Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What I've sent out

Here's a few things I've been working on (and a few stamp pictures)
 I'd seen people using 'hello' on their PLs and really wanted a stamp that said that, and then found these two in my stamps.
This is my embellished tag:
 This is actually a tag left over from when I made valentines a few years ago. It's a cardstock tag layered with dictionary paper, there was a heart ripped out of it, but I didn't like the look, so I added a Project Life card on the tag. I also added some watercolor looking flowers to the side and stamped 'hello' in the heart. I made the banner embellishment at the bottom and added a puffy cupcake sticker.
I also added some fun fiber to the top. This tag was created for Kim
This is a 4th of July PL for Susie
 I'm not really that great at doing holiday art. I don't like stuff that's for one thing specifically, I did pick up some 12x12 paper that had neat papers for the whole year awhile back at Hobby Lobby, so I used some of that in the top and bottom rows of this PL.
I added a banner sticker from the Target Dollar Spot and spelled out Happy Birthday America to the top row and added some star stickers. I also added a Statue of Liberty sticker and spelled out Liberty at the bottom of it.
Middle row: I used some stamped images. The first card has an eagle against a flag with stars in a circle and Freedom spelled out. The middle card has a Target Spot rosette on the outside of the pocket, with a stamp saying 'Proud to be American' on the bottom. The last card has the flag and stickers saying 'Old Glory'
Last row: I used another page from that 12x12 stack and layered some of the fireworks with foam tape on top of the sleeve. I also added 'fireworks!' to the bottom

 I have hoarded a few USA/military/police papers. I've never used them, I had an idea once upon a time, but I've never done anything. I used one of them on the back of this PL. I don't have a picture of goodies I sent, but I sent some of my stamped images, some of the fireworks paper, scraps from the back paper, some stickers

I signed up for a July PL swap that was to be mailed out on the 28th. I had already started a base shortly after I signed up
 The side has some glitter tape from the Dollar Tree, I'm not a fan of that, the glitter really comes off. The backgrounds are mostly Project Life cards that I trimmed down.
First row: first card: Project Life card with a few bling pieces in the corners, second card: Project Life card, cupcake sticker from Hobby Lobby, 'Happy Birthday' sticker from Hobby Lobby, I also added a cherry sticker from a sheet I got in a swap. Third card: Project Life card with a sticker that has a To Do list. I wrote on the list, celebrate my birthday, eat cake, open presents, tell the whole world it's my birthday.
Second row, First card: Project Life card that already had the cupcake on it. Second card: I just put a piece of clip art on the outside of the sleeve. Third card: this was cut from the back of a Hallmark card, has a Project Life card scrap on top, a pink square from a baby kit with a cupcake on it.
Last row, First card: pink ATC card with a birthday tag cut down to fit card. Second card: some of that 12x12 paper with Make a Wish on the outside of the sleeve. Last card: I created the banner embellishment in the corner, it has stickers saying cheers on it. I also put some flat back pearls on it.
 This is a sheet from that 12x12 paper pad
On someone's shopping haul I saw this stamp from Tuesday Morning and I was thinking that might be a nice stamp to have.
The other day, I found it in a box.

What I've received

Wow! I didn't realize I was so behind here. Let's start with stuff I've received since my last post, the next post will be stuff I've been working on.
Through one of my FB groups, I swapped some washi tape. These are from Charlene
 sprinkle, solid purple, balloons, gold roses, black and white foilage.
 She also included some stickers.
I also sent out some brads and eyelets for some other stuff. These are from Kim
 stamped images

 paperclips, punched hearts

 Handmade embellishment hearts

 more handmade embellishments

This swap was for some brads, these are from Rachel
 egg stickers, chick stickers, trim
 The eggs are really puffy and the chicks are fuzzy, I didn't realize the chicks were fuzzy until I received them
These were for some chalk from Deborah
 stickers, bling, diecuts and handmade embellishments
 The alphas are sparkly, the cupcakes are puffy, the bling are stickers. There are a few mason jar diecuts and some handmade embellishments.
 a bag of fun
 This bag was a lot of little extras, maybe for shakers, I'm not really sure.
I also received a PL from Kimberly
I was very disappointed in this one, I had to wait awhile for it, and I don't know if you can see in the picture of the front, but it's all glued down with hot glue, rather sloppily. I feel that she just put it together really quickly, and as you can see, she barely put anything in it. When I put a lot of effort and goodies in my PL's it's a little disappointing when someone doesn't reciprocate.
Another swap through my FB group, I signed up to do a goody bag swap, where we sent a ziploc baggie full of embellishments to a partner. I signed up for 4 partners.
This is from Ileana
Sadly, I only received 3 bags back.
 This is another washi swap from Lyamar
 mason jars, grass
 I saw the mason jar washi on someone's youtube channel not so long ago, and it was from Walmart, I'm almost tempted to go to Walmart and see if they have any.
This is another PL I received, this is from Pattie
 all the goodies:
She told me she made everything she used for the PL, plus all the goodies she sent me. I love it all.
These were for some grungeboard from Maria
 paper flowers

I also signed up for an embellished tag swap, this is from Deborah
 She had used some kind of paste to make the spots at the top pop out. I love the whole thing.
This is an ice cream PL from Rachel
 I love that she sent me the grill and watermelon plus the punches to create my own.
Last Saturday, I received this PL from my penpal, Linda
 and more
 She packed this PL so full.
This is a PL, 4th of July theme I received today, from Susie:
On Crafty Lori's wishing video the past few weeks, I've wished for people to send me happy mail for my birthday. This is what I've received so far.
It's really testing my patience not to open them until Saturday.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Another mini flip book

I'm loving these project life flip books. I think it's because of the small size, I'm more used to this size. I made a second one for one of my supervisor's birthday. For this one I doubled my cards, I couldn't find any where I liked both sides.
This is the front:
 The card just had the Hello on it. The letters are kinda sparkly.
When you open it:
 I love that this quote is by J.K. Rowling, I didn't notice that at first. If you didn't know, I work at a library, so this is perfect. I know the coffee cup washi doesn't really go with the card, but I know she likes coffee and I loved how it turned out.
The bottom card:
 I added the words from something I got in the mail. The dessert person is from a Stampin' up set.
When you flip the above card down:
 I covered up the banner on this card, it had originally said 'celebrate' and since the card above it says that, I thought it was a bit much. I used some pink script washi and a gold word sticker.
 This is the card. I didn't do anything to it.
When you flip the cupcake card to the left:
I didn't do anything to this card.
 I added a handmade banner embellishment and a butterfly sticker.
When you flip this card to the right:
The words are from a sticker set. The present is from a chipboard sticker set, I had taken off most of the background to thin it out. The book was not closing very well with dimension, I tried to keep it as flat as possible.
I added the 'Happy birthday' from the same sticker set as the cupcake card above. This cupcake is from a sheet of sticker cupcakes from Hobby Lobby, I added a puffy cherry stickers. I put this card on top of the washi tape to keep the words from being covered. After I had attached all the washi, I thought next time I should have put the washi on and then doubled the cards, it would have made the washi a little stronger.
This washi is from the Target Dollar Spot, I've decided it's not the strongest washi and I shouldn't use it for flip books, at least not to keep the cards together.

Most of these cards are from some birthday project life cards I picked up at a garage sale, they match a chipboard sticker sheet that the present sticker came from. As I said above, I tried to keep it as flat as possible. I don't know if it was the washi or the smaller surface, but this washi did not want to stay. I even used my tape runner to stick some of it down. The other one I used pink washi from JoAnn's and that is very sticky.

I'm thinking of trying a flip book with the larger project life cards next. I just don't like that they don't have any quotes. I also should be packing, I haven't done much of that in the last week. I have one more swap and a flip book I'm making for a friend's birthday, then I don't have any more creative obligations, I'm not planning to sign up for anything until after I move.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Birthday Flip Book for my Mother

One of the FB groups I'm a member of recently had a Project Life flip book swap. I didn't get to participate, but after looking at their pictures, I was inspired to make one for my mother. I recently got a great deal on Project Life cards (go here), and I've been wondering what to do with them. 
I decided to create a Birthday flip book for my mother. Here's the front:
 The card said Remember this moment. I covered up the "this moment" with some washi I got in a PL, the 'happiness' sticker is from an old sticker sheet. I created the embellishment at the bottom by cutting some flags out of scraps, adding a button and a word sticker. I also added some vintage lace.
When you flip that one up:
 The top on I layered the quote cut from another card on some white cardstock and some leftover scraps from another one.
This one is layered on another card, I liked this quote but didn't want to cut it out. I added some pink washi and cupcake ribbon.
When you flip this one down:
I had bought this 'thinking of you' piece at a garage sale. I added it to a piece of brown cardstock and added some pink striped washi on it.
 This heart was from a swap in another of my FB groups, I added washi to the top that says 'enjoy today!' on it.
When you flip the thinking of you one to the left:
The create is from another card, I created a pocket and stuck this cross-stitch balloon piece inside.
 Both these quotes are from project life cards.
When you flip this card to the right:
The cupcake is a thick sticker, the 'happy birthday' is a sticker made to look like a label maker made it. I also added 'celebrate' in blur sparkly stickers at the top.
  this is another project life card. I added a little washi to the top and bottom
This is the back. I will add a handmade by me to it.