Saturday, January 13, 2018

Another explosion box

When I showed my explosion box to a co-worker she commissioned me to make one for her niece.
close-up pictures,
 For the lid I put some circle paper as a background and cut the top piece from a journaling card. I covered the lip of the box with Dollar Tree cupcake washi. I added some birthday candle paper to the outside sides.
First layer opened:
Close-up of sides:
 I basically covered them all in this striped pink paper. I added this clear sticker to one side.
The other three sides I added some gymnastic stickers, my co-worker said her niece liked gymnastics.

 Here's the second box outside:
 I covered the top of the lid with this valentine cardstock, and spelled out 'make a wish' with stickers. I added some holographic washi to the lip, and some birthday cake paper to the sides.
Second box opened:
Close up of sides:
 I covered them with this flower paper. I added the 'good times' sticker and a balloon sticker.
 This side has a couple of kids from a journaling card.
 This side has a scrap of the birthday cake paper with a 'happy birthday' sticker.
 This last side has some candles with a 'blow out the candles' sticker that I cut apart to fit it on the side.
Inside box:
 I covered the top of the lid with pink paper and some stickers. I covered the lip with that pink striped paper and the lyrics of 'happy birthday'. I added some birthday word bubble paper to the sides.
Last box opened:
I realized I didn't really take a picture of the inside box open. 
I covered the sides with this circle paper.
 And added some stickers on each of the sides.
 this one has a 'celebrate' sticker and a cupcake sticker.
 this one says 'stay curious'
And the last one says 'hopes & dreams'
My co-worker loved it. She showed it to our director, who commissioned me to make one for a friend.
I'm loving doing these. I see more in my future.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Altered picture frame?

Honestly I don't know what to call this. It all started with a rubber giraffe I found in a parking lot.
I got this frame in a mystery box from an online store. I added some word paper to for the background. The hot air balloon is from the same paper pad. The 'welcome' die cut is on the top of the glass, I got it in a swap. The rubber giraffe is also on the top of the glass. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything to permanently affix it to the glass, I tried Goop, but it wouldn't stick, so I used some hot glue, but I can easily peel it off if I tried.
I wish I knew someone who was having a baby soon.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Alphabet tags: M, N, and O

Continuing on with my alphabet tags, we're at M, N, and O this time:
I covered the backgrounds with dictionary paper of the letters. I added the large blue letters to the tops. For M, I added a mushroom, milk, monkey and minion. N is a narwhal, Nemo, and nine. I had a hard time with N. O is an ostrich, octopus and owl.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 She took wooden tags as the background, added corrugated cardboard and then decorated them.
She also sent a ton of die cuts in the package:
 There were multiples of that strip that says Wishing you a merry Christmas

 She also sent me some washi:

Sunday, January 7, 2018

February Calendar Tag

It's Calendar Tag time again, this time it's February:
We're supposed to have a love or Valentine theme.
I covered the background with a heart patterned paper. I layered some pink paper and a heart doily on the top. I found the envelope in my stash, I layered the calendar on some pink paper and tucked it in the envelope. The tiny stamp ephemera I found in my stash. I put some ivory seam binding on the bottom, with some pink felt trim on top and some vintagey Valentiney looking ribbon on top.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 I love the vintagey/shabby chic look of this tag.
Here's the goodies she included:

Saturday, January 6, 2018

My first explosion box

One of my groups on facebook had an explosion box swap but the timing didn't work for me. I've been wanting to do one for awhile, so after watching one of the tutorials that was posted for the swap, I created one as a birthday gift for a friend.
The hardest part for me was figuring out the lids. Most of the videos I found had only one lid for the whole box, I find it's more fun to open each box separately.
Here's the top:
 I had to tweak it a little bit after taking pictures as the paper for the base of this ripped. The main card here is from a journaling card set from Hobby Lobby. I mounted it on some green floral paper and on the top of the box.
Side view of outside:
 I put some green checked paper on the lip of the box with some 'it's your birthday' washi tape.
First layer opened:
One side:
 I put some blue star paper with a pocket from that journaling card set.
 Again the blue star paper with a quote from a journaling card on some blue paper.
 More blue star paper with a shaker balloon from the journaling card set.
 And more blue star paper with part of a birthday card I got in a swap. The 'happy birthday' banner is from the same card.
Top of second box:
 I added two stickers: a balloon and a cupcake. I still felt it needed more, but I never figured out what, so I didn't put more on it.
The side:
 I added the banner washi to the lip. I added some 'happy birthday' paper all around the outside.
Close-ups of inside of box:
 I lined all the pieces with this weird black/white green patterned paper for the backgrounds. This piece is a cut apart from a paper pad.
 I added some present and cake stickers to this one.
 This is another cut apart from the paper pad.
 Some star stickers and a 'friendship' ticket sticker from Dollar Tree.
Second layer opened:
 Third box:
I added the raised giraffe sticker and the clear 'happy birthday' sticker.
Close-ups of sides:
 I layered the same green check paper that I used for the second box lid and the lip of the large box lid for the second layer. This 'tile' piece is an acetate piece that I layered on some white paper and some green paper.
 This is another cut apart from the paper pad.
 This one is the same as the other one.
 And another cut apart.
The box completely open:
These are addicting I like making them.
I took this to work to show off to almost everyone, one of my co-workers loved it so much, she commissioned me to make one for her 9 year old niece, I'll post that later this week. After making that one, she showed it to our director, who commissioned me to make one for her friend. Maybe I can get a whole snowball effect going on.
I bought a big stack of 12x12 cardstock to make bases for this, so I'm set for awhile.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Year Round Holiday paper clips

I signed up to create some year round holiday paperclips. I don't know why, because I never use the paperclips from these swaps, but I love getting them.
Here's the fronts:
 I don't have close-ups and of course the picture I took tonight turned out blurry, I have to start looking at them before packaging up my swaps.
New Years is a couple of champagne glasses on a square of champagne glittery paper on a black paperclip. Valentine's Day is a heart brad on a white paper clip. St. Patrick's Day is a rosette on a yellow paper clip. Mardi Gras is a circle with green, yellow and purple paper strips and green, gold, and purple gems on a purple paper clip. Easter is a puffy egg sticker on a pink paper clip. July 4th is a pinwheel sticker on a white paper clip. Halloween is a mummy sticker on a green paper clip. Thanksgiving is a pilgrim button on an orange paper clip. Christmas is a rectangle Santa sticker on a red paper clip.
Here are the backs:
New Year's has a gold button, Valentine's Day a black button, St. Patricks Day a green scalloped circle and a rainbow sticker, Mardi Gras a wooden button, Easter I covered the back of the sticker with paper and added a yellow button, July 4th an off white button, Halloween another mummy, Thanksgiving an orange button, Christmas another Santa sticker. We had to make 10 paper clips, so the last one was a freestyle, I put in this one that has sunflower bling on both sides on a green paper clip.
I hate leaving the backs of altered paperclips so you can just see the glue, so I always try to add something to make the back look a little cleaned up.
Here's what my partner sent me:
They look like clip art that she printed off. I think they are really cute. My favorites being the jar full of conversation hearts, and my name.