Wednesday, June 20, 2018

July calendar tag

I had a hard time with this too. I think it's because I wanted to do something that wasn't red, white and blue, but in the end I couldn't think of anything else.
I used a red and white striped paper for the background. I saw the pom pom trim on my desk and had to add that with some bling on top. The stars are toothpicks from another swap. The stickers at the top are from another swap as well. Funny thing is, I bought some 4th of July stickers at JoAnn's to use for this and then didn't. I also wanted to use the blue lace and chose it for the tassel.
Here's what my partner created:
I like how she went with summer instead of red, white and blue. I wish I could have done that. This is one of my favorites this year.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Pocket letter tag

I'm having a hard time being creative lately. I had to make a pocket letter for a tag on my group.
 I used a background I had done already, added some striped paper and these cute epoxy stickers I found in my stash.
The goodies:
 stickers, paper scraps, sticky notes, washi samples, stamped images
The back:
Thought I'd put something different in the back.
Here's what I received in return:
 It's a little plain. Basically it's black and white paper with stickers on the outside of the pockets.
The back:

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Red, white and blue pocket letter

I signed up to do a Red, White and Blue pocket letter in one of my groups. Here's what I made:
 I had a hard time with this one, I'm not sure why, my first idea was to have some blue paper as a background as well, but it just didn't look right. So, I took the red/white striped paper and added some blue paper to the tops of it. I basically scrounged up all the patriotic stuff I had and combined it on here. The pinwheels at the top I made with stickers and toothpicks, I thought the cards looked a little bland so I added the red, white and blue bling to the bottom. The USA is a diecut someone sent me.
The second row I just added some stickers. The third row has some stickers, a rosette I received in a swap and some stamps I picked up at a garage sale.
The goodies:
 Stickers, a sequins mix I created, some die cuts, a paper clip, some stamps, a magnet and some washi.
I'm still doing the backing them in another paper. I just have way too much paper and I don't think I'll ever use it all.
What my partner sent me:
The goodies:

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

envelope card

I made an envelope card for my boss for her birthday.
Here it is closed:
 And open:
She likes elephants, so I included a lot of elephant things i got in swaps recently and some stickers I had.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Altered Clipboard

I signed up for a different swap in one of my groups. We had to take a large clipboard and alter it. Here's mine:
I was going to go with a Paris theme, but I signed up for a Paris themed tag later in the summer and I don't have a ton of Paris items. The background paper and the girl did come from Parisian themed paper pad, though. That was all I had for my plan, then I added the cloud paper to the top to fill it in and the hot air balloons. I liked the extra texture of the jeweled flowers at the bottom. I didn't know what else to do with it, so I hot glued the paper pad in the middle. I like how it turned out. It's a bit flat, but if someone's actually using it as a clipboard with paper, I didn't want to put too much dimension on it.
Here's what my partner sent:

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Pocket Letter Tag

I signed up for a pocket letter tag in my new group. Here's what I made:
 I already had the background ready. She said she liked quotes, to I went through all my journaling cards and picked out 9 that I thought had good quotes.
The goodies:
 ephemera, stickers, canvas hearts, sticky notes.
The back:
She also said she liked butterflies.
Here's what I received:
 It's so beautiful. She said she read that I liked mermaids, so she went with that. The only downside is the glitter is coming off a bit, but I decided it will be upright in the binder, so it should be fine. LOVE IT!!!
The back:
This is one I didn't want to take apart, it's so beautiful!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Butterfly swap

I signed up for a swap where we had to make a card with a butterfly on it and send 10 butterflies to our partner.
Here's what I made:
 Apparently I'm in a pink phase. The background is a journaling card that I cut down, I added the strip of paper, the die cut and the butterfly stickers.
Here are the butterflies I sent:
 some die cuts, journaling cards, stickers and a napkin.
Here's what I got:
 So many butterflies. There's tons, I don't have a picture of them out of their bags because there is so many.
I did use a few to create a card for a co-worker who's leaving the library:
She's going to chase butterflies, so I thought it was fitting. I wish I had a 'good luck' sentiment to add to the bottom.