Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inspiration Rings Swap

On one of my Yahoo groups, I joined an Inspiration Ring Swap. We were sent 12 kraft paper rings that we were supposed to decoration in any way. Here are my rings:
I first glued them to various pieces of vintage paper, and then watercolored them, after that they all got different details.

Starting at the top left: Purple, I added a piece of ribbon and a circle cut out of some Egyptian money; Flowers, I love flowers and the brightness they add to things, so I used various forms of flowers on this one; Fabric, I love using fabric for my art, so I added a lace flower to this one.

Starting at the top left: Dress, this started with the dress, I added the head and some yarn for hair; Bling, this started with the adhesive jewels at the bottom, the bird is from a Valentine kit and I thought the heart just went with it; "Send a boy to camp", this one all started with the green stamp that says "Send a boy to camp", I then found other stamps that went with it; Bliss, everything on this one is rub-ons, I love the lady under her umbrella; Buttons, I love collecting and using buttons in my artwork, so I had to use some here, they're all vintage buttons.

Starting at the top left: Leaves, there are paper punches, a glittered plastic leaf, and a leaf button; Ribbons, this is my favorite (so much that I made an extra, so I could keep it), I layered some bright colored ribbons, a feather and some buttons; Birds, I used a dictionary bird, one out of wallpaper, and a sticker; Butterflies, I may add something 3D to this one, there are paper punches, a sticker and a plastic butterfly; Flower, I love the simplicity of this one, the flower sticker just goes so well with the yellow background.

These will be going out in the mail tomorrow, I hope everyone likes them. As I mentioned above, I couldn't part with Ribbons, so I created a 13th circle to send in. I seem to do that a lot with my work, when I make something I try to keep one for myself.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

new stuff

Mom and I went to Memory Bound yesterday. I spent less than $30, I'm very proud of myself, here's what I bought:
A tri fold arch paper display (my most expensive purchase at $11), a pack of chipboard butterflies, guinea pig stickers, peacock stickers, a pack of alphabet stickers.

and three pieces of paper. I bought the top left one solely for the "Beautiful Dreamer" square, I bought the top right one for the alphabet, and the bottom one for the butterflies.

My plan is to decorate the tri fold with bright colors, butterflies and the beautiful dreamer piece.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It all began with an owl...

I've had creative block lately. Yesterday, I made the following:
I think it will be a wall hanging. It all started with the owl pendant I received in a swap. I knew, when I saw it that it wouldn't be a necklace. Sunday night, I got it and a piece of fabric that looked like a tree branch, then I decided he needed to be sitting in a night sky. The background fabric has black sparkles in it too, but I decided to add some of my vintage buttons as stars. Then I needed a moon, I couldn't find exactly what I wanted until I found a napkin in my stash. Now it's all sewn together but I still need to add a hanger, something to stiffen it up and a backing.

What do you think?