Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handmade Stockings

In my last post I mentioned some stockings I had made, here they are.
This first one started out as a crazy quilt piece I bought in August:
 Here's the stocking, I had to add the bright piece at the bottom because the blue was disintigrating:
 This second one is made out of a piece of sheer fabric I got from a co-worker, the top trim is a different piece of sheer fabric folded over, and some green velvet ribbon on the top. The sparkly piece on the front is a sticker I got in a swap, I tacked it down with some embroidery thread.
 This last one started out as a scarf. The heart doily and white trim at the top are from garage sales. The beads at the top are actually part of a necklace, I thought they colors went great with the colors on the scarf. Today, I added a cream piece of ribbon for a hanger.
These are all now hanging in my living room doorway, until I figure out what to do with them. I guess I could always keep them for another stocking swap.

Monday, November 26, 2012


WOW! Long time no see, sorry about that. Once I got into holiday swaps and moving at the library and Thanksgiving, time got away from me.
Anywho, remember this and this, that I made for the altered paintbrush swap? Well, here's what I received back:
 I love the layers of lace and trim on this one. It's right up my alley.
This one is so beautiful with the pink and beads.

I've also been working on my stocking for Cerri's Vintage Stocking swap. I have 3 made and I altered one. Every stocking I started, I ended up not liking in some way, one wasn't traditional, one's a little too green, and one I'm not entirely sure how it will hold up. I have some finishing touches to do on one of them, then I will do a post on the ones I DID NOT send. They're still pretty cute, but my partner indicated she wanted something more traditional, and they mostly didn't turn out traditional.
I'm also working on getting a box of holiday supplies ready to send out to a partner, and I signed up for a swap to send ornaments to a partner.
Plus, starting on 11/16, we started moving the library, and some time last week I caught some kind of bug, so I pretty much slept and ate Wed through Fri.

How's life with you all?