Sunday, June 5, 2016

What I've been working on

I've been sorting and packing lately, today, I decided I needed to do something crafty.
So I finished three pocket letters. First up, Robots:
That middle piece was pink, my robots wouldn't have gone with it, but I really wanted to use it, so I painted it.
This is made from a couple sheets of robot stickers layered on paper.
 Remember this post, the sticker book was these stickers. Ever since I saw the sticker book, I've been wanting to create a PL with it, so I did.
Last one, hot air balloons and flying:
Top row: stickers on polka dot background, part of a PL card, handwritten words and a balloon sticker, hot air balloon PL card.
Middle row: chipboard balloon stickers, steampunk hot air balloon sticker, a balloon PL card with part of another card.
Bottom: random background, trimmed PL card, chipboard hot air balloon sticker. I also added a PL card to the front of the pockets.
 I LOVE this one. Sadly, most everything on it is from swaps or garage sales, I couldn't remake it if I wanted to.
Handmade embellishments are a big thing right now, so I tried making some with my decorative edge scissors.
 And some more
I'm planning on adding punches, some flags and words to these

 These, I made with punches:
I plan to add some words. I really like these.

My boss' birthday was on the 2nd, and she likes elephants. Apparently, I have a lot of elephant things, so I made her a flip book/card:
 This first page has an elephant note sticker with a couple words, a vellum quote and some balloon washi tape. I also added a star paper clip to the top.
After you flip it open:
 a couple close-ups
 I used some star stickers from a swap, a candle from a project life card, I spelled out "Make a wish" with alphabet stickers. The blue elephant is a sticker, the other elephant is from some washi tape.
The next page:
 The top elephant was received in Ginnie's PL, the red elephant was drawn for me, the elephant with balloon was in a baby paper kit, the quote is from the elephant washi tape, I also used the balloon washi on this one.
After you flip the above page open
 This was on the tissue paper Cynthia wrapped her PL in, the "happy birthday" is from a box that stickers came in.
This quote was on the back of a PL that I bought at a garage sale.

My boss told me today, she really loved the card.

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