Saturday, April 16, 2016

Finished Pocket Letters

I finished 3 pocket letters in this last week and mailed them out today. 
First one is sort of a vintagey theme, for Amanda:
 I added some gold/white washi tape to the edge along with some handmade beads that I got in a swap and a bird charm. I have taken out the first card because it has the recipient's name on it. The second card has a 30 cent ticket layered on some patterned paper with a shell sticker on top. The last card has some patterned paper with a SEA/starfish sticker on top.
Second row: The first card is made from cutting a tag down to size with a lacy-like heart sticker and a raised heart sticker on top. The second card has a boat stamp and a chipboard frame. The third card has brown ribbon on the sides, a playing card and a dimensional bird sticker.
Last row: The first card has a 3D pocketwatch sticker and a TIME sticker. The second card has some vintage writing paper on the side and vintage packaging. The last card is a vintage shipping tag with another boat stamp and a clear CAPTURE sticker on the bottom.
Here's the back of the pocket letter:
 I really like taking a 12x12 patterned sheet of paper and assembling the paper back together, so there is a design on the back hiding the goodies inside.
Apparently I don't have a picture of the goodies in this one.
Second letter, for Jennifer:
 As you can see there's a heart theme going on. I added black lace washi and heart stickers to the side. The hanging thing has handmade beads and some heart charms.
Again, I took out the first card because it has the recipient's name on it. The second one has a cut out of a Victorian lady with paper and pearlized heart pieces on the edge. The third card has a paint chip and a chipboard hear on it.
Second row: another paint chip and a heart/flower sticker. There is no second card, I added a metal square to the outside of the pocket and a rosette with a heart sticker to the middle of it. The third card has a printed picture.
Third row: a foam monster sticker with foam hearts. Second card, vintage trim with red jewels, a steampunk heart sticker. Last card: a shiny red sticker with a blue acetate heart piece on top.
As you can see, I added heart ribbon and a heart banner as well.
Here's the back:
 This one is purple with birds, the other side of the cards have a pattern as well, so along with all the goodies this is hiding, my partners get extra cards to use however they want.
Here are the goodies:
 some metal brads, I added some post it notes to the middle and the last is my letter.
Second row: puffy rose heart stickers, washi tape, some heart stickers
Third row: shiny heart stickers, some heart pieces, foam heart stickers.
Last pocket letter, this one came together very fast, for Cynthia:
 As you can see, there's a gold theme going on. I actually added the same gold/white striped washi as the first letter to the side. The pieces on the side are some buttons, an actual ginkgo leaf dipped in gold, and a locket.
First card star buttons with a flower button in the middle. Second card: a metal tag with a 3D pocketwatch sticker. Third card layered gold paper with a watch piece.
Second row: first card patterned gold paper with a face button. Second card: patterned gold paper with a 3D key sticker. Third card patterned gold paper with a metal frame and a paper piece.
Third row: first card flower buttons. Second card a gold tag with a gold scissors charm. Third card vintage butterfly pin with gold bubble trail.
Here's the back:
 I didn't have any great paper to coordinate, so it's just number paper.
Here's the goodies:
Waiting for the letter, some paper piece, something sparkly. Second row: washi tape, some picture tags, leftover bubbles from front of card. Third tow: key stickers, some steampunk stickers, some metal gears.

A couple things I've learned:
I really love making these. It's about the same as making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), but I get to make more of them.
I'm not really good at doing 9 of them with a theme, but I'm getting better.
I love stuffing them with goodies. I have way too many craft supplies, and since I'm moving soon, it's a great way to pass onto to someone else. Of course, I will also be acquiring more, so...
I love putting the washi on the side. I don't seem to use much of my washi (I really just like to hoard it), so this is a great way to get it used (as well as sending some with my cards).
I really missed swapping. I love doing art swaps because I get to collect other people's artwork.


Createology said...

Wow Wendy you are really on a Pocket Letter "roll". Each one is fabulous. The recipients will be very happy. Pocket Letter Bliss...


Hi wendy I found your blog thur another youtuber..I don't know why you don't make videos..your work is amazing and we would love to have you...Marcy