Monday, October 31, 2011


So, I'm hating blog with embedded comments. You know those ones that when you click on the post, or post a comment, it goes to a page with the post and then the box for the comments at the end. For some reason, when I go to post a comment, after I type in my comment, I've had to copy my comment, because when I click on Google Account, it goes to a page saying my current account is not authorized to view this page, click here to log into another account. So, I log back in with my google account, and then I see my comment with my avatar picture and the word verification. After typing the word verification, and pushing publish I go back to the page about not being authorized to view that page. I log in again with my google account, and finally my comment is published.

Is anyone else having this trouble, and would anyone know how to fix it? It's becoming annoying, and I want to leave comments a little more quicker. Now, I'm not having any problems with the blogs that when you click to post a comment, it takes you to a full page of comments, or the little pop up page.

Any help would be great.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Cards

This month, the theme for my CollageATCs Yahoo group was Fall. I generally don't make mine until I get the other group members and then I can get inspiration from them. Well, I've had my craft stuff all other my floor for awhile, so I figured I'd just go for it. Here they are:
I got ideas for the two on the left from the cards found below. For the third card, I found the brown sparkly leaf on my floor and based everything off that. Everything but the leaf was from the collage pack.

This card inspired the brown card above. I thought about doing a pennant like theme with the leaves being the pennants. All the leaves are from the packet, and the word is from some stickers I bought. Unfortunately my word stickers must be kinda old because I am having the worst time getting the sticker to stay. I found the above pennant card in the 2011 January/February issue of Papercrafts magazine.

The sunflower card was inspired by this one. I like how I paired the golden colors together. The sunflower is the only piece from the packet. I also found the bird card in the 2011 Jaunary/February issue of Papercrafts. In the magazine, it's a color challenge, but I loved the sketch for the card, so I just went from there.

Next month's theme is buttons.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Button swap

I signed up to do a button swap through the blog, Button Floozies. My partner was Victoria of Things I learn from Bear. We had to decorate an Altoids tin and fill it with buttons and send it off to our partner. Here's what I sent her:
The top is decorated with some metallic papers. Starting in the lower left hand corner and going diagonally up, here are the embellishments: a metallic fabric flower with a faux pearl flower in the middle; a coppery/fabricy flower with faux pearl beads in the middle; and a flower pin that I trimmed the back off of.

My favorite thing to do lately is cover things in dictionary paper, so that's what I did with the sides and the bottom of the tin.

I just looked through my pictures and realized I never took a picture of the buttons I sent Victoria, oops.

Here's what I got from Victoria:

A beautiful button necklace with a nice orange flower, and my Altoids tin. I believe she decorated it with popourri, it smells so nice.

And here are the buttons I got

These are my favorite buttons:

I love the green ones, cause they're green, love the sparkly ones cause they're sparkly. The big one in the front is my favorite, its some kind of plastic that's been worn on the light parts. The bigger metal one is really heavy.

Thank you Victoria.

Check out other tins and buttons from this swap here.

Grandma's Birthday

This past Saturday(10/15) was my grandma's 95th birthday, here's what I made for her:

The layout for this card I got from an issue of Papercrafts magazine. I layered patterned paper that I cut with decorative edged scissors on the card. The green flower is a chipboard shape from my Secret Santa, it has a sticker that says "Time to make a wish" on it. There are 3 paper flowers with beads in the center as well.
Here's her present:
I started with a white wooden frame. I painted it blue, and then added dictionary pages to it. I then spritzed it with a shimmery yellow spray. The buttons on the side, the glass heart and the button in the middle all match in color. The "9" and "5" are chipboard shapes that were painted a moss green. The flower was also misted with the shimmery yellow spray.

Monday, October 3, 2011

New projects

What have I been doing lately? Or what have I realized I need to get done, now that it's October?
I signed up for a Pretty Pennants swap on one of my Yahoo groups, and realized it needed to be in the hostesses hands by Oct 15th. Last time I posted it, I hadn't quite decided on the edges.
I tried doing some embroidery that waved sort of like ric rac, but it did not look good. Then I remembered these nice tiny trims I got a t a yard sale and attached them.
And once again, blogger has deleted one of them, the third one has little tiny flowers for the trim. Now I need to figure out how to finish the back, take care of the fraying on the top edge and figure out a way to hang them. I have a piece of quilt batting on the backs of them to give them more support, but I still need to actually finish the back and add my information. I think I might just add eyelets for the hanging part. I also realized how empty the top third now looks, but I think the front is actually done.

Next up, I have to do one more ATC for my Yahoo group for last month, the theme was Kawaii, and I have to say it's really not inspiring me.

You totally can't tell that that blob is a cat, I embellished the flower that's on his head.
Here are my other member's cards:

I also have to finish my Altoids box for a button swap I'm doing, and put together the fall packets for my Yahoo group. Sometimes procrastination is not good at all.

What projects are you all working on?