Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas gifts

This year for Christmas gifts I decided to alter some Altoids tins. My first step was to glue dictionary paper on them. I tried to paint the insides of them, but my glue gun wasn't sticking well to the paint, so after scraping some of the paint off, I added paper to some and left others just plain metal. Here are all the tins:
 I tried to customize them to people's tastes, but as I wasn't sure who was really into Christmas I ended up with more snowy ones.
This first one was for someone who really liked Christmas. I printed some old clip art off my computer for the fronts of the tins. This Santa picture just fit on so perfectly, he needed to be on a tin. I also used trim on all the sides of the tins, this one has a fancy gold on it.
On the inside of the top, I added another vintage picture, on the bottom of the tin, I added holly paper, a felt snowman, a present button and some red and green star beads.
 This next tin was for a person who doesn't celebrate Christmas, but I wanted to make her something. So, I kinda went with a steampunk like feel. The background is a sticker from a Tim Holtz sticker book. On the corner I layered a metal gear with some clock hands and a jewel. There is gold trim around the edges.
 Inside the top I added some more dictionary paper and piece of glass. On the bottom, I put burnt out Christmas tree bulbs on the top and a robot ornament on the bottom.
 This one has another vintage picture, this time of a snowman, there's a lace around the edges of this one.
 Inside you can see the paint, and then on the lid I put some dictionary paper. The blue snowflake is metal, the white one plastic and the small one a sticker. On the bottom, I glued a snowflake cut from paper and a snowman ornament.
 This one also has a vintage snowman picture. After gluing this one down I decided I liked the fussy cut look better, but it was too late for this one, it also has lace around the edge.
 Inside you see more dictionary paper and the pendant from a necklace. On the bottom is some snowflake scrapbooking paper. The snowflakes at the top were earrings, the snowman was a pin.
 This one, I wasn't really sure of the recipient's tastes, so I went with more of a fun winter scene. There is a vintage winter scene on the front with green ribbon on the edges.
 Inside is a cute little winter scene. The snowflakes are stickers. You can't see it, but the deer are standing in some sparkly white flakes to represent snow.
 Another vintage snowman picture, it also has lace along the edges.
 Inside I glued burlap ribbon to the lid and added some sparkly letters. On the bottom is snowflake paper with a snowglobe sticker and a couple pencil toppers.
 And here they are all wrapped up. I decided to just add letter stickers instead of doing tags this year.
I really wanted to make/alter boxes for all my presents, but I decided that was too big of an undertaking. I'm hoping to do more of these in the coming year.


Jen said...
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Jen said...

Love all your tins! Happy Holidays, Jen