Monday, February 27, 2017

Valentine's pocket letters

I signed up to do two Valentine's pocket letter swaps. Here's one:
 I started with the Valentine paper as the background, it's from Hobby Lobby. I started out with a few stickers and decided it would be too busy to just put them on the background, so I cut out these smaller rectangles from black cardstock and layered everything. First row: first pocket the butterfly sticker is from Dollar Tree, the jeweled hearts are from a swap. Second pocket: this sticker is from Hobby Lobby. Third pocket: these are both from Dollar Tree. Second row: First pocket, this sticker is from Dollar Tree. Second pocket, this sticker is from Hobby Lobby. Third pocket, the top sticker is from Dollar Tree, the strip at the bottom is from Hobby Lobby. Third row: First pocket: the die cut is from a swap, the sticker is from Hobby Lobby. Second pocket, this sticker is from Hobby Lobby. Third pocket, this was a tag from a swap.
For this pocket letter, we had to have it double sided, so I just cut up another paper and added it to the back. I didn't realize until I had the pocket letter all packaged up that it had to be double sided, so I took it out and added this paper. The washi on the side is from Hobby Lobby
 Here are my goodies:
I added some paper clips I got in a swap, stickers from Target, and my stash, washi samples, a linen tag, some more stickers, paper scraps and more stickers.
And here's what I got back:
 It came apart a little bit in the mail, but she had posted a picture before sending it, so I put it back together. I love the rosette, the love banner and the paper doll.
I realize I didn't take a picture of the other extras she sent me. She sent a few Valentine's cut aparts, some paper flowers, and some more stamped paper dolls.
I love these Julie Nutting paper dolls people are doing. I don't color, it never looks good when I do, so I love it when  people send their creations to me.
Here's my second pocket letter for a different group:
The background paper is from Hobby Lobby. I really wanted to use my stickers on this one.
First row, first card: Lisa Frank stickers, second card: heart stickers from Dollar Tree, heart washi strip from Dollar Tree. Third card: heart stickers from a swap.
Second row, first card: rosette sticker from Dollar Tree, I took out the jewel from the middle and added a heart sticker from Walmart, heart washi strip from Dollar Tree. Second card: heart stickers from Hobby Lobby. Third card: felt owl sticker from Hobby Lobby.
Third row, first card: foam stickers from Hobby Lobby, "and" sign sticker from my stash. Second card: mini sticky notes (under the heart bling) from a swap, bling border (on bottom) from a swap, heart bling from a swap. Third card: felt heart stickers from Hobby Lobby and heart washi strip from Dollar Tree.
And here's what I received from my partner. Sorry about the weird picture, I was at work and trying to minimize the glare:


Pinktutu said...

Your pocket letters are so pretty. I think the stickers and embelishments on the first one look very striking against the black card stock and I love the rosette and hearts in your second one

WW said...

I will admit, I was a little lazy on the second one, I just wanted to use stickers. I love how it turned out, but sometimes I just want to go the easy way.