Thursday, January 28, 2010

Made my day

Sandy left this comment on my blog today:

"I can handle bright and cheery colours - we've got snow squalls at the moment and it feels like forever since it's been warm.

I'm a Central College Pella Iowa alumni but it's been a couple of decades. Please enter me in your draw and thanks for entering in mine. I love meeting new people and reading their blogs. It's like permissible evesdropping."

I love her last sentence, I thought that was pretty funny today.

UGH! I'm supposed to be making cards for my yahoo! groups latest swap, Black & White, but I'm having the hardest time getting motivated. What gets everyone going when they have to make stuff but can't get motivated?

I find sometimes, if I just open my closet door (yes, my creating space is a closet, very sad), and get everything out for my swap, then it comes to me. Sometimes when I'm creating packets for my yahoo! group, I can see certain cards I'm going to make. Like for this one, theres a piece of white paper with black and white circles all over it, recently I bought myself a bag of mixed buttons (big weakness there) because they had all these bright and happy colors, I think one of the cards will have these buttons in the circles.

Monday, January 25, 2010

One World One Heart

***EDIT*** Comments on this post are now closed as of 12:00AM this morning. Any posted after that will not count. Winner of the surprise/paper package is Micki, Winner of the box of supplies is Jules, and Winner of the handmade/altered item is martha brown. Please contact me ASAP, and I will get those items out to you.

Welcome everyone to white, windy Iowa. I hope you brought your warm clothing, because you'll need it. Take a look around my blog and make yourself at home.

So, as I'm sitting here in very cold Iowa (I was informed not so long ago that we have a Blizzard Warning going on until tomorrow morning), I found I could hope on a magic carpet ride to greener pastures. I follow the blog of one of the ladies in my collageATCs Yahoo! Group, and found out about this event called a One World One Heart Blog event. It's a way to get more people to check out your blog and one of them will win something.

I've been meaning to do a give-away for awhile now, so while reading other people's blogs, I thought I'd hope on the magic carpet.

The rules are that you have to have an active blog and leave a comment on THIS POST ONLY in between now (11:00 PM Jan 25, 2010) and midnight (that's 12:00 AM) February 14th. I will be using a random number generator to pick the winner. Make sure you leave me your email address or your blog address, so I can contact you if you're the winner. The winner will need to reply back to me by February 18th at noon (12:00 PM), if I haven't heard from them by then, I will pick a new winner.

I'm not sure what I'm giving away but it will be something in bright cheery colors. I'm going to at least have a package of handmade paper (I bought some this past week, and they are gorgeous). If I get past 100 comments I will add more.
***EDIT*** I have over 100 comments, so I'm doing a second giveaway. My craft closet is a giant mess, and I'm going to attempt to clean it out. Soooo, I will be giving away a box (probably the $10 flat rate Priority Mail box) full of supplies, like papers, gently used stamps, stickers, fibers, fabric, maybe even some things to alter/create with, beads. Whatever I decide I can live without. Doesn't that sound like some thing fun? But I have to get over 100 comments on this post, I have 59 right now, and I'm in the process of visiting all the blogs on Lisa's list (I'm at 200 of 700 last I checked), so most likely it will happen.
***EDIT AGAIN*** Now I have over 200 comments, so I'm doing a third giveaway (can you see a pattern here, I'm planning on doing an extra giveaway for every 100 comments I get, and I'm pretty close to 300). This one will be a piece that I make/alter. I honestly have no idea what it will be, but as I'm planning on not having a lot to do tomorrow (except shoveling snow), I will be working on art all (or most) of the day.

Now, if you've stuck with me that long, here's a little information about me.
Right now it is very cold and snowy in Iowa, We had a big snowstorm at the beginning of December (over a foot) and that snow is still here. I'm getting very sick of gray and white.
I'm in between school and a full-time job, though I have 3 part-time jobs right now that I'm happy with. And between the 3 of them I still have time to hang out with my boyfriend and create art.
If you look at previous posts on this blog, you will notice I am mainly a paper artist. I own/host a group on Yahoo! that does collage art ATCs. ATCs are Artist Trading Cards, they are the size of business cards and usually created according to a theme.
I am trying to branch myself out into other art, but I seem to be stuck in a rut.
I have quite a few sewing projects that I'm in the middle of. Someday I hope to finish them and maybe sell some embroidery pieces in the future.
I also have another blog, The Life of Me where I talk about pretty much everything except my art. I have three other blogs as well, but I've found more exciting things in my life than posting pictures of good looking guys and good looking cars, though I'm still interested in the good looking cars.

And at this point in time, my guinea pig is sitting on my lap, licking my fingers and "talking" telling me it's time to go to bed.