Thursday, August 21, 2014

August Swap

Apparently, I forgot to post about the August, Just My Style swap for A Swap for All Seasons. This month is going by so fast, actually the week itself is going by fast.
I sent to Deb, this is what I sent her:
 Some of my favorite items in my stash, a crocheted flower, a pom pom caterpillar pin I had made, some cool jeweled hearts, some gears, a cute owl clothespin, a few 3D embellishments and some flat embellishments. And here is what I sent her:
 I love the bright coloring on the card, there's an alien in a spaceship on top. I think it's a cute card. The tag is made with some stickers, a formica tag and a resin fairy. I did add some fibers to it after this picture.
And, Marti sent this to me:
 This is what came out of the package when I opened it.
Here is the card and tag:
 Very cute, love them.
And the destash:
Also loving all this.

I have a hard time using destash that people send me. I have a box with the cards/tags, and then I hoard the destash.

This month the theme is Halloween, and then I believe it's the end. I hope Linda decides to do something else, I really like these monthly swaps.

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