Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Cards

This month, the theme for my CollageATCs Yahoo group was Fall. I generally don't make mine until I get the other group members and then I can get inspiration from them. Well, I've had my craft stuff all other my floor for awhile, so I figured I'd just go for it. Here they are:
I got ideas for the two on the left from the cards found below. For the third card, I found the brown sparkly leaf on my floor and based everything off that. Everything but the leaf was from the collage pack.

This card inspired the brown card above. I thought about doing a pennant like theme with the leaves being the pennants. All the leaves are from the packet, and the word is from some stickers I bought. Unfortunately my word stickers must be kinda old because I am having the worst time getting the sticker to stay. I found the above pennant card in the 2011 January/February issue of Papercrafts magazine.

The sunflower card was inspired by this one. I like how I paired the golden colors together. The sunflower is the only piece from the packet. I also found the bird card in the 2011 Jaunary/February issue of Papercrafts. In the magazine, it's a color challenge, but I loved the sketch for the card, so I just went from there.

Next month's theme is buttons.

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