Monday, April 21, 2014

Pink, Black and Bling Swap

I signed up for Kimberly of ArtJoyStuff's Pink, Black and Bling Swap, go here to see what I made.
I received my return cards, April 10th. I picked it up before I went to work. When I opened the envelope, here's what I saw:
The tag has a "W" on it and a cute yo-yo and button pin. It was soo hard to wait until I got home to open it further, when I did, this is what I found:
 And the cards inside:
The one on the left is from Maggie and The Mag Rag, the one on the top from Debbie at The Altered Bee, and the one on the bottom from Jess at Two Mad Dahlias. Beautiful cards ladies, thank you so much.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Baskets

I keep seeing people decorating peat pots, so I bought some to alter. Of course, I picked up the tiniest size, so when I started to fill some of them, I couldn't get very much in them.
Here they all are:
I had originally thought I'd color them, and add trim on the top and go from there, I love how my finished products never seem to turn out like I plan them. I also used vintage pipe cleaners for the handles. I loved the idea of making them all different bright colors, so I did.
 This is covered with some green mulberry paper, I just painted yellow dots on top of it. I love the simplicity of it.
 Also covered in mulberry paper, there is a vintage piece of trim around the middle with a paper flower on the front,
 and buttons glued onto the sides and back. I used a white pipe cleaner for the handle, unfortunately it's quite a bit shorter than the rest of the handles. I've decided to give this one to my mother, so I put a chocolate in it and a vintage wooden bunny. I'm not sure what else will go in it.
 This one is covered in mulberry paper and then I added a sun fabric to it. You can't tell from the picture, but it is quite sparkly.
 This one turned into a steampunky basket. I had an old clock face that I glued to it. The trim is a burlap ribbon with a chain glued on top. The blue gear is from a sheet of steampunk butterflies by Jolees.
The gears on the sides are from a multi-pack I bought at Micheals, they have blue gems glued in the middle. The bottom one is from the same sticker sheet as the other blue one. I used some wire for the handle. I think this might be my favorite, I'm keeping it.
Also covered in mulberry paper, I added a sparkly silver wizard to the front,
and some gems around the sides and back. I used a pink pipe cleaner for the handle. This one is for a friend.
Covered in mulberry paper, I couldn't find anything I liked for decoration, after painting the green one, I added a blue stripe to this one and added gems to it. It has a green pipe cleaner for the handle.
This is the one that started it all. My friend said she'd never gotten an Easter basket before, so I said I'd make/fill one for her. This one is covered in a blue napkin,
And covered in lizards. I filled it with a chocolate, a monster finger puppet, some lip balm, a tiny dragon and a coupon for ice cream.

I have two others that aren't quite done yet, and I have no idea what I'm doing with them, or the green, pink and yellow ones.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Altered Spring Box

Last year, I participated in a swap where we altered a candy box and filled it up with fun stuff for Valentine's Day, go here to see it.

This year, I was hoping the same swap would come up, but it never did, so I asked my CollageATC's Yahoo group if anyone wanted to do something similiar. One person wanted to play, we put it off for awhile because we were both busy with other things. I later decided it would be a Spring box filled with fun spring items. Here's what I created:
 I took a tin I had bought cookies in for Christmas and covered it in blue tissue paper, I found some napkins that had blue roses on it that matched pretty close to the background paper and added those. I added pink jewels to form the corner flowers and a blue burlap rose for the center. The edge is covered in turquoise seam binding.
 For the bottom, I used the same blue tissue paper and blue roses. I added pink flowers to each of the long ends, the covered lip has blue washi tape on it.
Here's what I put in the box:
 There's silk roses, some hankies,
 a pinwheel, a pom pom chicken, a duck fingerpuppet, some more flowers, a heart stamp and other things that you can't see. And since I'm so great at not taking pictures of what I sent, I honestly can't tell you what else is in there.
This week, I received my box in the mail:
 It's a cigar box covered in mulberry paper, with colored sand stenciled on it.
Here's what was inside:
 mulberry paper, stamps,
chain, yarn, wire, a pair of earrings and some very cool beads she made me.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Birthday presents

OK, first I apologize for not posting on here much. I found a few pics just sitting on my phone waiting for me to upload them to the computer, edit and post them, so I'm scheduling some posts until I run out of pictures.
Today's post: My friend's birthday gifts. Her birthday was March 28th (I told you these have been sitting around awhile). Red and black are her favorite colors. I had given her a carton of ice cream earlier in the week, but I had a card for her actual birthday and I wanted to create/alter something for her, so I altered a box with red and black.
 I covered the box with red mulberry paper, added sparkly black ribbon to the top and bottom, clear gems to the sides of the front, red buttons, and a black rose button to the front
 More red buttons
 And more
 And more.
Here's the card I made for her:
 ribbon makes up the stems, the leaves are cut from washi tap, the flowers are all embellishments picked up from Hobby Lobby.
Here's a card I created for anothe friend who had a birthday earlier in March:
I had just bought a ton of brightly colored buttons from Jo-Ann's and thought I should use them in some way. The petals are washi tape, the stems and grass are tissue paper.