Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pocket letter from Karlene

Remember, back in November I posted this? I got the return pocket letter in the mail last week. Here's what Karlene made me, this is what came tumbling out of the envelope:
 Here's the pocket letter:
 I love the ribbons she attached to the top and that sparkly bow paperclip. I also love that shaker pocket (I'll let you all in on a little secret, I'm not really a big fan of shakers, mostly because people just close them with washi and they spill out. I do like them when they are closed with a fuse tool and I don't have to worry about spillage). Obviously Karlene has a fuse tool and everything stayed in the pocket. I love how simple and elegant this pocket letter is.
Here's the goodies from the back:
 I really love that ribbon paper clip and the punches she sent me.
Here's what was in the pink envelope:
 Tons more punches. I believe they are punches and not die cuts, but I don't really know. I love getting punches and die cuts. I love seeing how people make handmade embellishments (there are a few in the picture) and trying my hand at making some myself. I have a 1" circle punch and a couple smaller flower punches. I keep thinking about buying a heart punch, but I haven't yet.
Here are the other goodies:
The vellum sheets and page flags were in the pink envelope as well.

Thank you so much Karlene. I loved swapping with you.


Pinktutu said...

Yay I am SO glad you liked them. Most of the goodies in the envelope were die cuts I made with my Sizzix :) Hugs!

Createology said...

I still enjoy making pocket letters. I did some for my family for Christmas and before that for my Sister Reunion. This one is super fun with the fused pocket of sparklies. Happy Hearts Dear...<3