Monday, February 27, 2017

Valentine Loaded Envelope

I signed up to do a loaded envelope swap on one of my facebook groups. I hadn't made a loaded envelope before and didn't have any unused envelopes, so I basically made my own. I'm pretty sure I made it way harder than it needed to be. The requirement was to use a 6x9 manila envelope. I took a piece of double sided 12x12 scrapbooking paper, basically folded it, so I had a 3x9 piece, a 6x9 piece and a 3x9 piece, so the two 3x9 pieces folded up to each other on the front. This paper had a little white strip where it was attached to the paper pad at the top, so I tucked that under the edge of the bottom piece of paper on the front. I didn't like the inside color of the paper, so I added another piece of paper in the opening of the 'envelope'. I did cute down the middle and roll the flaps down, that was a bit tricky with all the tape going on in that area. I also added an extra pocket on the front and back of the 'envelope'. I thought it turned out pretty good and am now in search of double sided 12x12 scrapbooking paper. I do not have a picture of just the envelope itself.
Here's how it turned out:
 I used some vintagey paper for the pocket and some ledger looking paper for the front. I basically just wanted a base for the original 12x12 paper. I guess I could have easily just used a single sided, but I didn't think of that. I added some washi to the bottom of the rolled edge. I also added some felt trim underneath the rolled edge. When I was trying to roll it, it kept tearing, so I tried to cover that up with the trim. The hearts on the outside pocket were from a swap. I added pink marbled washi to help hold the pocket on. Whenever I make pockets and adhere them with tape, they always try to fall off, so I'm trying to make them stay better. I really wanted to decorate the pocket with vintage stuff, but I didn't like anything I put on it. I finally put some sparkly heart stickers and a sparkly love sticker I got in a swap.
I put a few heart picks I got at Dollar Tree in it, I also made a wand for my partner. I tried to pin the selfie pin to the felt trim, but it wasn't happening, so I pinned it to the rolled edge. There are project life cards and some heart doilies in the outside pocket.
Here's the back:
Again, I used vintage paper from Hobby Lobby. The roses on the top and bottom are from my stash. The quote says "art is therapy, music is medicine, love is the cure". It's spelled out in individual letter stickers from my stash, sadly I lost one of the "e's" and had to add another in pink.
There's more project life cards and a notepad in the back pocket. I also added a tiny heart notepad and a paperclip. I know I put in some candy as well.
Here's what I received:
 This is it all loaded up.
Here it is emptied:
 and the back/front? I don't really know:
 And here are all the goodies:
 and more:
 And a cute tag she made me:

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Pinktutu said...

I love your loaded bag. That wand turned out really pretty and I love the paper. The one she send you was nice too, looks like a lot of goodies lol