Thursday, June 26, 2014

True Blue Sweetheart Returns

Last week, I received my returns for the True Blue Sweetheart swap. I had forgotten about it, so when I saw the envelope in my mailbox, I wasn't sure what it was. When I opened it, I found this nicely wrapped package inside:
And inside that package were these packages:
And inside those, the cards:
This one is from Kelly:
This one is from Sylvia:
And this one is from Michelle:
Thank you ladies for the beautiful cards and thank you Kimberly for hosting.. If you want to see what I send, go here.

My birthday is next Wednesday, I'm going to be turning 31. I meant to post this earlier, but I'm asking people if they would help me with a card shower. A card shower is where lots of people send me cards for my birthday. If you'd like to help, just leave me a comment.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

True Blue Sweetheart Swap

I joined ArtJoyStuff's True Blue Sweetheart swap and finally put something together and sent it off last week.
 It took me forever to figure out what to make, everytime I put something together it didn't look right. I started out with a blue background and added some vintage pictures. I thought they all kinda looked like they were in love. I had everything laid out on the background, and it just didn't look blue enough, so I pulled out some blue vellum and adjusted my layering. The trim at the bottom is vintage.
And, since I've noticed some people package their cards so beautifully, I thought I'd try out some packaging.
I took some blue sparkly mesh and sewed it into a pocket. I learned mesh is not the easiest to sew. I don't usually use a sewing machine, but I figured it'd be a better pocket if I did, and I had a hard time sewing a straight line.
I can't wait to see what I get in return.

June Black/Grey Swap

So last month's theme for A Swap for All Seasons was Guy and black/grey. My partner sending to me was Elizabeth, she was really on the ball and got her package out early, I received it May 16th. Here's what I saw when I opened the package:
 I love how she packaged everything, it's so cute. And here's what was in the packages:
 some tool images, buttons, washi tape, trim, tiny bags, tags and some flowers. Here are the tag and card she sent me:
 Very cute! She said she didn't have a lot of guy stuff, but I love what she came up with.

I don't do much guy crafting either, but I found a lot of cowboy stuff in my craft stash, so I ran with it. My partner to send to was Pam, here's what I sent her:
Like I said, I ran with the cowboy theme. The tag, I used a paint chip for the background, and I found this picture of the two weightlifters and added that, along with some guy colored ribbon.
I found the stamped pocket and thought it would be a great idea to make a card kinda like a pair of pants with the pocket as a real pocket. I used the cowboy hat, cowboy and cowboy boots charm to make an ATC to put in the pocket. The "Stud" is from a playing card. I really liked how this card turned out.
Here's what I sent for destash:
Some vintage car stickers, a bunch of black tiny folders, some black and white fabric, some beads, some punches, a vintage photo,
Another pocket, some "guy" book pages and a black and white canvas frame.
This month's theme is Purple, Send a smile, there's still some time if you want to sign up, just click here.
If you're interested in getting some artwork from me, go here.