Friday, May 20, 2016

Finished Pocket Letters

These should have been delivered by now, I'm not entirely sure about this first one (as it was going to Alaska), but the expected delivery date was today.
This first one was a wish I granted through Crafty Lori's channel on YouTube. Naynaylovesmakeup wished for her first pocket letter. She said she liked pink and sparkly. I went with pink and gold, so I hope she likes it. 
 Starting at the top. I had her name in pink sparkly letters at first, but they kept falling off. So, I changed to teal sparkly letters and had to make a "Y" which I hope stayed together during it's journey. Apparently I need more alpha stickers.
Top row: gold background, a sticky note from a Target pack (it's the one shaped like a thought bubble) and a gold heart from a swap. Pink background with gold tag and pink buttons. Gold background with a pink journaling spot and part of another Target notepad, with some pink ric rac sticker on the bottom.
Middle row: pink background with a gold square and a 'laugh' sticker. Gold background with pink bunting and some pink hearts from a swap. Pink background with gold circle and pink heart with hello stamped in the heart. On the bottom is some gold foil heart washi.
Bottom row: gold background with pink heart, also from Target pack. Pink background with gold strip and then pink strip and washi tape on some white paper. Gold background with a pink tag (from Target) and some gold hearts (from Target note pack). On the bottom is a cardstock thickness sticker that's pink with brown polka dots.
The dangly on the side (I love adding these to PL's. I seem to have a lot of beads, and this is a great way to use them up.) are pink and gold beads.
The back:
 I basically stuffed some notes from the whole note pad pack from Target in the back. The thought bubble was used for the circles on the front, the ombre tag was used on the front. The notes in the left, I cut out the quote for a card. The hearts sticky flag was used on the front. The gold foil washi tape was used. And the lined notes I cut into a heart. I put in some of the bigger notepaper folded up and some Target paper clips. The blank space got my letter.

This one was through a Facebook PL group.
 We decided on an Under the Sea theme. Even though I thought it would be great not to have themes, I seem to do much better when I have a theme for PLs. I went a little out of my comfort zone and decorated more of the outside of the sleeves this time. I kinda like that.
Top row: an underwater tag sticker and an 'S' for my partner. Weathered board paper with jellyfish, blue striped fish and pop-up squid sticker. Underwater card with a dimensional octopus. The clown fish and squid stickers are on the outside of the pockets.
Middle row: seahorse sticker and pop-up fish and whale sticker. Chipboard sea turtle sticker and pop-up purple fish sticker. Weathered board card with a blue ombre tag from Target and a jellyfish stamp from Stampin' Up. The whale sticker is on the outside of the pocket.
Bottom Row: The backgrounds are all a marbled paper. Coral stickers, Dory-like fish pop-up sticker and (I think) whale shark sticker. More coral stickers and a sea turtle sticker. More coral stickers and a fish sticker. I also added some flat backed pearls to look like bubbles from the fish's mouth. Those kept moving, so I hope they stayed on during their trip.
The dangle on the side has some clay beads I made in elementary school and some paper beads I made in high school.
The back:
Some paper clips in blue and green, underwater stickers, my letter, ombre tags, underwater stamped images, pop-up stickers (I actually bought these to use on the PL, but they didn't really work), flat backed pearls, tag stickers, washi samples. I sent her a little more washi samples than usual because I kept running out of washi.

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Wendy your Pocket Letters are really so much fun. You are very thoughtful and accommodate the wishes of each recipient...Priceless. Embracing Creative Bliss...