Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Pocket letters

Here are my latest pocket letters.
This one I basically just cleaned off my desk.
The background papers are just scraps from the desk. I added some stickers and cut aparts and some die cuts to the cards. I also added some ribbon on the second row.
The goodies:
I included some tea, stickers, sequins, ribbon, gems and washi.
The back:
I'm still trying to get rid of my large paper supply.
Second pocket letter, I went with a 4th of July theme. There was a swap that I wanted to sign up for, but didn't get to it. When someone said they wanted to swap some pocket letters I said I was interested, she said I could pick the theme.
 I used a lot of things from a red, white and blue swap I was in: the trim, background papers, stickers on the second row. The stickers that have a white background are from JoAnn's from last year. The clear stickers are from Hobby Lobby.
The goodies:
 I included some of the gems I used, some paper clips (because I have tons of those), more of the white background stickers, some washi, some of the trim, some scraps of the paper I used, some of the clear stickers and some random things.
The back:
This is from a paper pad that had all the seasons from Hobby Lobby.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Random stuff I made

So, it's been awhile since I posted stuff, here's what I've been up to.
Card sketch:
pistachio cheesecake:
random card:
The theme was your choice. I got these paper scraps in a swap and thought they'd work great for a swap, the die cuts are from Tuesday Morning.
Altered project life cards:
I signed up for a swap where I was to alter 8 project life cards. These are 3x4 size. I basically picked some I wouldn't miss and added some die cuts and gems and did a little coloring. The first one has the 'thank you' die cut and gems added, the second I added the pink frame and clipboard piece, the third has the flower punch and the wonderful die cut, the fourth has the 'follow your dream' piece that I drew the purple and colored it in with pink.
These are 4x6 size. I added the mason jar and sea elements, this one has everything but the diamond added, the third has the yellow frame the 'rise and shine' piece and the stars, the fourth one, I added some sparkly paper with burlap ribbon and the 'cheers' piece.
Lemon cheesecake:
Card sketch:
This one was for a gate fold, the card is folded back on itself (kinda like a gate).
Black and white art:
I had a hell of time with this one, I finally ended up putting some black washi on an index card, flipped a flower punch over (because it was red on one side) and added a bunch of punches.

Friday, June 28, 2019


I'm not good at making cards, but I keep signing up for swaps for practice.
Owl card:
 I took out all my owl die cuts and decided on this one, because I wanted it to fit most of the card. Found the background in my die cuts as well. I glued him on to it and spelled out 'hello' with some letters and foam tape.
Button card:
 I couldn't find my button stash, so just used some printed wooden ones I got in a swap last month.
I had to make a few birthday cards for friends.
 This one I used a couple washi tapes for the backgrounds, layered some paper and some balloons from a premade card to it.
This one was already done, I had it from a card kit a while back.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

pocket letters

I keep thinking I should make more pocket letters, they are so fun, but don't require a ton of effort.
This one I went with a wild animal theme, mostly because the stickers and the paper were on my desk.
 It started with the cheetah print paper, but I didn't have enough to do the full 9 pockets, so I also went with the map paper (got it in the same swap as the cheetah paper), and added the scaley paper to the mix. As I was adding the 3D stickers, I decided they needed a little something to separate them from the backgrounds, so added some map paper and some green paper.
The goodies:
 I added some more wild animal stickers, some washi, some goodies, and some of the paper and stickers I used.
Then back:
 I know it doesn't go with the theme, but sometimes I just grab random paper and use it. I have too much paper, I mostly add the backs just to use up paper.
 This one was again the stuff I had on my desk. I had the egg wraps (middle row) and the ribbon. I chose some papers to go with them, and used a lot of the layered stickers from Dollar Tree. The top row has some paper that looks like doily bunting. I added some heart stickers to the top and middle rows.
The goodies:
 I added some of the paper I used, some stickers, some of the egg wraps, some bling, some punchouts, some planner stickers and a roll of washi.
Close-up of the washi:
It's really thin, and has feathers on it.
The back:
This one goes more with the front paper.


Flower ATC:
 I mostly just used scraps from my desk. The flower image came from a vintage book page and the piece on the top is a sticker.
 This one has a background of washi, I just added a couple stickers on top.
Bicycle ATCs
 I basically just started by going through my paper pads and looked for bicycles. The top one was from a metallic treated paper pad, I just added the washi to the top of it. The bottom one, the bicycle was cut from some cutaparts, I added some butterfly punches to the top of it.
Birthday ATCs
The top one has some clear stamps with some washi. The bottom one has a paint chip card as the background, I stamped the birthday phrase on a die cut and added some stickers to the bottom.

Friday, June 21, 2019


I'm not great at making cards, but I keep signing up for card swaps. Here are some cards I made recently. And these are in backwards order, because that's how I was looking through my folders.
Made this one for a friend going through a hard time:
 Basically I took apart a card for the tree/girl image, I attached her to a book page background, and added the bible quote on top.
This is a balloon card:
 I used some clear stickers from Hobby Lobby, I put them on some white cardstock and cut them out. I just added them to a card back from Hobby Lobby.
Monster card:
 I just layered some patterned paper and stickers.
O themed card:
 For some reason I couldn't think of a good o theme, so just went with orange. I layered some patterned paper, some orange washi and stamped a sentiment on top.
Random card:
 I layered some scraps that were on my desk, a playing card and a clear sticker that was was on some white cardstock.
This is a Use what you get card:
 My partner sent me the bunny die cut, I added it to a purple circle and some patterned paper. I stamped a couple more rabbits on the paper and added a sticker to the top.
Bee card:
 I just added the diecuts and stickers on some patterned paper.
Spring notecard:
 I had these flower punchouts that I just layered on a card blank.
Spring notecard:
 Another flower piece, I layered it on a card blank with some think bee washi.
Spring notecard:
 I added the butterfly sticker to a purple doily diecut and that on a colored doily diecut and all that on a card blank.
Spring notecard:
This is my second try on the flowerpot card. I used a peachy cardstock for the pot (kinda thinking a terra cotta pot), with some lace for the rim. The flowers started as yellow diecuts, but they looked kinda blah, so I added some different colored die cuts to it.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Butterfly card

Signed up for a butterfly card swap, I admit I made this card for a pink swap awhile ago.
 I used a polka dot background, a journaling card, a die cut and some trim.
We also had to include 5 butterfly die cuts:
And here's what I received:
 Two beautiful butterfly cards,
and a bunch of die cuts: