Sunday, September 17, 2017

Loaded destash bags

I signed up for a loaded destash bag swap in one of my facebook groups. Basically, you took a lunch bag, decorated it, and filled it with destash items. 
Here's what I made:
 I just took the cut aparts from the Pink Passport paper pad from Hobby Lobby and added them on the bag. The background is from the Newsworthy paper pad. The 'lovely day' piece at the bottom was from a swap.
Other side
 I LOVE how this came out. This girl was in the cut aparts for the Pink Passport paper pad. The trim at the bottom is vintage from a yard sale. The butterfly gems are from Dollar Tree. The flower in her hair is from a swap as are the pearl snowflakes on the side.
The second one:
 I'll admit, I wasn't sure how to decorate this one. The background paper is from the Fruit Tart paper pad from Hobby Lobby. I trimmed it wrong, so I just added some green striped washi to finish covering the bag and a 'wish' puffy sticker.
I just added some fruity buttons and paper pieces to it.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Halloween pocket letter

I had signed up for a Halloween swap in one of my facebook groups, but pulled out due to working so much in August. One of the people in the group saw that and offered to send me one, I told her I could get one back to her, it just might not be that quick.
Here's what I created her:
 The stickers are all from Dollar Tree. I bought the sticker packs and thought it would be really cool to make a pocket letter using just those. I love how it turned out.
The goodies:
 monster notebooks from Target last year, stickers from Walmart last year, table scatter from Walmart last year, stickers from Dollar Tree this year, a jar hanger thing from a swap, sequins from a swap, stickers from Dollar Tree this year, Tim Holtz Halloween ephemera.
Here's what she sent me:
 I think it's so cute. I love it!!!
The goodies:
She sent me a bunch of stickers.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Scavenger Hunt pocket letter

A new pocket letter swap I signed up for was a scavenger hunt. We were given a list of 12 items to find and create a pocket letter from.
My list was:
1. Red paint chip
2. Green heart
3. Business card from a dentist office
4. Gold penny
5. Live rose petals
6. Your town's official seal
7. Receipt for 30 cents
8. Coupon for $1 off
9. Three seeds
10. Christmas ribbon
11. Blue dot
12. Red boat
I thought I had to find all 12 items and create the pocket letter with them. We actually only needed 9 with one piece on each card.

I found the paint chip at Walmart. The green heart and Christmas ribbon was from my stash. I went to a dentist office for the business card. I spelled out penny with gold alphas (mostly because I didn't want to waste a penny). I went to a local garden for the rose petals. I cut my town's logo out of an ad. I found the coupon on my floor. I found the seeds on my way home from work. I used a paper punch for the blue dot. The boat I just colored red. I couldn't find the receipt for 30 cents, I found a few things that cost 25 cents, but I didn't want to buy them just to get the receipt. I put made two cards that had two of the items on it (I wanted to include as much as possible, and I at first thought I had to include them all). The sixth card has my town's logo and the coupon for $1 off. The ninth card has the three seeds and the red boat.
My partner's has disappeared in the mail. We're not sure if I'll ever get it.

Unicorn/fairy mini pocket letters

I've really embraced the unicorn/mermaid thing. I feel I've done a lot of mermaid art swaps, but not so many unicorn ones, so I signed up for a unicorn/fairy mini pocket letter. I'm generally not a huge fan of the mini pocket letters because I have to cut apart my pocket sleeves and they're so much smaller (which I get is the appeal), but I like to create a whole page and put a bunch of goodies in them.
I wished for unicorn ephemera on one of my facebook groups, and they sure delivered:

 Sadly, I found out I could not find fairy ephemera anywhere. I looked at Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Hobby Lobby (I probably should have checked out JoAnn's). I found one sheet of very large fairy stickers at Dollar Tree and bought them (but ended up not using them).
Here's what I made:
 For this one, I just cut out some random papers for the backgrounds, then I added these springy tags I got at Target at the beginning of spring but never used. The two fairy stickers were sent on a card for something else, I peeled them off very carefully and put them on the tags. The unicorn is actually Lisa Frank it's from a sticker book from Dollar Tree. I also added some heart washi and a blingy flower trim to the bottom. I stuck the tags on with foam tape with the idea that my partner could use them if she wanted.
 Again, I went with plainer backgrounds. The unicorns are all from that bunch that I was sent, I picked out two taller ones to face each other for the ends. The middle one is supposed to look like she's jumping over the fairy. The fairies on the ends were sent to me in a swap, as well as the middle one. I added some sequin birds to the first card, round sequins with bling in the middle to the second one and some sequin butterflies to the third one.
I already had this sleeve filled with the background paper, so I just added to it. The first card has some stamped fairies that I found in my stamped image bag, they are on mushrooms so I added a mushroom sticker from a swap. Again the unicorns are all from that bunch above, as is the rainbow. The fairy on the second card is also from my stash. I added a felt flower from Hobby Lobby to the last card, and made it look like my unicorn is hiding under it. I saw on a YouTube video that someone had framed their pocket letter in jewels, so I thought I'd try it on this one.
I tried to add a little bling to all of them. I don't have a picture of the goodies, but I tried to add another of the unicorns I used and a copy of the fairies I used. I had also made a few unicorn paper clips from that bunch, and added one to each pocket letter.
Here's what I got from my partners:
The goodies:
 I like the paperclips and the washi. I'm not a big fan of the page flags.
More goodies:
I wish people would ask if you use planner stuff.
And my second partner:
The goodies:
I love all the stickers, and the washi and the pictures and even those I'm not a sequin person, I like this little mix.
And my third partner:
Everything fell out in the envelope and she didn't tell me what was supposed to be decorating the pocket letter. I like the die cuts, the sticko stickers and the unicorn paperclip.

What I want to be When I Grow Up Pocket Letter

I jumped on this pocket letter when I saw the event. It was a what I wanted to be when I grew up long ago when I was kid. I used to collect police officer paper and stickers, so this was a great way to use them up.
I used to want to be a police officer when I was a kid, I got my degree in criminal justice, so I got close, but halfway through college I decided it wasn't really for me. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
Here's what I made:
I really wanted the background to be the focus of the pocket letter, it's a scene of an officer, leaning on a police car. Of course all police officer scrapbooking stuff is policeman. The officer's uniform, which reminds me more of a military uniform that they colored dark for a police uniform and the shiny handcuffs, the hat above the uniform and the shiny badge are all from the same sticker sheet. The larger hat, the cars, the badge, gun and handcuffs in the upper right corner are all from the same sheet. The words are all from the same sheet. I'm a little stuck on what to put as the goodies, I have put some of the extra stickers in there, I'll probably just fill it up with regular crafting supplies.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 She told me she wanted to be a cook, and she is now a chef.
All the goodies:

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Altered picture frame

I haven't really altered anything in awhile, so I signed up to do an altered picture frame swap. I found the frame at Walmart.
It was just a plain wooden frame, I first added some vintage dictionary paper to give it a background:
 My partner said she liked black and pink, so that's what I gave her.
 The black is a fibery paper thing, I'm not really sure what it is, I picked it up when I used to work at an art store. Sadly it's not as see through as I thought it would be, so I could have just skipped the dictionary paper part. I had this paper with cherry blossoms and I thought they looked better than the other paper I had in mind, so I fussy cut them all out and layered them on the frame.
I covered the side with blue washi and added some black bling to it.
I wanted to make it more dimensional, but I really liked the cherry blossoms and nothing else looked quite right with them.
Sadly, my frame did not come with a back, and I couldn't find anything sturdy that I could cut for a backing, so I hope my partner's not mad about that.
My partner had a little issue, so someone else sent me a frame:
 and the goodies:
I am a bit bummed that the picture frame I got back is about 3 or 4 inches square, but it's cute.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Vintage pocket letter

I created this vintage pocket letter for a group:
I used a piece of paper from the Newsworthy paper pad from Hobby Lobby for the background. I had to include a bow, an envelope and a tag.
First row: I used some paper from a tiny paper pad from JoAnn's for layering. I used these tiny vintage photos for the details. I added the tiny envelope stickers (from Target) to the top of the pockets, I distressed them with some ink and added some vintage buttons.
Second row: I made some tags and added the photos to them. The left and right cards have wooden tags with words layered on them. The middle card just has a saying
Third row: I made the two end tags. I layered the photos on some brown paper on all three cards and added the bows to the top of all the pieces. The middle card has a vellum envelope and some blue paper.