Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pocket Letter from Amanda

This pocket letter is from Amanda, who I started watching on YouTube. I loved watching her channel and she was the first (technically second) person I asked to swap with me. I sent her the sea/vintage pocket letter in this post.
Last night I received one back from her. I apologize if the pictures are dark or out of focus, it was after 8PM, and I was so excited to open the package and see what she sent me.
This is what was in my package.
 These goodies were in the envelope above with my name on it, I love that banner piece.
 These were in the flowery package in the first picture:
 These were attached to some of the packages:
 I love the flip flop piece. I want to do something neat with it, but I'm not sure what.
Here's my pocket letter package:
 And here is the actual pocket letter:
I love the washi on the side, I have that washi. It's fun to see how people use the same stuff you have, I love getting ideas from other people.
 I took some close-up pictures because there was so much detail in it. This is the dangly thing on the top:
 Here's the tag on the side:
 Here's the first row:
 I also have some of those tiny pearl things, so again I have an idea of how to use them. There seems to be a trend of hauling these things called enamel dots, they're basically dots with some kind of colored epoxy so the pop up. I love seeing them in hauls, but I don't know what I would do with them. I also love how she used the washi on the cards, I never know what to do with my washi.
Here's the second row
 I saw in one of her hauls that she had bought these little wooden pieces she used on the first card. I also love how she created a band on the last card to hold some embellishments. I've done that in a button book before.
Here's the last row:
Once again with the washi, I also love seeing people create the little banners. I know it's really easy, but I never thought about creating my own.
And here's the back of the letter with all the goodies:
I love those Mickey Mouse pieces, they are 3D and I will find some way to use them. I've seen people hauling post it notes and page flags recently and while I did buy some, I still have no idea what to use them for. I don't really use notepads, I have one at my desk at work, but I'm at my desk so rarely. I'm more of a tiny spiral bound notebook person. I use quite a few notebooks.

I was so excited to see what Amanda had sent me. I think it's because I've watched her channel on YouTube, so I kinda knew a little bit more about what she liked and her style of stuff.

I love all the pocket letters I'm getting in swaps.

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Amanda Baron said...

I am so happy you like it. There is a video of your pocket letter on my channel now. Since you have it I don't think you need to watch it but just in case. Thank you for all your kind words. Hugs