Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mermaid Tag

I signed up to make a mermaid tag in one of my facebook groups.
I love how mine turned out
I used some teal wood grained paper for the background. I added the teal pearls to the top. The starfish is from a swap, I put a blue eyelet on it with some fiber for the string. The starfish at the bottom are from a sticker sheet from Hobby Lobby. I didn't like any of my mermaid stickers, they were too cartoony, so I made my own. I started with the fish scale looking paper and made a tail and then went on a hunt for a picture that fit the tail. In hindsight, I should have found a picture first and then made the tail. She was holding a child, so I cut out the child and part of her arm, I put some 3D flowers to cover her arms. I have an orange egg as her chair and then I found this 'rock' (I don't know what it is) it was in my stash and liked that as her chair better. She still didn't look like a mermaid to me, so I added the sequin 'crown'.
We had to have texture and something shiny. I feel my rock works for the texture, and the sequin crown works for the something shiny.
Here's what I got in return:
 I like the paper she used.
Here's the back:
It's a cute quote.

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