create the pocket letter for that swap, I don't like creating them and not having anything to do with them, but I might start a binder for personal ones, or ones I need to swap in the future.
 This one has these girls I cut out of an activity book from the Dollar Tree, I couldn't just throw them away, they were so cute. I used a piece of white cardstock with hearts on it from Hobby Lobby for the background. The washi is from a swap. The washi in the first card is also from a swap. The hearts are glittery, foam stickers from Hobby Lobby. The yellow butterflies are from a swap. The 'hello spring' stamp is from Hobby Lobby. The pink butterflies are stickers from Walmart. The tiny bag is from Target. Part of the reason I LOVE this PL is because I added the glasses sticker to the girl in the center. It makes her look nerdy to me, plus I can't fold it now because of those.
 This one is created from some images from Super Mario suncatcher kits. I couldn't bear to throw them away. It's not done, the images are not attached, I think they need something more between the blue and the background cards, but I don't know what. Thought I'd leave it alone for awhile and come back to it.
 This one, the backgrounds are some journaling cards from Hobby Lobby. I just outlined the words with green ink on the first one. The second one has a handmade embellishment I got in a swap. The third one has a sticker from Dollar Tree.
Second row: First card has a sticker from Dollar Tree layered on some blue/green paper. The middle one has a sticker from a swap. The third one has a tag from Target with a sticker from a swap.
Last row: First card, I just added the 'beautiful' sticker from a swap. The second card has a paper pieced stamp from Hobby Lobby on a sticker background. The last card has a cut down tag from Target.
 This one is very simple. The pictures are from a donated book from the library. I believe all the guys were on the same Navy boat, they were all set up the same, I just trimmed them down to fit on the backgrounds. I added some word stickers to the outside of the pockets, but I think it would look better if I removed them.
This last one, the main focus is the red monster, he was a Valentine's card from Dollar Tree that I never used. I just added more monster stickers, because I love monsters and added a felt sticker on top of his heart. The washi is from Dollar Tree.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

wish granted

I wished for some die cuts through Crafty Lori's wishing video and Noreen granted my wish and sent me some:

Love them all, but especially those two kids reading.