Saturday, April 21, 2018

Uplifting explosion box

I found this cute little book at the bookstore in January, and thought it would work great on an explosion box.
And here's the box I created with it:
This is going to be a long post. Outside:
 I used a sheet of clear stickers (Dollar Tree), layered them on white cardstock and popped them up with foam tape for all the lids. I chose some inspirational washi tape for the lid sides.
 Basically, I just cut the pages down so they would fit the box, the book was about 4.5" square.


 This one I used a rose paper as the background.
 This one has a pink patterned paper for the background.
 This has another of the rose paper.
 Lid of second box.

 Inside of second box:

 This one has blue paper layered.

 Again with the blue paper.
 Lid of third box:

 This page has the sunflower, it looked so sad and empty when I just cut the quote down, so I added it back.
 Inside third box:

I think it's a but busy with the quotes on the outsides of the box and the insides. As you can see in the pictures the quotes on the outsides of the box are hard to read when the lid is on the box. I'd love to peel them off and make another box, but I don't think they'd survive. I'd planned to put something encouraging in the middle box and put it on my desk at work, so when I have a bad day, I can just look at it, but it hasn't made it there yet.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Embellishment box

A lot of my facebook groups are doing these embellishment box swaps where you get this box, fill it up with embellishments, decorate the box and send it to a partner. I can't find the box that they require, but I did find a smaller one and was planning to create one for someone. One of the groups has a wish post where we fulfill other people's wishes and one person said she was bummed she missed the embellishment box swap, so I made one for her:
 This box is smaller than the other boxes which is why I didn't sign up for any of the swaps. I've also decided I'm not going to buy stuff to do swaps. I have way too much stuff and I'm not buying more just to participate in a swap. I've noticed some people make some of the embellishments they include and sometimes they just put in things to make embellishments, that's what I did.
I filled it up with buttons, beads, enamel dots, punches, wood veneer pieces, some confetti, some resin pieces, some sequins and some charms.
Here's the top of the box:
 I covered the top with this pretty floral paper, added the blue flower and these two rosettes I got in a swap. I also added the lady's name in some alphabet stickers.
The side:
I used two different laces on the side because it was wider in some points and slimmer on the front where the clasps were.
Here's how I packaged it up:
she also wanted lace and washi, so I included some of that. I made the card with a card blank from Hobby Lobby, some vintage lace, a die cut and a chip board sticker.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Alphabet tags V, W, X

Seems like I forgot to take a picture of these before I sent them. I'm so glad my partner took a picture when she received them.
 Again, I used the dictionary paper as background. V has velvet, a vampire and vanilla. W has Wonder Woman, a witch and a whale. X has a xylophone.  I had a really hard time with X, it looks like everyone else used X-ray, which I didn't even think about. The picture of the xylophone is also from the dictionary, so I layered it on some colored paper.
Here's what I received:
 And the extras:
Now, don't get me wrong, they're cute, but since one of them isn't even punched and the ribbon is too short to loop through the holes I'm a little disappointed. I shouldn't have to put things together that you're making and mailing me.
Only one set left.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Altered Paper clips

I signed up for an altered paper clip swap in one of my groups, the theme is butterflies. Here's what I made:
 I used a bunch of stickers to make them. The first one is actually some die cuts I got in a swap. The second one is a layered chipboard sticker I got in a swap. The third is a chipboard sticker from Target. The fourth is a sticker from Dollar Tree. The fifth is a glittery sticker from my stash. The sixth is a wooden sticker.
The backs:
I backed the first one with another die cut and most of the others with buttons. I backed the third one with some paper.
Here's what my partner sent me:
We had to send pictures before we were partnered (I don't care about that, but), and the first picture I sent was the top picture, the hostess asked me to do something more with the first paper clip because it looked pretty plain next to the others, so I added some bling to the middle. And to get the above back where they all look pretty plain, is kind of annoying.
The goodies:

Monday, April 9, 2018

Lavender and Green loaded bag

I signed up to make a Lavender and Green loaded bag in one of my groups. I'm not exactly sure why because this was after I made the St. Patrick's Day loaded bag and I found out then I didn't have a ton of green stuff, which is weird cause it's my favorite color.
Anywho, here's what I made:
 I found some green paper in my stash and covered the front and back with it. This side has the pocket and I just layered some purple lace with a bit of green ribbon at the bottom. The flowers on the top are wood, I added some purple glitter glue for their centers. The ones are the bottom are foam, I added some green sequins and purple glitter glue to them. I added some green chipboard flowers from Target and the 'happy spring' piece.
The back:
 I needed some extra color, so I added the yellow flowers, I layered two different flowers, put green buttons in the middles with some purple gems. I added some purple flower trim to the bottom. I also added a purple bird to the top.
 I had bought some M&M's and filled two tiny bags with purple and green ones. I added some die cuts, an activity pad, a paper clip and some stickers to the bag.
Wrapped up:
I found the green tissue paper in my stash and wrapped it up with some more of the purple lace. I felt bad I didn't have a lot of goodies in the bag, I added these purple and green decorative scissors to the package.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 The goodies:
I think it's beautiful. Way more lavendery and greeny than mine. For some reason I couldn't just make lavender and green. I think the one I was sent is more grown up looking and mine's more childish. Or I just think things that people make me are way cooler than what I make.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring Flower loaded bag

I signed up for a Spring Flower loaded bag in one of my groups. Here's what I made:
 I covered the front and back with this vintagey looking flower paper and some flower washi. I added a paper flower and a gem to the middle of it. I included some flower paper clips and tags.
The back:
 I added a fabric flower and some trim.
The goodies:
I included some paper straws, flower embellishments, paper pads, napkins and paper to the bag.
Here's what my partner sent to me:
 The goodies:
 These are from the bag under the blue/pink hello tag
 These are from the bag under the red tag: