Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mini Initial PL

I've never made a mini pocket letter before, they should be easier than regular pocket letters because you cut the pocket page into threes, fill up one row for the mini pocket letter. I just didn't want to cut up my pocket pages. I had gotten one in a swap that wasn't in the greatest of shape, so I cut it up for this swap.
We had to take our partner's first or last initial and create something with them. My partner's initials were V and C. I really wanted to create something really cool with the V, but even after perusing my dictionary, I really didn't find much that inspired me.
Here's what I sent her:
I actually did use a violet background, and on the first one I used vellum, so I got a little bit of V in there.
I ended up paper piecing this cactus stamp from Micheal's. I used some Dollar Tree stickers for coffee. I used a couple Dollar Tree stickers and a dimensional sticker from Hobby Lobby for cupcake.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 And here's the pocket letter:
 Here are all the goodies:

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Createology said...

Why am I not surprised at the idea of "mini pocket letters"? Great fun and even easier to mail. Creative Bliss...<3