Wednesday, March 29, 2017

loaded bag for Karlene

I've been saving some stuff up to send to Karlene on YouTube, and I thought it might be more fun to put it in a loaded bag. I also picked up some stuff in Chicago for her.
Here's the front:
 I didn't really decorate the front because I knew it would be stuffed with things. The green horse is a sticker, it's on the plastic it came on (it's from Dollar Tree), so I just added some double sided tape so she could take it off and use it. I spelled out her name in silver letter stickers from Walmart.
The back:
 The hot air balloons are from two different paper pads from Hobby Lobby. On the bottom, I took the clear pockets the Target spring tags are packaged in and affixed them so I could load them up. These stickers are from Michael's.
Here's what was in it:
There's some coloring pages in the back, I don't know if she colors, but the sentiments are kinda snarky and I know she'll appreciate them. I heard in one of her videos, she was looking for sequins, I got these at the Dollar Tree. The sticker sheet is from JoAnn's. I used a 'library card' tag from Target to put some washi on for her. There's a rainbow at the top from a swap, the pink marble is from Target, the next pink one is from a local store, the two word ones are from a swap, and the rainbow one at the bottom is from Dollar Tree. The square stickers are from Dollar Tree. The round stickers are also from Dollar Tree. She also said she liked seam binding, so I included some. The suncatcher I picked up at a thrift store and painted for her. The die cuts are from Michael's. The pink twine is from a swap. The tiny button is from a paper/gift store in Chicago called Foursided as is the unicorn pencil. The Hello Kitty magnet is from a swap.
I wrapped it up lightly in some unicorn paper I picked up in Chicago. I'm pretty sure she'll like it.

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Pinktutu said...

I loooooved it all! Thank you so much :)