Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wand Swap

When one of my facebook groups asked for ideas for 2017 swaps, I had mentioned I wanted to try my hand at doing wands. One of the last swaps I just sent out was to make 4 wands for your partner. Here's what I sent mine:
 And the backs:
These are bad close-ups, but I didn't take individual pictures, so I just cropped the other two pictures.
 This one has a red snowflake cupcake liner with a mini green cupcake liner and a poinsettia sticker on top.
 The back is a red snowflake cupcake liner with a white doily, a mini green cupcake liner and a Santa sticker.
 This one has a playing card as the base, a heart doily, a felt heart sticker and a banner sticker stapled on to it.
 The back is another heart playing card with a heart doily and the middle of a pocket page on it.
 This one has a large punched circle, a smaller punched circle, another punched circle, some eyelash yarn and some duct tape on it. I don't know the dimensions of the circles, they were sent to me in a swap.
 The back just has the back of the circle above, a glittery scalloped circle and part of a cut apart from a paper pad.
 This one is on a pencil. It has a white doily, a cardstock circle with a snowflake, and a plastic snowflake on it.
 On the back it has a blue doily, a snowflake doily, and another snowflake circle.
 This one is a handmade doily with a circle, and a fabric flower on it.
The back has some layered circles and a sticker.

I ended up sending her 5 wands, because I felt bad that two of them were more winter themed and we're almost done with winter. I think my favorite is the heart one. I loved the look of the staple and that banner sticker on it.
Here's what she sent me:

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Pinktutu said...

I am so addicted to wands lol Yours and hers are very pretty!