Monday, January 30, 2017

Ephemera Swap

One of the swaps I signed up for on facebook was an ephemera Swap. I forgot to take pictures of what I sent out, but I made little loaded bags to put the swap in, I needed to make something after working for so long and not doing anything creative.
Here's what I've received back:
 This one came so cutely wrapped.
This is what was inside:
 I love these little bags she put everything in. Here's what was in them:
 My second partner:
My third partner:

The package was in my mailbox when I left for work, I couldn't wait to open it, so I took the pictures at work. My last partner spoiled me rotten.

Get to Know you pocket letter

I signed up for a Get to Know You pocket letter through one of my facebook groups. We had to decorate it with stuff that we liked and add some goodies that went along with stuff we liked.
Here's what I made:
 I had a hard time with this one, I'm not sure why.
I used green/blue paper for some of my backgrounds, I'm not sure where I got it. The pink chevron paper was in a paper pack from Hobby Lobby.
First row: First card, I put a "W". Second pocket: an owl on books stamp. Third pocket: my favorite colors of green and blue, but I'm also trying to get into purple.
Second Row: First card, I put a swimsuit sticker on a sticky note that was flip flops. Second card: I put washi with words and stamped some quotes on a banner sticky note. Third card: a monster sticker and monster washi.
Third Row: First card, buttons. Second card: a girl with cupcake stamp and some donut washi. Third card: emoji stickers.
Here's the goodies:
 I put my note behind the W, I put a magnetic bookmark to go with the books, I added some samples of the washi I put on the front. I gave her some of the flip flop sticky notes, I put in some heart page flags and a cupcake eraser, I put in a monster notebook and some monster stickers. I put in some emoji stickers, I put in a piece of chocolate and a cupcake sticker, I put in some buttons.
So, basically, I love W's, collect owls and books, my favorite colors, my favorite season is summer my birthday is July 2nd, I hoard stationary items: stickers, page flags, sticky notes, etc, I like monsters, I like buttons, I like sweets and I like emojis.
Here's what I got in return:
 And her goodies:
She likes to garden and bake. She loves Christmas and is very religious.

I have more posts coming soon, just waiting on some return items. I have been crafting lately, I actually may have signed up for a few too many swaps because I was going through crafting withdrawal.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Man, it's been awhile. And I haven't really been creating much. I haven't had a day off from working since the 4th. Last week, basically all I did was get up, go to work, get home, sleep and repeat. I worked about 65 hours, I was wiped.
I did create a wand and a pocket letter on the 5th.

 I won't be able to recreate this wand. Everything on it is from stuff people have sent me in swaps. That silver snowflake at the top, is actually from a Holiday tag swap. The doilies were sent to me by my winter ELF swap partner, as was the sparkly foam snowflake. The middle snowflake on the back was on a winter paperclip from a swap. I did sign up for a swap where I make 4 wands. I like wands, and I love getting them, so I wanted to try making some.
I also made a wand from a lot of goodies I got from one of my winter PL's:
There is a mirrored snowflake on top of a thick foam snowflake on top of a sparkly snowflake on top of a sparkly plastic snowflake on top of a white snowflake doily.