Thursday, July 10, 2014

Purple swap

The July swap for A Swap for All Seasons, was to "Share a Smile" and purple. Here is what I sent to my partner, Joyce:
The card and tag:
 I liked the bright colors, the tag says "Thanks for being you". The front of the card is a person standing behind a bunch of desserts, inside it says "Remember, stressed spelled backwards is desserts".
And my destash:
 papers, some purple fiber, the envelope at the bottom is filled with purple butterfly punches, a tiny purple notebook,
 fabrics, some clip art pieces, misc pieces,
buttons and beads. I also wrapped it all up in some purple fabric.
Joyce said I spoiled her with destash. I admit I do go a little overboard with the destash, I just love sending it to someone else, plus I'm trying to downsize, so this helps.

My partner sending to me was Jayne, but I'm still waiting on her package. I emailed her last week, but still haven't heard anything back from her.

1 comment:

Scrap for Joy said...

Love all of my treasures, Wendy...the little purple notebook is already in my purse. It's so handy for jotting down things I need to remember!
Thanks again!