Saturday, March 18, 2017

Loaded spring bag

On one of my groups on facebook, someone had posted some pictures of new stickers she found at Dollar Tree, I commented that I really liked them and she said she'd pick me up some along with some rolls of washi I had been looking for. I suggested we create loaded bags in a spring theme rather than just sending the stickers and washi to each other.
Here's what I sent her, the stickers:
 I picked up this sheet at Books a Million,
 These are from Hobby Lobby,
 These I got in a swap,
 These are from Dollar Tree,
 These are also from Dollar Tree.
Here's what I sent for washi:
I found this two pack at JoAnn's.
And here's what I created for her:
 The front. I changed up my method of making the bags to make the front pockets a little bigger. I take apart the bottom of the bag, smooth it out and fold it up for the pocket. I covered it in this wrapping paper for my stash. I used some page flags and twine to create a little 'hello' banner, sadly it doesn't stand out much against the background. One of the channels I watch on YouTube, Carina Creates does this cool thing with crepe paper and I thought I'd try it out, it's not as neat looking as hers, I just need to work on it more. The orange is some seam binding I got from The blue is part of a cupcake liner from Hobby Lobby. I just added this K sticker I got from a swap on top of it.
The back:
 The flowers are from a swap. The chevron paper is from Hobby Lobby. The pink paper was in my stash. The 'imagine' sticker is from Dollar Tree. If I had planned better, I would have made this into a pocket.
The front stuffed:
 The flower is made from wood, I got it years ago at the state fair. She seemed to like foxes, so I created a fox paper clip from a felt sticker from Hobby Lobby. I added some more fox embellishments, some candy and some cute springy pens from Target.
Here's what I got from her:
 The front of the bag
The back of the bag
The goodies. I love the stickers, they are so much more beautiful in person. I'm not sure I'll be able to use them. They are glittery as well. I love the wand she made me, I'm loving collecting those. I love the tags as well.

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Createology said...

Goodness those are loaded bags of goodies. Great fun for both of you. Marvelous March...<3