Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sewing pocket letter

I signed up to do a sewing pocket letter in one of my facebook groups.
My original plan was to have some rose trim at the bottom, but I accidentally dropped in on my pocket page and got hot glue all over, so I had to re think my pocket letter. I put the little girl fabric to cover up the glue and the green trim to go with the fabric.
I was also going to use the paper that's on the back (you'll see it further down) as my background paper for the front and go more vintage.
I still turned out vintage, but I'm not sure I like the plain pink paper for the background. Here's what I made:
I glued all the mother of pearl buttons on the top and added the 'buttons' word to make it look like a vintage button card. The thread bobbin is a sticker, I actually added some twine to the back of this pocket. The sewing machine image is from a swap, I added some 'measuring tape' washi to the bottom with a thimble button.
The middle row is images of dress forms, the two on the left and right are from a swap. On the bottom I have the little girl fabric and the green trim, I also added the wooden mini ruler to the side.
Here's the goodies:
I tried to make them all sewing themed. I included twine on thread bobbins, sewing themed washi, a sewing themed paper clip, some ribbon, lace and buttons.
We had to decorate both sides:
This is the paper I was going to have on the front.
I think it still turned out nice, just not what I had planned.
Here's what my partner sent me:
 Here's the front:
 I love that she sewed on some of the pockets and that she made it vintage. I do love the trim on the side, but I can't put it in my binder, because I don't know where the holes are.
The back:
 She included quite a bit of mini bling.
The goodies:
Lots of good stuff, I'm wondering if that ruler on the top was originally glued to the side of the pocket letter.

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