Wednesday, July 26, 2017

August Calendar Tag

I signed up to do a July Calendar Tag in one of my facebook groups, when I printed off the calendar for July, it also had all the other calendars for the rest of the year, so I figured I might as well do those tags as well.
Here's my August one:
When I think about August, I think about vacation and that one last chance to get away before going back to school.
I used some blue cardstock as the background, I added some word paper on top of that with a wave sticker at the bottom. I added some flip flops, swimsuit and ice cream stickers on top of that. The August calendar is on the top. I wrote Vacation time on the side because I didn't have any alphas with enough letters to spell it out.
Here's what my partner sent me:
I'm not sure how I really feel about this one.
 And the goodies:
I like the small notebook. I thought that journaling card at the bottom said read, which got me thinking if there was a reading themed journaling card set, I'd totally buy it.

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