Sunday, July 15, 2018


I signed up for another ATC tag in one of my groups. Here's what I made:
 I totally just used a bunch of scraps from my desk. It turned out pretty cute, though.
Here's what I received:
I love her use of the washi and stamping. It looks very mixed media.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Summer pocket letter

I signed up to make a summer pocket letter in one of my groups. Here's what I came up with:
 I used some leftover paper for the background. I basically took a whole bunch of summer stuff from my stash and used it on this pocket letter.
First row is a sun diecut, second card stickers from Dollar Tree, third card coloring piece and a girl from a calendar.
Second row, first card is a sticker from Dollar Tree and a die cut, second card both images are from journaling cards, third card is the girl from a calendar.
Third row, first card both images take from a journaling card, second card image from ephemera layered on a flower, third card cut outs from a subscription box and a die cut.
The back:
 We had to include some summer embellishments, one handmade embellishment and two washi samples. I created the flower paper clip, the tags and the butterfly paper clip in the bottom. I also included another butterfly paperclip, the summery washi, more stickers from the Dollar Tree, some ice cream bling, scraps of paper, more coloring cards, some ephemera and some stickers.
The back:
 I used this summery popsicle paper for the back.
Here's what I received in return:
 It's cute, I just wish there was more on it.
The goodies:
I love the tassel and the rosette that she made. Everything is very cute.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Spring pocket letter

I signed up to do a spring pocket letter swap in one of my groups, we had a couple things we had to include on the front: a flower, a bicycle and a spring sentiment:
 I decided to create it as a sheet and then cut it apart to make it pocket letter. I added the flowers from another sheet to the side. I found the cute animals on bicycles stickers in my stash and added the sentiment stickers.
We also had to include specific things as goodies in the back: something handmade and washi samples
 I found some bird epoxy stickers in my stash, die cuts, stickers, sticky notes, altered paper clips washi samples.
The back:
Some nice spring flower paper.
Here's what I received from my partner:
 Unfortunately, she didn't follow the directions for the swap. We were supposed to have a bicycle, a flower and a spring sentiment on the front, and something handmade and washi samples in the back.
So, I was sent a replacement pocket letter:
 I love that she stamped images and cut them out. I don't use stamps as much as I used to. I also suck at coloring images, so when someone makes/colors them for me I get excited.
This was packed with goodies.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Pocket letter tag

I signed up for another pocket letter tag. I actually made this for another group as a spring pocket letter until I read the requirements for that swap. I still like how it turned out, so I used it for this tag:
 The background I already had ready for the pocket letter. I added the flower stickers to the edges. I had some nice bright flower stamps in my stash that I layered on paper and then put on the pocket letter.
I looked at the person's favorites for the goody ideas for the back:
She likes stickers, planner stuff, unicorns, I also added some of the postage stamps I had left over.
Here's what I received:

I like it, don't get me wrong, but it's more of fill the pockets with goodies vs actually making something. She said it was her second one made, so she's got time to learn

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Flip book tag

I made another flip book for a tag.
I chose some bright 4x6 cards for the backgrounds. They are bound with pink shiny iridescent washi.
 I used some chipboard stickers from Target around Easter time, and some alphabet stickers. Bad idea to use the chipboard stickers, though I like how it looks, if I had used flat stickers, I could have sent it as a large envelope instead of a parcel. Oh well.
First flip:
 The top just has some stickers from an underwater sticker book. The stickers on the bottom part are from TJ Maxx
Second flip:
 The middle has a piece of ephemera I got in a swap, a mermaid sticker from Micheal's and a rainbow heart sticker from Hobby Lobby.
The last card has some more rainbow stickers from Hobby Lobby, they were clear, so I put them on white paper and attached them to the page. The unicorn is a tag from Hobby Lobby, the sun is from TJ Maxx
Back page:
I didn't put anything on here, I thought it looked fine by itself.
Here's what I received in return:
 She went with an envelope flip book with these nice bright envelopes as the base.

I don't have a picture of the goodies that were in it. I love how she decorated it.
I'm going to try to have more goodies in my next flip book, I get so distracted at decorating that I don't think of ways to include goodies.

Saturday, July 7, 2018


I signed up for two ATC swaps in my groups. The first is an ATC tag:
 I wanted to do something with flowers, and someone had commented on how much I could create with all the postage stamps I bought a few weeks ago. I didn't think about creating with them, so I made this ATC.
Here's what I received in return:
How cute is it? I love the vintage sewing theme.
I also signed up for a Spring ATCs swap:
Apparently I'm just out of whack at creating ATCs, these were hard for me too. I wanted to use the boots, so I put them on a background of umbrellas, added the cloud stickers and the rainy day sentiment. The other one, I just added some leafy washi and the gardening gloves and flower stickers.
Here's what I received in return:
I love her use of the flat back pearls and the sequins. Also, how cute is that card?
One of the group sI'm in on Facebook, is sort of about snails, so everytime I see one now, I'm excited.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Lollipop Box kits

I've been getting the Lollipop Box subscription box for about a year now, and I rarely use anything in it. I just open it, take pictures and put it away.
Last Sunday, I thought it was high time I started using it. So, I got them out, month by month and started altering a notebook. I wanted to do a tag flip like I've been seeing people make, but I don't have a lot of tags, and some of the papers weren't all that thick. I made a page for every paper I had. Mostly everything is from the boxes.
 This one had a DIY of a felt bow paperclip, so I used the felt for the base of the pineapple, some green paper from March 2018 kit for the leaves. The banner is stickers from the kit, the large piece was a cut out from the kit. I keep thinking I should add something to the middle of the pineapple.
 This one, I cut out the postcard that we get and glued down the starfish wood pieces at the top.
 This one has a scrap of paper from the previous page with a tag and a bow.
 This one I cut apart the other postcard, the larger circle suns are from from the cut out page. I stamped the small sun and outlined it.
 The kit originally came with a frame, but I used it for something else, so I took a journaling card and covered it with one of the bags from the kit. The photo is from my stash. The cameras were stickers in the kit.
 The filmstrip stamp is in the kit. I had these girls laying around so I stuck them in it. The speech bubbles are stickers from the kit. I'm not really liking them at the bottom. I may or may not change that.
 The squares are actually plasticy tags from the kit I cut down. The hearts are from the cut out sheet. The washi is from the May 2018 kit.
 The notes is a note pad sheet. The red polka dot pieces are washi stickers. The quote was in my stash.
 I cut out the camera from the post card, used the last washi sticker and another word phrase.
 The banner is cut from the cut out sheet, I layered it on some twine from the kit, but sadly you can't see it. The pie was from a card someone gave me. The washi at the bottom is from the April 2018 kit, the burlap looking paper was from the card with the pie, the 'i love pie' was from the kit.
 I covered up my name on the tag with a banner sticker, and just added leaf stickers around it and a pumpkin sticker.
 The hearts at the bottom are from tags. The large heart was a template for a DIY in the kit, so I just covered it with one of the bags from the kit.
 This is cut from the postcard in the kit.
 One of those tags the hearts came out of, some wood buttons, a sticker another tag and another word phrase.
I also used some of the cut outs to make paperclips.
I only made it through October, I planned to keep going, and will sometime in the future, but life got in the way.