Thursday, June 26, 2014

True Blue Sweetheart Returns

Last week, I received my returns for the True Blue Sweetheart swap. I had forgotten about it, so when I saw the envelope in my mailbox, I wasn't sure what it was. When I opened it, I found this nicely wrapped package inside:
And inside that package were these packages:
And inside those, the cards:
This one is from Kelly:
This one is from Sylvia:
And this one is from Michelle:
Thank you ladies for the beautiful cards and thank you Kimberly for hosting.. If you want to see what I send, go here.

My birthday is next Wednesday, I'm going to be turning 31. I meant to post this earlier, but I'm asking people if they would help me with a card shower. A card shower is where lots of people send me cards for my birthday. If you'd like to help, just leave me a comment.

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