Tuesday, May 3, 2016

More finished pocket letters

Here's a few more pocket letters I finished, they have now reached their destinations, so I can show them:
For Mona
First row: I added some letters to the front of the pocket to spell out her name, otherwise the card is not decorated. Second card has some ric rac sticker, a pink circle card, a puffy flower sticker and a couple bug stickers. Last card has a 'happy' sticker and some ric rac.
Second row: The butterflies are on the top of the pocket and they're wings are folded up, I used some puff paint for their bodies, and added a few flower stickers. Second card is a journaling spot with flower and bug stickers and some more ric rac. Third card is another journaling spot with flower stickers.
Last row: a paint chip with flower and bug stickers. Second card: a bug rub-on with a flower sticker and some ric rac. Last card: bug and flower stickers.
I used some of the stuff she sent me in my pocket letter for hers. The yellow trim and the paper butterflies came from her. I did a little more decorating of the actual plastic page on hers. That's something new for me, I'm trying to branch out.
I used a lot of this felt ric rac stickers I bought before Easter at the Target dollar spot. I loved using that, I'm kinda sad I didn't buy more. I was kinda going with a flower theme for this pocket letter.
Here's the back full of goodies:
 I try to add extras of what I had used for the fronts of my cards. Sometimes I really don't know what to include.
I added fruit stickers, journaling spots, paper clips, washi, flower sequins, a card I had made but did not use, ladybug stickers and a packet of flower seeds.
Here's one that went out to Kimberly:
 It came together so fast. I have this set of springy rub-ons that I got out and cut out 9 ones I wanted to use and then just started adding other things to the cards.
First row: rain on me rub-on with green ribbon, umbrella rubon with wonder sticker, singin in the rain rub-on with green ribbon.
Second row: april showers bring May flowers rub-on with raindrop stickers, for you rub-on on top of a star chipboard piece, flower and bird rub-ons with discover sticker.
Last row: spring has spring rub-on with flower stickers, happy rub-on with it's the simple things sticker, spring has sprung rub-on on a wooden tag with a border sticker.
I love it when they come together really fast.
Here's the back:
I tried to include some more springy things, there's also some more of the rub-ons I used.
Green ribbon I used on the front, some flower ephemera, rub-ons, washi, planner stickers, wooden tags, dragon fly acetate ephemera and more stickers and flower pieces.

I have one more person on my facebook page that I've signed up to swap with. I am planning to swap with a lot more people. I'm just kinda slowing down. I'm sorting through my art closet and weeding out stuff I don't use anymore. I'm also trying to organize it a bit, so I don't have to take everything out when I want to create. In my new apartment, my crafting will probably be done in my bedroom, there's not as much space in that one as I have here.

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