Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Mail

My last post was all about these great flipbooks I made for my friend Amanda, check out the video she made on them:

I love how she reacts. Every time I feel crappy I watch her videos of the stuff I've sent her. You should all check out her channel. Sometime in the future, I feel I might be sending her more butterflies and owls.

I feel it's been awhile since I posted what people have sent me. Most of these are from the group I'm a part of on Facebook. It's called Pocket Letters for Beginners.
This one is from Nancy. I picked it up before going to work, so this picture is on my desk at work
 She did a seaside theme. I love the fish, they are actually 3D wooden fish, I don't know what they were in their previous life, but the one in the top right corner is affixed to a paperclip. The dog at the bottom is on the outside of the letter, and the straws are real little straws in his drink. His lei, is sequin flowers.
This next one is from Ginnie, she had someone fall through, so I got this great elephant pocket letter. I love how she had it wrapped up:
 And the front is stuffed with elephants. The paper underneath is peanuts. I really like the typewriter piece in the middle.
 Here's the back:
 I love the paper she used.

This one is from Susie, we decided to do an Under the Sea theme. Here's hers all wrapped up:
 And the front:
 She included some shark teeth she had collected in the goodies.

This one is from Jamie. Here it is all wrapped up:
 And the front:
 I love the burlap rose on the top. She said she was a beginner and not to hold that against her. I love it.

I signed up to do a Goody Bag swap in another Facebook swap. Basically, we were to fill a snack size ziploc with goodies and send them off to our partners.
This one, I received on Saturday, it was a nice surprise, from Megan:
 I love those critter stickers, and I used some of those word stickers in a PL already.

Today, I had 3 packages in the mail.
This first one is from Maria, it's 3D stickers and some washi samples.

This next one was a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from Ginnie.
 A RAK, is just sending something fun to a friend. I consider the package I sent Amanda, a RAK. It's just fun to get something you weren't expecting in the mail.
This last one was another goody bag from Pam:

And that is my happy mail. Anyone else getting anything fun in the mail?

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