Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flip Book #2

 I finished my second flip book and it is on it's way to my penpal. Linda Curl if you are reading, STOP NOW!!!!!

Here is the cover:
 I started with the background paper that is double sided, it's green on the back. I had the hardest time figuring out what to put on top of it. Apparently I'm not great at layering things on top of patterned paper (I'm also not good at doing things on a larger scale than 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, so I'm trying). The frame is a canvas that I got in a swap, the flower is acetate and from some mix I bought. The 'ric rac' is actually a sticker I bought in the Target dollar spot at Easter time. I used it a lot on this book and in a pocket letter I just finished. I wish I had bought more of them. The lady bug is shiny and dimensional. The washi tape is scotch brand, it's blue/green, I got it on clearance at Target for 88 cents.
 This is what you see when you open the cover:
On the left, I used some patterned paper to make a pocket (and it kinda failed, it came unstuck part way through making the book, so I just put a flat sticker in it, any suggestions on how to make my pockets more durable?). I added some Tim Holtz grungeboard letters that I inked up with a pink dye ink pad. The 'bliss' is a rub-on that came with a springy set. The ladybug is just shiny.
On the right, is another piece of this double sided paper. I layered a white and pink piece of cardstock on top. The 'journey' was in my stash, I have no idea where it came from. The flip piece matches the pocket on the left. I added a 'good times' sticker with an owl sticker on top. The owl sticker was from Dollar Tree. The blue polka dot washi is from a set.
Here's what happens when you flip open the right side:
The middle has a tiny envelope that I taped down, and added the thin washi on top of. This washi seems to have a hard time staying stuck on things, anyone else having trouble with it? It's really thin, and came in a pack with three other black/brown washi from Hobby Lobby for $3.99. The ladybug and flower are from the same sticker set. I added some brightly colored tags to the pocket. The ladybugs on the background match the ladybug on the front cover. 'Happy' is in pink sparkly alpha stickers. The 'create' is from a swap. The background was part of the papers I stuck together for my last flip book.
On the right, I have a flower from a notepad. The butterfly in the corner is a puffy sticker framed in a metal frame that has pieces that poke through the page and you bend them over to affix it. The 'sweet' is a sticker. The flip page is from the same paper stack as the middle background. The washi is a green leafy. The bottom has yellow polka dot ribbon and green polka dot ribbon.
 This is a close up of the second page:
 And here it is with the flip, flipped up:
 I added a label with another owl sticker from the same set as the above one. These labels came in a pack that had travel stickers, the owls are hiding a 'postmark' stamp. Sadly these labels didn't stick well, so I had to glue them down.
Here's the next one flipped up:
Again with the labels and owl stickers. The washi are a pink with script and a green polka dot.
Here's a close-up of the middle back page:
 Here's a close-up of the last right page:
 Here's a close-up of the flip flipped up:
You can see the stickers that I put in the pocket. I added some chevron pieces on the sides, I just thought they were kinda boring.
The bottom is another of that paper pack as the top flip. the green piece is actually two paint chips, I added a 'spring' rub on and a polka dot sticker. I added some pink flower stickers to the top.
Here's the back:
Very boring. I did add one of those travel labels and added handmade by me.

I really like flip books but I think I'm trying to make them much more complicated than I should. I've only made these two, but I want them with all the extras that people who have made more have. I posted the other day on facebook, that I'm not great with bright colors, and this is the second colorful flip book and I finished a pocket letter the other day that's very colorful. Part of that is, I had the supplies out on my floor and instead of pulling more out, I used what was there.

I need advice on adhesives. I used tape for the pockets on my flip books, but both of them fell off shortly after finishing the book. I think I'll glue my next ones on to see if that makes a difference. I'm also wondering if I'm trying to put too much in the pockets. My first one was a corner pocket I put paper clips in. The other one is on this flip book and I tried putting a thicker tag in it.
I'm also having trouble with some of my washi sticking. Like I said the really thin stuff doesn't seem to be sticking too well. I haven't used it to attach things, just as an accent. Sometimes some of my other washi doesn't stick very well either. I'm wondering if it's cheaper washi and I should stick to the higher quality stuff.

Also, I bought some really cute duct tape to decorate my packages when I sent them out. I love it, I'm not sure if I should count it as a necessity though. Anyone who's gotten my packages with this tape, do you think I should continue doing this?

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Createology said...

Okay Miss Wendy you are really making me want to try a Flip Book. You have put a lot of work and thought into each of these. Creative Bliss Dear...