Friday, September 23, 2016

Not the best day

My day started out pretty shitty. Last night we had a pretty big rain storm that just kinda sat over Ames for the whole night. When I got up this morning, I put my feet down in a puddle, this one to be exact:
 And at the end of my bed, there was actually standing water:
 You can see it's not so wet here from the doorway:
 A close-up of the end of my bed:
 And looking into my closet:
It wasn't the greatest thing to wake up to, but after seeing that some people had 5+ inches, I feel a bit better that it wasn't worse. I did read on Facebook that someone's basement collapsed because of all the rain.
It was mostly because we got so much in so little of a time. I read this morning we got anywhere from 4.25 to 7 inches, depending on where you were in the city. It sounded like downtown (where I am) got the brunt of it.
I got to run away to work this afternoon. I love that about work, if you want to get away from your personal life, you just go to work. Of course your personal life is still there when you get back. Thankfully mine had gotten much better. It turned out the massive amount of rain was too much for the sump pump, so once we got that started again, it sucked a lot of the water out. Looking at my bedroom floor right now, it's hard to see what is wet, and what isn't. It's still pretty damp on top, and I'm sure plenty wet underneath. But, it's just stuff, none of my important stuff, like electronics, movies, books or library books were on the floor, so that's good. I did lose a shoebox full of pocket letter inserts for my art, as you can see in that last picture. That's what I'm most bummed about, I had some project life cards, and some Paper Studio cards in there that I really wanted to use, but I don't think it's worth it to try and dry them.
I'd love some healing thoughts sent my way.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wish Granted

CraftyLori on Youtube puts up a video each Monday called Let the Wishing begin where you can go and put two wishes in the comments and someone else can grant. I love wishing and granting other people's wishes.
A few weeks ago, I wished for cut aparts (in some 12x12 paper packs, there is a sheet of cards to cut apart). I had another lovely lady grant my wish for those. Jody is Jody Home and Heart on Youtube, she sent me a cute little package of cut aparts:
 Baby themed:
 I think these are so cute, I don't have a baby, and don't know of anyone who's having one soon, but I really like these.
 Also, really cute
And blue:

Once again, I don't know what I'll do with them, but I still love them. Thanks again, Jody.

Wish Granted

CraftyLori on Youtube puts up a video each Monday called Let the Wishing begin where you can go and put two wishes in the comments and someone else can grant. I love wishing and granting other people's wishes.
A few weeks ago, I wished for die cuts, I had a lovely lady grant my wish. Deanna is PaperLove on YouTube, she granted my wish for die cuts and sent me a great package:
 Here is the tiny card that was included:
 She made one of those altered file folders and stuffed it with goodies for me:
 And the inside:
 The first pocket had papers:
 The second pocket had the die cuts:
 I don't know what I'll do with all them, but I'm sure I'll put them to good use (or hoard them).
This is my favorite one:
 Another pocket had some journaling cards:
 The last pocket had stickers:
Thank you so much, Deanna, I love it all.

I have a feeling, they will be more likely to be hoarded than used

Catching up

I seem to be doing this a lot on both of my blogs. I am now moved in and have a craft space, but I am finding it very hard to be creative, I don't know why. So, how about a few things people have made for me?
I signed up for an ATC swap through one of my FB groups before my move. Sadly, I don't have pictures of the ones I made, but here's what I got in return:
This one is from Ronnie. I love the vintage feel of it. Also, sadly, I don't know where these are at the moment.
This is a nice fall one from Michele:
 and the goodies she sent me:
These next two pictures came in the same envelope, from Tammi. The cards she sent me:
 And some goodies:
 Shortly before I moved, I created a birthday card for a friend. The outside:
 And the inside:
 This is an ATC I created:
 And a few tags from after I moved;

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

As you probably know, I'm moving soon, so if you're going to be sending me anything, please email me so I can get you a correct address.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Birthday flip book

My penpal’s birthday is on the 15th, so I made her a flip book. 
The papers are out of a 6x6 paper pack I got in a swap years ago. The pink plaid tape is from the Dollar Tree. I didn’t like how the letters looked by themselves, they blended into the background, so I outlined them with ink. I also didn’t have any cake stickers or ephemera, so I printed some offline.  I apparently got a smudge on the top of the paper when I was outlining the letters, so I added the flower sticker to cover it up.
 After you flip the front to the left:
 I had received some We R Memories pocket pages for my birthday, I believe they were a birthday pack. The green dot washi is Tape Works from JoAnn’s. The cupcake ribbon is also from JoAnn’s.
The birthday girl piece was something I found in my stash.
 When you flip the first page up:
 This card I got at a garage sale, I added a few rose stickers to it.
Again, flipping the card up:
 The sweet sticker is from the Dollar Tree.
Flipping the next card up:
 The flower envelope I received in a pocket letter, it has stamped tags in it. The card on the bottom has some bling I got in a swap.
And when you flip that one up:
 These sticky notes came in my package on Friday. I also added this rose sticker to the bottom, it was in the same pack at the stickers on the back of the first flip.
The right page:
 These are Project Life cards I got at Hobby Lobby. The washi is Scotch brand from Target. The pink gems are from Hobby Lobby. The striped gold washi is from the dollar spot at Target. The polka dot ribbon I got in a swap.
When you flip the first card:
 These I got in swaps. I don’t use glitter or sequins, I know my penpal was looking for sequins. The striped washi is from the dollar spot at Target
When you flip the next card:
 I lined it with some washi from the dollar spot at Target. This card was a postcard.
When you flip the next card:
 Another flowered envelope from the same pocket letter. There are a couple of my ATCs in it, she had asked if I would send her some ATCs. I also added a puffy cupcake sticker to the right card.
When you flip this card to the right:
 Close-up of the middle:
 This sticker is from a set of chipboard stickers I got at a garage sale. It was too bulky, so I took off most of the chipboard to thin it out. I think this page is a little flat, but seeing as how the others are not flat, I think it’s ok.
The right page:
 These cards are from the Project Life starter kit I picked up at Hobby Lobby. These gems are from the same pack as the ones on the other side of this page. The washi here is from the dollar spot in Target.
When you flip this one open:
 I added some black lace washi to the top to cover up something and then added her name on top of that. I added a whole bunch of cake stickers to this. The large cupcake is from Hobby Lobby, the rest are Susan Branch stickers. On the right side, I added a few paper bags I got in a pocket letter with a mini clothespin I got in my birthday haul. The fairy sticker I picked up a few years ago in Decorah, IA.
When you flip this:
 This piece I got in a pocket letter. I created a pocket on the other side with half a project life card I picked up at a garage sale. There are some frame stickers and thought bubble stickers in it.
When you flip it:
 These sticky notes I got in a pocket letter. The stickers are from an activity book I picked up at the Dollar Tree. The washi is from the package I received on Friday.
I had a sticker with this quote on it, but it didn't go with the book at all, so I just used some alphas to recreate the quote. I stamped the handmade with love, the stamp was from the Dollar Tree.
Go here to see Linda's reaction to it, and what else I sent her.

While I was making this, I noticed how some washi is stickier than others. I’ve also learned which I like better. I didn’t realize the Dollar Tree washi is a thicker paper tape, I’m not sure I really like it. I don’t know if it will hold on the front page.
I love the variety of washi that Target puts in it’s dollar spot, but I don’t like that it’s not very sticky. I had to add some glue dots to hold one of the last flips down.
I like Hobby Lobby washi, I didn’t use any of that here. JoAnn’s washi is really sticky. I have a roll of light pink, that leaves some of it’s stickiness behind when it’s peeled off the roll. I didn’t have that issue with the green dot tape.
I also love the Scotch tape I picked up, I picked it up on clearance in Target one day. I would look into buying more of that. I also have quite a few rolls from a small art store in a town close to here. I don’t know where the owner gets it, but it holds really well. I used to think that the tape at Hobby Lobby was expensive, then I realized that I usually pay $3.99 (about, I’m not sure, I haven’t bought washi there for awhile) at this store or 4 for $10. At Hobby Lobby they are usually $3.99 or $4.99 for two rolls.
I really need more solid color washi. There were a couple places I wished I had a solid black and had to improvise with what I did have.

I’m also really bad at not using my washi and hoarding it. But, from what I’ve seen around the internet, I’m not the only one.

If you've noticed I've used a lot of Project Life cards for flip books, sometimes for the smaller ones, here, here and here.
I think my favorites are using them as flips in the larger size flip books. I think I really like the 6x6 size flip books the best too. I also really like creating the flip book, not filling it with goodies. I send along goodies, I just don't really like to put them in the flip book. I will admit, I put so many flips in this one, I had a hard time figuring out how to decorate them all.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Project Life Birthday Flip Book

 Friday, was one of my supervisor's birthday, I guess I've been a little wrapped up in my life to pay attention to the birthday sheet. She was saying she loved these little Project Life flipbooks, so I made her one.
I could not sleep last night, most likely because I drank a Mountain Dew about 10pm, plus there was a concert going on a few blocks away. So, instead of staring at the ceiling, I decided to create.
Here's the front:
This is actually a pocket page I got in my birthday haul, go here to see that. The binding washi is from stuff I bought Friday, check that out here. The pink polka dot washi is also from a Friday haul.
I feel I need to add a little something 3D to this. I added some lace to the bottom
When you flip it up:
The butterfly was from my birthday haul. On the trip from my craft closet to my kitchen to take a picture, I lost a sticker that says wonderful, it goes right underneath the butterfly. I'm still not sold on this one, but I left it as is
The bottom is a PL card, I did add a strip of the pink polka dot washi to the top.
When you flip the bottom down:
 The sticker on the middle card is from the Dollar Tree, I added a darker pink piece of paper underneath the roses. The bottom card has a birthday sticker and some cupcake washi that I layered on some white cardstock to help them pop out.
When you flip the middle to the left:
 I changed the pink polka dot washi to a darker pink polka dot washi, it was a thicker washi, so I cut it in half and put the other half on the card to the right. I had a chipboard sticker for the cupcake, but it would not stay stuck down, so I switched to this one, it's from Hobby Lobby. The washi says It's your birthday, it's from Dollar tree.
When you flip the middle to the right:
 I love that right card. The doily came from a kit I bought on Friday. The sticker is a mason jar with flowers that says Live Simply. I love how it came together. The middle card, I added a Dollar Tree sticker to it.
I've been getting double use out of my layered stickers. Most off them are the same pieces just layered on each other with foam tape, so I just peel off the top layer and the foam tape and get extra pieces out of them. I actually got the idea from coupontoprovide on YouTube.
Here's the back:
I need a nice label to add to my backs so I can stamp the handmade with love on them. That stamp is from the Dollar Tree.