Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What I've sent out

Here's a few things I've been working on (and a few stamp pictures)
 I'd seen people using 'hello' on their PLs and really wanted a stamp that said that, and then found these two in my stamps.
This is my embellished tag:
 This is actually a tag left over from when I made valentines a few years ago. It's a cardstock tag layered with dictionary paper, there was a heart ripped out of it, but I didn't like the look, so I added a Project Life card on the tag. I also added some watercolor looking flowers to the side and stamped 'hello' in the heart. I made the banner embellishment at the bottom and added a puffy cupcake sticker.
I also added some fun fiber to the top. This tag was created for Kim
This is a 4th of July PL for Susie
 I'm not really that great at doing holiday art. I don't like stuff that's for one thing specifically, I did pick up some 12x12 paper that had neat papers for the whole year awhile back at Hobby Lobby, so I used some of that in the top and bottom rows of this PL.
I added a banner sticker from the Target Dollar Spot and spelled out Happy Birthday America to the top row and added some star stickers. I also added a Statue of Liberty sticker and spelled out Liberty at the bottom of it.
Middle row: I used some stamped images. The first card has an eagle against a flag with stars in a circle and Freedom spelled out. The middle card has a Target Spot rosette on the outside of the pocket, with a stamp saying 'Proud to be American' on the bottom. The last card has the flag and stickers saying 'Old Glory'
Last row: I used another page from that 12x12 stack and layered some of the fireworks with foam tape on top of the sleeve. I also added 'fireworks!' to the bottom

 I have hoarded a few USA/military/police papers. I've never used them, I had an idea once upon a time, but I've never done anything. I used one of them on the back of this PL. I don't have a picture of goodies I sent, but I sent some of my stamped images, some of the fireworks paper, scraps from the back paper, some stickers

I signed up for a July PL swap that was to be mailed out on the 28th. I had already started a base shortly after I signed up
 The side has some glitter tape from the Dollar Tree, I'm not a fan of that, the glitter really comes off. The backgrounds are mostly Project Life cards that I trimmed down.
First row: first card: Project Life card with a few bling pieces in the corners, second card: Project Life card, cupcake sticker from Hobby Lobby, 'Happy Birthday' sticker from Hobby Lobby, I also added a cherry sticker from a sheet I got in a swap. Third card: Project Life card with a sticker that has a To Do list. I wrote on the list, celebrate my birthday, eat cake, open presents, tell the whole world it's my birthday.
Second row, First card: Project Life card that already had the cupcake on it. Second card: I just put a piece of clip art on the outside of the sleeve. Third card: this was cut from the back of a Hallmark card, has a Project Life card scrap on top, a pink square from a baby kit with a cupcake on it.
Last row, First card: pink ATC card with a birthday tag cut down to fit card. Second card: some of that 12x12 paper with Make a Wish on the outside of the sleeve. Last card: I created the banner embellishment in the corner, it has stickers saying cheers on it. I also put some flat back pearls on it.
 This is a sheet from that 12x12 paper pad
On someone's shopping haul I saw this stamp from Tuesday Morning and I was thinking that might be a nice stamp to have.
The other day, I found it in a box.

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