Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sweet Treats flip book

I signed up to do a sweet treats flip book in one of my facebook groups, here's what I created:
I used the half cards I got at Target around Christmas time and covered them with two different patterned paper, one with swirls, the other with circles. I bound it with cupcake washi.
For the front, I put about 15 pages of a cupcake sticky note pad. I stamped out some cupcakes on striped paper and put red bling hearts for their cherries. I also added a saying from a valentine: "you are sweet as can be!"
When you flip this page up:
 Top page:
 I went with ice cream for this page. The two felt pieces on the left are stickers from Target. The one is the middle is a stamp set from Target, the cone and ice cream scoop are separate stamps. The ones on the right are cut out of a thank you card from Dollar Tree.
Bottom page:
 The stamped image is from a Stampin' Up stamp set, I colored it in with colored pencils (I am not very good at coloring). I put some donut washi tape on white paper, cut out the donuts and affixed them around the image.
When you flip it down:
 middle page:
 I went with a candy theme here. The jelly beans, gumdrops and wrapped candy are old stickers from my stash. I just added the word "yummy" on top.
bottom page:
 This one was kind of a backup. I ran out of ideas and decided to put some of my goodies here. The bag is a little mini bag from Target. I put some sprinkle washi on top and spelled out the word "goodies", I used a couple of the washi donuts for the "o's". I put some more of those stamped cupcakes, some cupcake brads, some cupcake stickers, and some washi tape in it.
When you flip it down:
 Third page:
These donuts are layered with foam tape, so they pop up a little. I found the corners of this paper in the garbage, and there were enough double donuts to make the page. I think they are a little bright compared to the rest of the flip book, but I really wanted to use them.
Last page:
 I seem to have a lot of cupcake things, I probably could have done a whole cupcake flipbook, but I didn't want to overwhelm my partner with cupcakes.
All the stickers are from Hobby Lobby. The set of three cupcakes are from a cupcake pick that I got in a swap, I believe they are by Tim Ree, so from Micheal's. The cupcake on the right has a resin like top.
The back:
 This stamp goes with the other large stamp above.
I had bought a cupcake potholder a few days ago, so I wrapped it up with cupcake ribbon and tucked it in the pot holder.
That 'sucker' sticking out, is actually an eraser. The donut pin and sucker pin were from Walmart. I also tucked a few chocolates in the envelope.
Here's what I got from my partner:
 This is how it was packaged up. She made me a paper bag flipbook. I'm so excited to get one of these, it's the first one I've gotten and I LOVE the bags she picked to make it.
The first page:
 First spread:
 Second spread:
 Third spread:
 Fourth spread:
 And all the goodies she tucked inside.
 Someday, I may attempt one of these, but like I said, I love this one and am so excited to have received it.

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Createology said...

Such fun flip books. Now I need to eat some candy and ice cream. Sweet Bliss...<3