Friday, February 8, 2013

Sweet Candy Box Swap

I signed up for Michele's Sweet Candy Box Swap. We had to decorate a candy box and fill it with stuff, including something handmade, for our partner. I received mine on Wednesday. Here's what she sent me. Here's the top of the box
A view from the side
 The inside of the box
 And here's what was inside, this dresser scarf is beautiful. It was way too long for my photo taking surface, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, it's just so beautiful.
 A few Valentine cards, some Valentine napkins, and some stickers
 a doily, pot holder, hankey, and some toile ribbon. There's also a pair of earrings that Michele made me on the pot holder.
 some paper pieces, chipboard pieces, buttons, ribbon, a couple birds, some cupcake papers, a vintage tin, a couple plastic bells, and a mini teapot.
Once I've received word that Michele has gotten my box, I will show you what I sent her.
I've been immersed in a new project. I keep reading on people's blogs about fabric books, I've wanted to make one for awhile. So, the other day, I took out my neatest fabrics, trims and vintage fabric pieces, and started laying out pages. This is what my kitchen floor has looked like since Wednesday morning.
I have three pages done, and hope to finish a page a day. So far, only one of the pages looks like it does here. I have to keep tweaking after I sew things down, but I LOVE this project. I don't think it will be fully finished for awhile, one of my pages needs a little more embellishment, I hope to keep my eyes out for things to use this summer.
I will show you the pages when I have them "done", or at least sewn together.


Something Special said...

I would love to try and do a fabric book. But maybe I will do one for my grandkids to have fun with. thanks for the idea.

Something Special said...

Oh and thanks again for participating in the swap. I want you to know that I have finally got my post up and running. Dang that post took me week to complete. I was having some computer issues too. I did link back to your blog. Hugs to you. Michele