Thursday, May 12, 2016

Let The Wishing Begin

I've been granting wishes on Crafty Lori's Youtube videos. Basically, she puts up a video every Monday called Let The Wishing Begin. You want to watch the whole video because she tells you what to type in your comment at the end. You type what she tells you to, if you're in the US or international and then your two wishes. You can basically wish for anything you want except for really expensive things.
I've been wishing lately, but no one's been granting my wishes. I've also been granting wishes, because I've been cleaning and sorting lately, so I figured I might as well pass my cast-off's on to someone who wants them.
I have not been taking pictures of what I've been sending. I should do that.
My first week, I granted a penpal to Linda Curl. You should check out the flip book I sent her.
My second week, I sent some 6x6 paper to Mary G, and a pencil pouch for Veronica M.
My third week, I sent socks to Michelle R, buttons to Ashley S, and lace to Deanna P.
Then I took a week off, and last week I sent some critter stamps and stamped images of all the critter stamps I own to Karen J, ephemera to Jeannie, and stickers to Cathy. I also am granting a wish for a pocket letter to Jahnay W, but I haven't actually made it yet. It does take a little more to actually make the pocket letter than to just get stuff together.
This week, I've only granted one so far, I'm sending washi tape samples to Tonya H. I'm sending her a bit of every washi tape I have, I counted it's over 20 different tapes.

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