Sunday, March 15, 2015

Altered Tins

I've started altering Altoid Tins for gifts, here's a few I've been working on.
This one was for a friend for Valentine's Day:
 I glued burlap ribbon to the front, added a charm I got in a swap and a jewel on top.
This is the inside of the box:
 There's vintage blue paper as the background, with a strip of ribbon roses on the inside of the lid, I added a tag to the bottom with some more ribbon flowers.
This is the back of the tin:
 We both work at a library, so I thought it was fitting to put "A nation of readers", and "Learning never ends" stamps. I also added a saying from a Dove chocolate.

This next one is a birthday present for a friend who likes birds and blue.
 The front of the tin:
I have decided one of my new signature things is to use dictionary paper as backgrounds, I also added a shiny bird to it.
The inside:
 I glued a few birds on the lid, and a bird and nest to the bottom.
Here's the back:
 A cute kingfisher stamp.

This one is a birthday present for a friend who likes purple:
 I added a butterfly and some flowers to the lid, I also added some ribbon and faux pearls to the edge.
This is the inside:

I painted a metal pendant from a necklace for the bottom, and added some dogwood flower stickers with puff paint accentuating them. I added purple flowers to the inside of the lid with a couple butterfly stickers.
And here's the back:
 I added a butterfly sticker to it.

These next two are for the Pay It Forward project that I signed up with Kathy at Kluless and Cathy at Ma Vie Trouvee. So, ladies if you're reading, stop.
This one's for Kathy:
I added burlap with a strip of canvas to the front of it and some vintage buttons. I also added lace to the edges of it.
Here it is opened:
I filled it with buttons because I know she collects buttons, I also added some vintage trim to the lid.
Here's the back:
I added a nice vintage looking picture.
And this one's for Cathy:
I added a piece of silver paper and a very colorful motif. I painted the edges green. I believe she likes bright colors, so I tried to use some for her.
She was talking about this being the year of the Ram for the Chinese New Year, so I went with that theme:
I used some stamps in this too. A little back story on that, this summer my parents sold their house and a we were cleaning out, we found my brothers stamp collection, so I have a ton of stamps now, I plan to use some in my artwork, but if anyone's interested in some stamps.
Anyway, the one on the lib is very bright, and I added a ribbon that I printed The year of the Ram on, on the bottom I added some green paper and three ram stamps.
Here's the back:
I thought this was a cute little ram stamp as well.
I also gathered up some handmade beads for Cathy, because I know she likes beads:

I plan to get these will go in the mail tomorrow, I hope the recipients like them.

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CATHY said...

Hi Wendy -Thank you sooo much for my very special box - I LOVE it! And it was very thoughtful of you to use all the things I love. You have me pegged...bright colors and beads! Interesting that there were rams stamps in the collection you found. Who wouldn't love to find a box of stamps! Swaps are always so much fun!