Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Halloween Swap

The last swap for A Swap For All Seasons was Halloween/Orange. My partner to send to was Debbie of Kitten Creates. I don't have a lot of Halloween items, so I found some not so crafty items to send my partner.
 There were some leaves, a couple buttons and some clip art in the bag. I also sent a pencil, some bouncy things, a bookmark, a couple kitten figurines, Boo, an eraser and an orange burlap rose.
Here's what I sent for tags/cards:
 I ended up sending her two of both as I really wasn't that excited about the first group I made. The cat card at the top I didn't like because the cat image is crooked, if I'd pulled it off and re positioned it, it would have ruined the background paper. The tag in the lower left just didn't really look quite together enough for me. So, I created the pumpkin card (there is a line from the spider to the top of the card) and the shiny tree tag. I liked those better, but I thought I'd send her both. Good decision as she told me the cat card was her favorite.
Sherry from Createology sent to me. Her package came before I even thought about getting it (mostly because I'm bad and send at the very end of the month). Here's what she sent me:
 A K&Company pack, foamy cat, black and orange scissors with beaded chain, beaded bubble want, Halloween treats cards, press on nails, California card, tiny monster tag, sparkly cat pin, and some paper leaves.
Here are her card/tags:
I think the card is one of the envelope cards she mentions on her blog, I love the old house.
I believe she made the beaded chain and bubble wand that she sent me.

Like I said above, this is the last swap for A Swap For All Seasons, Linda does say on her blog she has another swap in mind. I am rather bummed I didn't get to do the full year (I joined in time for the January swap). It seems that I don't hear about swaps much lately. I love doing them, especially the ones where I get to make things, but I haven't read/seen many around lately. It was also nice to have one every month and know I was going to have one every month.
Sadly, I never received my package for July. I was kinda hoping it would come for my birthday, but I never saw it. I emailed my partner, but never heard back from her.
If anyone knows of any swaps around, I'd love to join in.


Kitten said...

Hey Wendy...
I'm so happy we were swap partners...I'm posting to my blog today...I've had a rough couple of days here so I'm behind. The cats have stolen the little toys you sent me...so you're kitty approved!
Thanks for swapping!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

You both made and received really cute cards and tags! I've really enjoyed this swap too, but I only discovered it in July. I did enjoy the three months I joined in.

So sorry you never received your July package. Things happen in life, but you should have at least received an email response.

Have fun crafting!

The Junque Seeker said...

All the cards and tags you made are awesome! Looks like you had a good partner, too.