Saturday, February 13, 2016


It has been way too long since I created anything or posted on here. I admit, I just haven't been inspired to make anything. Part of that is that my closet where I keep all my craft supplies is rather cold and my apartment temperature does not rise much over 66 degrees. I did get a space heater for Christmas, but I also haven't been inspired to make anything, I think my muse took a winter vacation.
I did want to make valentines, though. Sadly, I got a cold at the end of last week and I have been very tired because of that. But, I wanted to make some and Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and today I was working, so I wanted to get them distributed before work today.
At first, I made some valentines rocks. I don't have pictures of those, so just picture some small rocks with hearts painted on them in red, pink, purple and blue. I relearned what I learned last year, I'm not good at free-handing hearts. Even when I cut them out of paper, they turn out kinda wonky.
Anyways, I always wanted to make something more creative, but I thought I'd only get the rocks done because it was Friday night and I hadn't started anything else.
I started with some blank tags I had bought for a project in the past and chose some paper to add as backgrounds. When I was pulling out things to embellish with, I realized I hadn't covered any in red paper, so I improvised a couple. I didn't buy anything for these, at least not specifically for these.
 Starting at the top left corner:
This top row, the background is a transfer of paints, I really liked the purple color in it. The first one has a steampunk heart sticker on the top and some vintage trim layered with some purple flowers. The second one has a plaster-ish heart, it originally had the words Just Married printed on it (I bought a package of wedding picks on clearance a few weeks ago, mostly cause I liked the decorations), but I didn't like that, so I repainted it to kinda match the background, the bottom has a strip of pink paper and some hearts. The last one has a playing card back and a fuzzy heart sticker on top of it, the bottom is some vintage trim with a piece of pink ric rac.
The second row has some pink patterned paper for the background. The first one has a little girl with a tea party layered on a pink tag that I cut the top off, the bottom is part of a lace sample. The second one has a strip of painted inks and some heart buttons on top, the bottom is some trim. The last one has vintage trim with a strip of pink seam binding and a vintage "best wishes" tag layered on it, the bottom is some vintage trim with pink velvet.
 This top row is pink paper that looks like mulberry paper. The first one has a rose cut out of a card with some of the same trim as above. The second one has a face from a swap with pink seam binding and vintage trim on the bottom. The last one has vintage trim with red elastic, a girl in red picture and a rose button (I cheated a little on this one, the girl picture actually says At Christmas underneath that button, but it looked so good together, I just had to cover the Christmas part), at the bottom, I layered vintage trim and some pearls from a necklace. The first one in the second row has the pink faux mulberry paper with some of the purple paper, white paper and a cross-stitch layered on it, the bottom is pink seam binding and vintage trim. The second one has the pink patterned paper with a rose from a card, pink seam binding and three heart buttons. The last one, I layered burlap ribbon, some red/white print fabric and an old button with some vintage trim.
This last tag, really curled up as it dried, I don't think I pressed it long enough. It's a white tag covered with heart vellum, a burgundy ribbon and some vintage metal rose buttons, it has vintage trim on the bottom.

Next up is Easter. I'm hoping to create something cute for that.