Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas gifts

This year for Christmas gifts I decided to alter some Altoids tins. My first step was to glue dictionary paper on them. I tried to paint the insides of them, but my glue gun wasn't sticking well to the paint, so after scraping some of the paint off, I added paper to some and left others just plain metal. Here are all the tins:
 I tried to customize them to people's tastes, but as I wasn't sure who was really into Christmas I ended up with more snowy ones.
This first one was for someone who really liked Christmas. I printed some old clip art off my computer for the fronts of the tins. This Santa picture just fit on so perfectly, he needed to be on a tin. I also used trim on all the sides of the tins, this one has a fancy gold on it.
On the inside of the top, I added another vintage picture, on the bottom of the tin, I added holly paper, a felt snowman, a present button and some red and green star beads.
 This next tin was for a person who doesn't celebrate Christmas, but I wanted to make her something. So, I kinda went with a steampunk like feel. The background is a sticker from a Tim Holtz sticker book. On the corner I layered a metal gear with some clock hands and a jewel. There is gold trim around the edges.
 Inside the top I added some more dictionary paper and piece of glass. On the bottom, I put burnt out Christmas tree bulbs on the top and a robot ornament on the bottom.
 This one has another vintage picture, this time of a snowman, there's a lace around the edges of this one.
 Inside you can see the paint, and then on the lid I put some dictionary paper. The blue snowflake is metal, the white one plastic and the small one a sticker. On the bottom, I glued a snowflake cut from paper and a snowman ornament.
 This one also has a vintage snowman picture. After gluing this one down I decided I liked the fussy cut look better, but it was too late for this one, it also has lace around the edge.
 Inside you see more dictionary paper and the pendant from a necklace. On the bottom is some snowflake scrapbooking paper. The snowflakes at the top were earrings, the snowman was a pin.
 This one, I wasn't really sure of the recipient's tastes, so I went with more of a fun winter scene. There is a vintage winter scene on the front with green ribbon on the edges.
 Inside is a cute little winter scene. The snowflakes are stickers. You can't see it, but the deer are standing in some sparkly white flakes to represent snow.
 Another vintage snowman picture, it also has lace along the edges.
 Inside I glued burlap ribbon to the lid and added some sparkly letters. On the bottom is snowflake paper with a snowglobe sticker and a couple pencil toppers.
 And here they are all wrapped up. I decided to just add letter stickers instead of doing tags this year.
I really wanted to make/alter boxes for all my presents, but I decided that was too big of an undertaking. I'm hoping to do more of these in the coming year.

Monday, November 24, 2014

White Christmas Button Book Swap

I joined the Button Floozies White Christmas Button Book swap. Basically, we were supposed to make a button book out of paper or fabric, with 30-50 buttons showcased in the book. This is the first time I've made and bound a book, so I looked at the one Kathy sent me, and took my inspiration from that.
Looking at other people's pictures and my partners book, and going back to read the directions again, I believe I misunderstood them. They say It should have a minimum of six pages (3 pages front and back) as well as a front and back cover that is decorated. Each page of the book should be ~4x6”; they do not have to be exactly that size but please don’t go more than about an inch larger or smaller. For some reason, I was thinking a page was two pages together, so I cut 6x8" pages and folded them in half thinking I was doing it right. It does say a minimum, so it still works out, and my partner just got more pages and buttons. I don't think that's a bad thing.
Here it is:
 I used blue cardstock for the cover. This is a baby's knit mitten with gold trim on the top, a plastic silver snowflake with buttons on it.
First spread:
Left page: the front of a card layered on a frame. Right page: white cardstock, another card front and silver buttons on the top and bottom.
Second spread:
 I originally started with white cardstock for the pages and mod podged a snowflake napkin for the backgrounds. Left page: blue paper with snowflakes, a snowman made out of buttons and some domed snowflake stickers on top. Right page: ribbon on the side, I used a paint chip sample to make a tree, and glued buttons on it for ornaments.
Third spread:
Left page: I sewed white buttons into a wreath form and attached the card to the page with blue ribbon. Right page: buttons on a card attached with a ribbon.
Fourth spread:
 Left page: a 3-D snowman sticker layered on white cardstock. Right page: another card front layered on some vintage notebook paper, buttons on the side and a "NOEL" button in corner. The deer side is my favorite page in the book.
Fifth spread:
 Left page: I just added some snowflake stickers and buttons to the centers of the snowflakes. Right page: I created a pocket to hold some glass buttons.
Sixth spread:
 Left page: I added a plastic snowflake to the top and buttons to the centers of the snowflakes. Right page: I sewed a bunch of white buttons into a tree shape and topped it with a star button, I attached the tag to the page with washi tape.
Last spread:
Left page: these three buttons have the same pattern on them in different colors. Right page: I attached a button card with some washi tape.

I'm so happy with the finished product. It turned out great. I hope my partner likes it.

My partner was Pat Fields, she said she wanted to work with fabric.
So, here's what I received:

 The cover:
 First spread:
I love the green glass buttons in the pocket.
 Second spread:
I think the snowman is so cute, feel free to click on it to enlarge, it's pieced kind of like quilting.
 Third spread:
 Last spread:
I think the buttons on this heart are so cute, they all have carvings on them.
 Back cover:

Pat asked what my favorite animal was, and I told her a guinea pig. I was thinking maybe she'd find some guinea pig buttons (good luck with that), but now I see what her plan was, it's so cute.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Button Floozies Christmas Swap
So, I joined the above swap. Basically, we make books according to a White Christmas Button theme, the buttons can be white or Christmas or winter, we use 30-50 buttons.

I'm having a hard time being inspired. I picked out my buttons for my partner, but I can't come up with what to make. I have some that aren't white, Christmas or winter, and I don't know if that's ok. I really want to do this, and I will, I just don't know what I'm going to do. Is anyone else participating in this swap? Any help for me with ideas?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Altered box

Hi All,
I signed up for a swap on my other blog. I received a butterfly in my package, and it inspired me to alter a cigar box.
I added dictionary paper to it, some old lace, the butterfly and a couple blue flowers:

I think it might need something more, but I'm not quite sure what.

Pay It Forward

A few months ago, Kathy of Kluless had a pay it forward post, and I was one of the first five to sign up, so she sent me something.
I got it in the mail on Saturday, the pictures aren't that great, but I wanted to show you what she sent me.
It is a journal she made for me. The cover:
 First spread:
 Second spread:
 Third spread:
 Fourth spread:
 Fifth spread:
Sixth spread:
and the last spread:
It's so beautiful, I don't want to add to it.
Thank you so much, Kathy.

I also did a pay it forward post, but no one signed up, so if anyone would like something I've made, let me know.

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Swap

Hi All,
I just signed up for a great new swap:
Basically you make a book about 4x6 and create pages with buttons. It's a minimum of 30 buttons and max of 50.
Sign-up period: October 16-31, 2014
Notification of swap partners:  November 1, 2014
Mailing deadline: no later than November 22, 2014
You get to choose whether you want to do fabric or paper, and you get a very neat creation back.
If you want to sign up, click on the button above.

I'm so glad this appeared. I was saying the other day on my other blog I really needed some handmade swaps because they cost less than just buying presents for people (I always use what I have on hand for handmade). Now, the real dilemma is paper or fabric, I told Laurie I didn't have a preference. It would be really cool to get a fabric book, but then I'd have to make one in return, and while I don't mind making one, I'm not sure I can get it done in time. My last fabric book took the better part of 2 weeks and that was when I had a plan and way more time. I think a paper book would be really neat too. Either way, I know I'll get something very cool back.
Why don't you join me?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Halloween Swap

The last swap for A Swap For All Seasons was Halloween/Orange. My partner to send to was Debbie of Kitten Creates. I don't have a lot of Halloween items, so I found some not so crafty items to send my partner.
 There were some leaves, a couple buttons and some clip art in the bag. I also sent a pencil, some bouncy things, a bookmark, a couple kitten figurines, Boo, an eraser and an orange burlap rose.
Here's what I sent for tags/cards:
 I ended up sending her two of both as I really wasn't that excited about the first group I made. The cat card at the top I didn't like because the cat image is crooked, if I'd pulled it off and re positioned it, it would have ruined the background paper. The tag in the lower left just didn't really look quite together enough for me. So, I created the pumpkin card (there is a line from the spider to the top of the card) and the shiny tree tag. I liked those better, but I thought I'd send her both. Good decision as she told me the cat card was her favorite.
Sherry from Createology sent to me. Her package came before I even thought about getting it (mostly because I'm bad and send at the very end of the month). Here's what she sent me:
 A K&Company pack, foamy cat, black and orange scissors with beaded chain, beaded bubble want, Halloween treats cards, press on nails, California card, tiny monster tag, sparkly cat pin, and some paper leaves.
Here are her card/tags:
I think the card is one of the envelope cards she mentions on her blog, I love the old house.
I believe she made the beaded chain and bubble wand that she sent me.

Like I said above, this is the last swap for A Swap For All Seasons, Linda does say on her blog she has another swap in mind. I am rather bummed I didn't get to do the full year (I joined in time for the January swap). It seems that I don't hear about swaps much lately. I love doing them, especially the ones where I get to make things, but I haven't read/seen many around lately. It was also nice to have one every month and know I was going to have one every month.
Sadly, I never received my package for July. I was kinda hoping it would come for my birthday, but I never saw it. I emailed my partner, but never heard back from her.
If anyone knows of any swaps around, I'd love to join in.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

August Swap

Apparently, I forgot to post about the August, Just My Style swap for A Swap for All Seasons. This month is going by so fast, actually the week itself is going by fast.
I sent to Deb, this is what I sent her:
 Some of my favorite items in my stash, a crocheted flower, a pom pom caterpillar pin I had made, some cool jeweled hearts, some gears, a cute owl clothespin, a few 3D embellishments and some flat embellishments. And here is what I sent her:
 I love the bright coloring on the card, there's an alien in a spaceship on top. I think it's a cute card. The tag is made with some stickers, a formica tag and a resin fairy. I did add some fibers to it after this picture.
And, Marti sent this to me:
 This is what came out of the package when I opened it.
Here is the card and tag:
 Very cute, love them.
And the destash:
Also loving all this.

I have a hard time using destash that people send me. I have a box with the cards/tags, and then I hoard the destash.

This month the theme is Halloween, and then I believe it's the end. I hope Linda decides to do something else, I really like these monthly swaps.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Altered Box

A few weeks ago for my birthday, my mom and I went on a Junkin' Trip, go here to read about.
On our travels, I found this cute little box for $2. I saw it and knew it needed to be altered. I found some great clip art and it just all came together.
Here's what I did to it:
This is the front, it's covered with some striped scrapbook paper, I added the flapper girl image.
This is the back, I just added the "Love" piece.
Here's a look at the side, you can't see it very well, but I covered the sides in a green washi tape to tie into the green on the front.
Here's a look at the inside, I just glued the two pieces into it.

I feel it should have something cool in it, but I haven't figured out what to put in it. I might also add some mod podge as a protective coat. I think it turned out really cool.