Saturday, May 26, 2018

Pink and gold pocket letter

I signed up for a pink and gold pocket letter in one of my groups. I realized I haven't done a lot of pocket letters lately, which is sad because I like making them.
Anywho, here's what I made:
 I used some pink paper with gold polka dots (Jo Anns) for the background. I cut apart some journaling cards (Tuesday Morning) that had these pretty pink butterflies on them. I also added some gold sparkly stickers (Hobby Lobby). I love how it turned out.
Here's the goodies:
 I put in some chipboard stickers, a tiny notebook, some paper scraps, some owl stickers, a clear stamp, some raffia, some altered paper clips and a couple rolls of thin washi.
The back:
Here's what I received from my partner:
I love everything in this swap. The pocket letter was beautiful with a shaker that was made correctly and all the goodies were beautiful.

Friday, May 25, 2018

May Lollipop box

I got my Lollipop box today, this month's theme is Tea Time = Me Time.
First look:
 Everything laid out:
 All the stuff not in bags:
 I love that the stickers are not planner related this month. I also love the teacup paperclip and the stamp set and the felt cupcake and the banner stencil.
Here's the mystery gift:
 The die cuts:
 They are so tiny and cute.
The treats:
 a bag of buttons, two wooden teapots and some very thin washi in a teabag.
The DIY:
 banner paper clips
My papers for the month:
I really like the kit this month, the colors are beautiful and the theme is great. I might use this one.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Flipbook tag

In my new group, they have a few that I can actually make things for. One of them was a flip book. The person I'm sending too likes vintage, so I went with a vintage theme. I had cut down a bunch of 12x12s from the Newsworthy paper pad (Hobby Lobby) for a granted wish of vintage paper, so I had a lot of scraps. I also have a lot of 3x5 notecards laying around, so I just covered them with the scraps.
Here it is all closed up:
 I used some white with gold polka dot washi as the binding. I tied some twine around it and put a binder clip on the top to close it.
First flip:
 I wrapped the cards with the same paper on the front as the back. This one had the New York building that I used as the front and this bus scene with not much on the bottom, so I added these roses.
 This page was pretty boring, so I added the burlap and a vintage photo framed on some blue paper.
Second flip:
 This one I framed this Bingo clip art on some pink paper, added the blue piece with a sticker on the bottom.
 I added a vellum pocket that I covered with more paper from the pack. I included some tags from another vintage flipbook. I added the boy scout pieces from a vintage card that was in some donations at my work.
Last flip:
 These sticky notes were in another swap, I thought they worked great for the group. They are one some plastic that I just attached with double stick tape.
 This bottom piece I added this photo strip.
It flips open:
 to reveal a pocket holding stickers with some washi on top.
Here are the goodies, minus that paper clip, it didn't work out in the end.
 The tags are from another swap as are the flower stickers, the vintage stickers are from a Peachy Cheap grab bag. I altered the binder clip with some book washi.\
The back:
 I didn't do any decorating.
I think it turned out massive cute. I've learned through the years I like smaller canvas'.
Here's what I received:
 First flip:
 Second flip:
She said it was her 2nd ever made.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Crazy 8 swap

I signed up for a swap called a Crazy 8 basically we send 8 different items, but 8 of each item.
 I chose 8 paper clips, 8 clothespins, 8 pieces of ribbon, 8 project life cards, 8 stickers, 8 tags, 8 buttons, 8 stacks of sticky notes.
Here it is spread out:
 I realized after putting it all back in the bags, I forgot to put out the buttons:
Here's what I got from my partner:
 embossed paper:
 stamped images:
 washi samples, ribbon, gemstones:
 Die cuts:
 Die cut sentiments:

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Y and Z tags

We've made it to the end of the alphabet for the alphabet tags. Here's what I created:
Again with the dictionary paper for the background. I remember when I created these, I had a hard time with them. Y has yellow at the top with 'yes' 'yum' and 'you', no pictures on this one. Z has a zero, 'zen' and a zebra.
Here's what my partner sent me:
I am no pleased with these. I've noticed the sizes of the tags have grown smaller (the V, W, and X ones were smaller as well) plus they're religious. I think that's rude, I believe that's something you should always ask your partner about before sending religious things. Some people would take direct offense, I just think it's rude. I just noticed the cross sticker on the zebra one. She also included a religious mother's day card.Not pleased.

Friday, May 11, 2018

April Lollipop box

It took about two weeks for this one to get to me, and then I forgot to blog about it, typical. Anywho, the theme for April was Raining Cats and Dogs.
First look (Ok, not really, I got it on the way in to work, and totally took everything out at work, it was much nicer when I first opened the box):
 Everything out of the box:
 The DIY:
 It was a make your own planner bow.
These are from the pink striped bag:
 I'll pass the tabs and the paper stuff on to others in swaps. I collect the little sequin mixes, I don't use them, but I have a box with all the sequin mixes I've gotten and I like to go through them infrequently.
A mystery gift:
 I'm not really excited about the washi.
The exclusive papers:
 Another mystery gift:
 They are cat erasers.
And all the other stuff:
This month we got a raindrop stencil, no felt paper clip but a felt umbrella piece, some flair pieces and the strip of stamps that are a cloud an umbrella and a sun.