Friday, October 21, 2016

Pocket bag swap

On one of my facebook groups, there was a pocket bag swap. I signed up for it, my partner didn't want to do a theme, which usually makes it harder for me, but I got it done really quickly. I actually misread the mail by date and when I realized it was actually on a Monday and not a Friday, I had to hurry up and create.
First I started altering paperclips:
 And it is so addicting. The bird and pineapple are actually felt pieces that were pics from Hobby Lobby. The oval ones are vintage trim. The Frankenstein is just some felt stickers.
Here's what I created for my partner:
 The background is from a mystery 12x12 pack I picked up from Hobby Lobby. The bottom piece is from a DCWV pack I had from awhile ago. It actually says Beautiful, it wraps around to the back. I glued some vintage lace and then trim on top. I also added a Paper Studio card stack quote on the top and some more trim.
I stuffed it with a mini notebook, a few journaling cards, some tea, some stickers and other stuff.
Here's the back:
The butterfly is up on pop dots, so it's a little layered. I added another quote here and lace.
Here you can see a card of washi samples and the tea I put in it.
Yesterday when I got home there was a note from the post office saying I had a package that was postage due, I paid and picked it up today and this is what my partner sent me:
 It's interesting. I've never seen this kind of pocket bag swap. It's a lot of plastic bags stuffed with items and taped together. This top one has a tag, a PL insert, and a journaling card.
 In the back of the first bag was a shaker tag. In the second one is a journaling card and some punch outs.
 In the back of the second one is a sheet of sticker labels. In the third bag is a handmade embellishment.
 In the fourth bag is another handmade embellishment and some decorative paper.
 The next one had a butterfly sticker on the bag, some decorative paper and some journaling cards in it.
 On the next bag were some stickers.
 The next bag had a handmade tag on it with journaling cards in it.
 Some decorative paper.
And another journaling card.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Halloween Flip book

Remember that great tissue paper my last granted wish was wrapped in? I used glued it to paper for part of a flip book and a pocket letter. I fulfilled someone's wish for a flip book. She liked fall and Halloween, so I put a little of both in it. We'll get to the pocket letter later, here is the flip book:
 I glued a tissue paper leaf to the paper and painted it with copper paint to stand out from the background. I also cut up a journaling card and staggered the words across the top of the book. Apparently the glue stick I used to stick down the leaf left a little sticky residue, so I added the brown ribbon to the bottom.
When you flip this page to the right:
You see the above spread.
Close-up of left page: 
I bought a paper pack that had basically all the seasons and big holidays in it awhile ago, so I didn't have to go back and buy seasonal paper. Most of the paper in this flip book is from that pack. I started out this page with the owl sticker at the top,  it's from Dollar Tree. I added the witch sticker to the bottom and got stuck, it's from Micheal's. I eventually added the black jewels (from Target) to the bottom, the eye stickers (from my pocket bag swap) and the words "Happy Halloween" (letter stickers from my stash) to the page.
Close-up of page on right:
Again, I don't have a picture of the finished page. You can always click on the two page spread above and look at that closer. This background is actually from a mystery paper pack I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The pocket is made from a paper I had in my stash. The owl ribbon is from JoAnn's. I added some stickers to create a fall theme, and the words "Give thanks"
When you flip this page to the right, you see this spread:
 Close-up of middle page:
I had a heck of a time getting this page done. The monsters at the bottom are actually notebook covers from Target. The "Trick or Treat" is from a page of that big paper pack. I added yellow toned jewels to the top, as well as some bat stickers.
Close-up of right page:
The paper tape at the bottom is from Dollar Tree. The letters are from a sticker pack from Walmart, I'm not sure where I got the gold letters. The journaling spot is a sticker from my stash. I'll admit I don't really like pumpkin spice everything (I actually don't really like pumpkin spice anything), but I needed something else to fill up the space.
When you flip this page back to the left, and then open it, you see this:
 Close-up of left page:
 I made a pocket with some copper paper from my stash. The lace washi is from my stash. The sequins and jewels were from my stash as well. The skull is from a Tim Holtz Halloween ephemera pack I bought at Micheals, as are the mummy stickers on the top. The mummy stickers are actually still attached to their background, in case she wanted to use them. The jeweled cat is from my recent pocket bag swap.
Close-up of right page:
 The monster sticker is from my recent pocket bag swap. The letters were from my stash and the journaling spot is actually a project life card. I had a hard time filling that up.
Back page:
I added some leaf ribbon and a Handmade image. The stamp I used for the handmade image is actually from a set at Target, I was not very happy with it.

I've learned why I don't make holiday/season specific crafts. I'm just not good at it. I actually bought a bunch of Halloween stuff, so I'd have some for my swaps. I'll not be doing that in the future. Since I discovered YouTube and have been sucked into watching people's videos, not only have I spent a lot more money than usual, but I've also given in to buying seasonal things. I've really noticed it with the Halloween stuff, normally I don't do Halloween things. This year I've done only about 3 or 4, but for me that's a lot.
I'm much better at themes that aren't season/holiday specific.

Halloween Pocket Bags

Guess I've been a little behind on here. I created some pocket bags for friends, and got a little addicted to them, so I created some Halloween ones. Naturally, I didn't take a picture of what I created, but here's what my partners sent me.
First up, Tam:
 I love the pinwheels she made me.
 What was inside:
 I love the skull paper clip, too. I love how creative she got. She told me she didn't have a lot of Halloween stuff, so I love how she created so much stuff for me.
Next up, Natalie:
 Love those stickers.
 Actually, I think these are backwards, the one right above is the front, and the first picture is the back. Oops.
I love the stickers and the googly eyes.

A pocket bag is a paper bag with the bottom folded up to create a pocket. Or, like Natalie and I did, we made our own from sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper. Sometimes they are called loaded envelopes and are created from envelopes with extra pockets.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wish Granted

Hi All,
A few weeks ago, I wished for cut aparts and Project Life cards on CraftyLori's wishing video. I had a really nice lady, fussycat grant my wishes. She sent me a huge envelope, and it was so gorgeous, I didn't know what exactly was in it, but when this comes in your mailbox, it can't be bad:
 Here's what was inside:
 I love this poppy tissue paper. I actually glued it on to some cardstock to make a flip book and some for a pocket letter. It's gorgeous.
 And inside those packages:
 A ton of cut aparts and project life cards. She was so generous.
And here are pictures of the individual packets, first the cut-aparts. Craft Smith Charleston Picnic:
MAMBI Sheets, not sure of the stack:
 I'm guessing there's at least two stacks, because a few are glittery and the rest seem to match the colorways.
The rest of the MAMBI stacks:
 Craft Smith Silver Foil:
 Those are actually silver foil, not black.
DCVW  Preppy Princess:
 I LOVE these, they are so cute!
Recollections "Sunlight Garden"
 I love the vintage images in this stack. The top back ones look like postcards.

Again with the vintage pictures
And the project life cards
Project Life Heidi Swap "Favorite Things":
 I love the florals in this collection, I'm not usually a fan of florals.
 Sorry about the horrible picture. I love the colors in this collection.
 Look at the cute banners.
 Project Life "Good Times"
 These are like chalkboard prints, they are all black with white writing on them. They actually look like someone photocopied them.
 I love the cupcake in this picture.
 And the floral in this one.
Project Life "Super Cute"
 This is my favorite, see the strawberries up there, there are so many 'super cute' designs, it's aptly named.

 Lastly, We R Memory Keepers "Hip Hip Hooray"
 As you can see, some of these are punched out.
And not only did she give me all these project life cards, she gave me doubles of every one. I love them all.

Thank you so much, Valerie.