Friday, March 17, 2017

random pocket letters

Sometimes I create pocket letters that I have a hard time giving away. This wasn't such an issue when it was ATCs I was creating, and they just took up one card space, when it's the whole sheet, it's a bit more of a problem. Usually, when I sign up for a swap, I create the pocket letter for that swap, I don't like creating them and not having anything to do with them, but I might start a binder for personal ones, or ones I need to swap in the future.
 This one has these girls I cut out of an activity book from the Dollar Tree, I couldn't just throw them away, they were so cute. I used a piece of white cardstock with hearts on it from Hobby Lobby for the background. The washi is from a swap. The washi in the first card is also from a swap. The hearts are glittery, foam stickers from Hobby Lobby. The yellow butterflies are from a swap. The 'hello spring' stamp is from Hobby Lobby. The pink butterflies are stickers from Walmart. The tiny bag is from Target. Part of the reason I LOVE this PL is because I added the glasses sticker to the girl in the center. It makes her look nerdy to me, plus I can't fold it now because of those.
 This one is created from some images from Super Mario suncatcher kits. I couldn't bear to throw them away. It's not done, the images are not attached, I think they need something more between the blue and the background cards, but I don't know what. Thought I'd leave it alone for awhile and come back to it.
 This one, the backgrounds are some journaling cards from Hobby Lobby. I just outlined the words with green ink on the first one. The second one has a handmade embellishment I got in a swap. The third one has a sticker from Dollar Tree.
Second row: First card has a sticker from Dollar Tree layered on some blue/green paper. The middle one has a sticker from a swap. The third one has a tag from Target with a sticker from a swap.
Last row: First card, I just added the 'beautiful' sticker from a swap. The second card has a paper pieced stamp from Hobby Lobby on a sticker background. The last card has a cut down tag from Target.
 This one is very simple. The pictures are from a donated book from the library. I believe all the guys were on the same Navy boat, they were all set up the same, I just trimmed them down to fit on the backgrounds. I added some word stickers to the outside of the pockets, but I think it would look better if I removed them.
This last one, the main focus is the red monster, he was a Valentine's card from Dollar Tree that I never used. I just added more monster stickers, because I love monsters and added a felt sticker on top of his heart. The washi is from Dollar Tree.

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