Sunday, March 18, 2018

pink pocket letter

Someone in one of my groups posted asking to do a private swap for a pink pocket letter. I really love how mine turned out:
I used some journaling cards I picked up from Tuesday Morning back in December as my inspiration. I basically cut up pieces I thought would fit in the pocket letter, some of them turned out to be a tiny bit big, so I just put them on the outside of the sleeves. I added some bling, a couple stickers and some marbled vellum as the backgrounds. The first card sadly doesn't have the vellum because I misplaced a piece.
The goodies:
 I added some star stickers, some die cuts, some heart stickers, some bling and some paperclips.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 I think that middle pocket was a shaker because all the bits were throughout the package.
The goodies:
We're thinking about doing more swaps in the future.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

April Tag

It's time for the monthly tag swap. I was going to go with an Easter theme, but then someone posted theirs that had a flower theme, so I sorta went that direction, sorta not.
I knew I wanted flowers, then I started looking through my stuff and decided I wanted the retro looking lady. I was originally going to put the calendar down by her feet, but it didn't fit with the border. I went with a yellow paper to mount the calendar on to pull out the yellow in the lady's dress. There was this flowery thing that I couldn't cut out of the image without ruining the lady, so I layered a die cut, a chipboard piece and a rosette over it. I love how it turned out.
Here's why my partner sent me:
 The big April calendar actually comes out of the pocket.
She also included some cute card kits for me:

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Alphabet tags S, T, U

We're getting closer to the end of the alphabet. I actually finished all my tags awhile ago, it makes it a little easier knowing that I don't have to worry about them (as long as I don't lose them before I need to mail them).
Here's S, T, and U:
Star, Saturn, Squirrel and Shark, they're all stickers from my stash.
Triangle, Telephone and Turtle, the triangles are a scrap of paper, the other two are stickers.
Umbrella, Unicorn, Unique, I had a hard time with this one. I knew I had unicorns, I knew I had umbrellas somewhere, too, but I couldn't find them, this one is cut from a coloring pad. The unique is from a minion sticker collection.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 And they're double sided:
How cute are those clovers?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Easter Pocket letter

I signed up to do an Easter pocket letter in one of my groups:
 I saw someone create a washi banner in a youtube video and thought I'd try it out for the somewhat bare top on this one. I picked three patterned washi, folded them over the twine and popped them up with foam tape, I added some sparkly chipboard sticker letters to the top. I wanted a large egg for the middle card, but didn't have any in my stash, so I found an oval die cut and traced it on some paper. The rest of the eggs are stickers, the bunny is a felt sticker that I added a better egg to.
The second row has some Easter stickers in the first pocket, I didn't have enough of the striped paper so I substituted some spotty paper on the middle card, I messed up on the bunny, though. There's a brown one under the wordy one, I was supposed to put the wordy one on foam tape so you could see the dimension. The last card has a word bubble and a teddy bear die cut that I added an egg sticker to to cover a heart he was holding.
The bottom has a bunny, egg, and chick die cut that I got in a swap. I made my own basket of eggs for the middle card. I just basically filled up the other two with stickers. I added an egg to the middle of the flower to cover the ugly center.
The goodies:
 jar die cut, sequin mix, bunny stickers, bunny paperclip I made, jeweled bunny stickers, Easter washi, more Easter stickers, egg eraser. I also added some paper scraps in with the bunny paper clip.
I backed it with this wordy paper, and added egg washi to the side.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 Isn't it cute?
The back:
I love all the die cuts she included, but there's no letter, so technically, it's not a pocket letter.

Friday, March 9, 2018

flowers and feathers tag

I signed up to make a flowers and feathers tag in one of my facebook groups. Here's what I made:
I covered the background with some flower paper from a Paris paper pad (Hobby Lobby), I added the yellow flowers (thrift store) down the side and across the bottom. Next I layered a few flowers (sparkly green, blue/pink and pink flower) for the corner piece.  I'm actually very proud of that large flower. I took the stamens out of the pink/blue flower and shoved them in the middle of the fabric pink flower. I thought it looked to plain so I added teal flat back pearls to the centers of the yellow flowers. I found these three feathers in my stash and added them to the tag. I dug out the vellum sticker, put it on some white paper and fussy cut it out. I added the three colors of seam binding to the top.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 I love her choice of colors and the style of the tag.
The extras:

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lollipop box

I get a subscription box every month, that is journaling/planning related. I've subscribed since last August. Thought I'd pimp it out, it's called the Lollipop Box Club, it's based in England and gets mailed about the 17th of each month, it takes about a week, sometimes less, to get here.
I don't have everything from all the boxes (though I tend to hoard most of it).
Every month, you get:
a roll of washi:
 A cute felt paper clip:
 I have them set out by month: August-pail and shovel, September-camera, October-pumpkin, (I'm missing November which was a mermaid tail), December-star, November-cloud and February-envelope.
A stamp:
 August-ice cream, sun, and pineapple; September-film strip and camera; I seem to be missing October; November-mermazing; December-flag, snowflake and heart; January-cloud and February-envelope.
 There are a few tags in each box, there's usually one on the papers when you open the box saying hello and then there's another inside with your paper clip taped to it.
 August-Yay, September-camera, October-pumpkin, November-mermaid tail, December-happy people, January-forever dreaming, February-happy mail.
postcard sized extras:
 I don't use these, so I've sent most of mine out in swaps, this one is from February.
There's always a charm:
 August-pineapple, September-camera, October-jack-o-lantern, November-jar and mermaid, December-snowflake, January-dream, and February-envelope.
There's always a DIY:
 There's always a writing utensil:
 Sometimes we get these cute little acrylic charms:
 There's always exclusive papers:
 There's always planner stickers:
 There's always some tiny little word phrases:
 And there's always extras:
 Here's a close-up of the really tiny ones:
And there's always a lollipop, but it's the first thing I take care of while I'm exploring the box, so no pictures of those.
Feburary's theme was Happy Mail:
There was a bunch of envelope themed items, stamps, and 'happy' stuff. March is springy looking. I'm excited to get it.

St Patrick's Day Loaded Bag

I had originally asked on one of my Facebook groups about doing a St. Patrick's Day/green loaded envelope. One of the hostesses saw my post and created an event. Here's what I made:
 I covered the background with some clover paper (Hobby Lobby), I covered the bottom pocket with some green paper, I was looking for something less busy for a background. I added a sparkly clover to the top (Dollar Tree). The 'Happy St. Patrick's Day' piece is actually the top of a pick (local gift store) that you'd put in with your flowers. I added some iridescent clovers (Dollar Tree garland) underneath it. I added the felt clover (Hobby Lobby) to the corner. I also added a clover paper clip (swap).
 I added this big tag (swap) because he just looked so cute and fit perfectly on the bag. I added a clover gem (Hobby Lobby) to cover up the hole that the ribbon was in. The bottom has some more St Patrick's Day paper (Hobby Lobby), I was going to add some 'gold coins' to it, but I couldn't find them at the time.
Here's how I packaged it up:
 I made a wand with some cardstock paper (my stash), a sparkly clover (Dollar Tree), and a 'Kiss me I'm Irish (local gift store) piece from another flower pick. I added a bunch of stickers, some tags, some green and gold trim, some mint chocolate (we had to add a green treat), a pen, and other things I didn't take a picture of. As I was loading it, I realized I didn't have a lot of green things.
All ready to go:
 I wrapped it up in some green tissue paper and added some washi, ribbon and flower soft to the package. I also added some more of those sparkly clovers, clover gems and iridescent clovers to the box. I believe when it gets to my partner, all this will be in a corner.
I wanted to cover up the outside of the box and found some green iridescent duct tape. I may have gone a little overboard:
But, who wouldn't be excited to get this in the mail?
Here's what I received from my partner:
 And everything in it:
I will say I'm a little bummed about it. I had originally posted on the facebook group looking for someone to swap a St. Patrick's Day/green loaded bag and one of the admins said she'd start an event for one, so I signed up for that instead. I guess I was looking for more green crafting things, less St. Patrick's day items, but I did sign up for it, so I'm happy that my partner put so much effort in it.