Sunday, July 10, 2016

Project Life Birthday Flip Book

 Friday, was one of my supervisor's birthday, I guess I've been a little wrapped up in my life to pay attention to the birthday sheet. She was saying she loved these little Project Life flipbooks, so I made her one.
I could not sleep last night, most likely because I drank a Mountain Dew about 10pm, plus there was a concert going on a few blocks away. So, instead of staring at the ceiling, I decided to create.
Here's the front:
This is actually a pocket page I got in my birthday haul, go here to see that. The binding washi is from stuff I bought Friday, check that out here. The pink polka dot washi is also from a Friday haul.
I feel I need to add a little something 3D to this. I added some lace to the bottom
When you flip it up:
The butterfly was from my birthday haul. On the trip from my craft closet to my kitchen to take a picture, I lost a sticker that says wonderful, it goes right underneath the butterfly. I'm still not sold on this one, but I left it as is
The bottom is a PL card, I did add a strip of the pink polka dot washi to the top.
When you flip the bottom down:
 The sticker on the middle card is from the Dollar Tree, I added a darker pink piece of paper underneath the roses. The bottom card has a birthday sticker and some cupcake washi that I layered on some white cardstock to help them pop out.
When you flip the middle to the left:
 I changed the pink polka dot washi to a darker pink polka dot washi, it was a thicker washi, so I cut it in half and put the other half on the card to the right. I had a chipboard sticker for the cupcake, but it would not stay stuck down, so I switched to this one, it's from Hobby Lobby. The washi says It's your birthday, it's from Dollar tree.
When you flip the middle to the right:
 I love that right card. The doily came from a kit I bought on Friday. The sticker is a mason jar with flowers that says Live Simply. I love how it came together. The middle card, I added a Dollar Tree sticker to it.
I've been getting double use out of my layered stickers. Most off them are the same pieces just layered on each other with foam tape, so I just peel off the top layer and the foam tape and get extra pieces out of them. I actually got the idea from coupontoprovide on YouTube.
Here's the back:
I need a nice label to add to my backs so I can stamp the handmade with love on them. That stamp is from the Dollar Tree.

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