Wednesday, February 11, 2015


It's getting close to Valentine's Day, so I made a few valentines. I decided to create them out of buttons, since I have a ton of those. I apologize that the pictures are to dark. I finished them tonight and have a few I want to get in the mail tomorrow (fingers crossed they'll make it by Sat, they're going in state, so should be fine.)

As you can see I basically made hearts with the buttons, I covered a few cards with dictionary paper because I wanted to see how it looked with the white buttons on it, a sort of low-color card. I kept thinking they needed something else in the middle to make them look done, so I dug out some heart shaped things from my stash.
This one I covered the background with dictionary paper, and tried out a button border, I also only used clear buttons for the heart. I'm not sure I really liked the clear buttons on the dictionary paper. I used a clay button for the center.
 I also made the heart with clear buttons here, the middle is a sticker, I had a particular person in mind for this one.
 The middle here is a piece of lace.
 For this heart, I used all vintage buttons with string, the middle is a locket.
 Again, dictionary paper, this one has all vintage buttons with a sticker in the middle.
 I used a cupid button for this one.
 More dictionary paper with a sparkly pendant for the middle, all mother of pearl like buttons here.
 Just a clay button for the middle.
 Another pendant for the middle, again with the buttons with string.
 This one has a nice cloisonnĂ© pendant for the middle, sadly it fell off after taking this picture, figured I'd send it plain.
 This one I had a particular person in mind, which is why it's made with purple buttons and a nice bead for the center.
 This one has a vintage pin for it's center.
 This one has a button with a heart cut out.
 This one has a sticker I picked up somewhere, the design is created with micro beads.
And lastly, this one has a piece of metal filigree in it.
I kinda think they look like a kid made them. I found out I do not freehand hearts well. And when some of them looked so good before I glued the buttons down, they seemed to have morphed into something that's not a heart afterwards. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?

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Createology said...

Your Valentine cards with all the buttons in Heart configurations are lovely. Creative Valentine Bliss...