Saturday, April 19, 2014

Altered Spring Box

Last year, I participated in a swap where we altered a candy box and filled it up with fun stuff for Valentine's Day, go here to see it.

This year, I was hoping the same swap would come up, but it never did, so I asked my CollageATC's Yahoo group if anyone wanted to do something similiar. One person wanted to play, we put it off for awhile because we were both busy with other things. I later decided it would be a Spring box filled with fun spring items. Here's what I created:
 I took a tin I had bought cookies in for Christmas and covered it in blue tissue paper, I found some napkins that had blue roses on it that matched pretty close to the background paper and added those. I added pink jewels to form the corner flowers and a blue burlap rose for the center. The edge is covered in turquoise seam binding.
 For the bottom, I used the same blue tissue paper and blue roses. I added pink flowers to each of the long ends, the covered lip has blue washi tape on it.
Here's what I put in the box:
 There's silk roses, some hankies,
 a pinwheel, a pom pom chicken, a duck fingerpuppet, some more flowers, a heart stamp and other things that you can't see. And since I'm so great at not taking pictures of what I sent, I honestly can't tell you what else is in there.
This week, I received my box in the mail:
 It's a cigar box covered in mulberry paper, with colored sand stenciled on it.
Here's what was inside:
 mulberry paper, stamps,
chain, yarn, wire, a pair of earrings and some very cool beads she made me.

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