Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pay It Forward

Bloggers 2013 Creative Pay It Forward

I learned about this event from Jessica at A Humble Creation.  I've seen it floating around the internet, and I've always been too late. I got in this time, and figured I'd see if anyone here was interested. And I totally stole part of this post from her.

Here are the details:
The first 5 people to comment and leave their email and blog address will receive from me, sometime in 2013, a small gift: something handmade by me...a surprise in the mail! I know I love getting mail (some days I don't get any), and anything is better than bills.
Some day, you guys will receive this random gift. I won't tell you when, you'll just be pleasantly (I hope) surprised. After you tell me you've received it, I will blog about what I've sent.
The Catch:
Those 5 people must make the same offer on their blog.
I hope I can get 5 commenters here, I figured I'd have a better chance than my other blog. So, if you would like to make some new friends, and make something fun for someone else, please leave me a comment. I will contact the first 5 people who comment to get their mailing address.
Have a great Sunday!

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