Thursday, January 28, 2010

Made my day

Sandy left this comment on my blog today:

"I can handle bright and cheery colours - we've got snow squalls at the moment and it feels like forever since it's been warm.

I'm a Central College Pella Iowa alumni but it's been a couple of decades. Please enter me in your draw and thanks for entering in mine. I love meeting new people and reading their blogs. It's like permissible evesdropping."

I love her last sentence, I thought that was pretty funny today.

UGH! I'm supposed to be making cards for my yahoo! groups latest swap, Black & White, but I'm having the hardest time getting motivated. What gets everyone going when they have to make stuff but can't get motivated?

I find sometimes, if I just open my closet door (yes, my creating space is a closet, very sad), and get everything out for my swap, then it comes to me. Sometimes when I'm creating packets for my yahoo! group, I can see certain cards I'm going to make. Like for this one, theres a piece of white paper with black and white circles all over it, recently I bought myself a bag of mixed buttons (big weakness there) because they had all these bright and happy colors, I think one of the cards will have these buttons in the circles.


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting following OWOH instead of writing. I need to bring 4 new pages of a novel to a group tomorrow. I'll try your technique and close myself in here. Hope it works.

Sam said...

hmmm - I have a bit more trouble when I sit at my desk because it it SOOOO messy that I don't know where to begin!!

Irene said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one working in a closet. I following blogs today instead of cleaning my studio, which has been invaded by Christmas boxes. Yes Christmas. My studio is in the basement of our home and I had a nightmare one night that it flooded, hence my paper arts are in an upstairs closet, "who believes in dreams anyway" If you haven't stopped by my OWOH do so, I'm #398

Jaye said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog in OWOH. I saw your comment/post about lack of inspiration. I saw a great black and white coffee pot/cup combination. I'll post it to my blog next week, Tuesday, perhaps in hopes of sharing some inspiration with you.
My blog is at

Lisa said...

I had to comment on this one as well (venturing around from OWOH) - I laughed at that last sentence, too!

And how ironic - I just blogged about using my sewing machine...on the FLOOR. Just goes to show you we all creat where we can. :)


littlepurpleroom said...

My dear husband built me a little studio out of our storeroom. All new flooring, trim and paint. Tables and shelves. Not rubbing it in, but I just have to sing his praises a bit.
Before that I would drag stuff out and claim the kitchen table, then have to put it all away to cook and eat, then drag it back out.
That in itself would squash my creative mood. So anywhere you can claim as your own space is wonderful. Even a corner of the living room.

If I am stuck, I love to just pull out some stuff, especially if it is new stuff and just hold it and rub it and look at it. Then lay it next to something else. Throw it in a little pile and look at it. That usually gets me going.
Or I will google something like "black and white" and start looking at pics on other blogs or sites.
I also go to other bloggers that I enjoy and see what they have been up to.
If I am working on jewelry, I may see a color combo I never thought of. Of a new use for a piece of a map for a mixed media piece.
And this gets the juices flowing.

And then again, walking away from it all can be the way to go.
Hitch up the dogs and go for a walk. Free your mind.
I get so involved at times I lose sight of the big picture and clearing my head can bring me back to where I need to be.

I too am a messy crafter, painter. I get so involved in the process I cannot clean as I go. So I am trying to set aside 30 minutes a day just for cleaning. I actually hung a sign up that says "It's noon, do you know where your tools are"? (I am always losing my scissors,pliers,glasses,and glue)